Opening Retro Basketball Packs NBA 2K19 Draft

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
Troydan opens cards from the 80s, 90s to try and form an entire roster on NBA 2K19 #NBA #NBA2K19
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  • Akeem is his real name then later when he got drafted he added the h

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  • 21:48 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sturdy because it's dirty

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  • Chris Mullin is so much better than schrempf in irl and the game

  • Why does Troy not know so many of these players

  • Man skipped penny hardaway

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  • I have the same Dell Curry card littarly

  • I don’t think “15” means 2015 I think it means 15 cards

  • "i just came down stairs to the basement"

  • The new blade is Susie

  • Muscles because that's the first card you pulled

  • F

  • Call it Rusty Dusty Like If Agree

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  • Ok

  • Hakeem was formerly spell Akeem according to google

  • Latree spreewell is a diamond

  • Bobby

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  • Britney for the name of the razor

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  • Ur in the basement where u hiding the kids at

  • I would buy that Larry Bird for 500$

  • why did he pick spud webb over mitch richmond

  • Honestly that akeem card might be worth alittle, I’m not a card collector or anything but since that card is with his name before it might be alittle more expensive idk

  • Rip patches

  • I remember getting that magic vs michael.i was so happy.

  • So in case yall were wondering about the akeem thing. He added the h to akeem in 1991 making it hakeem instead of akeem, but I'm pretty sure the trading cards continued to say akeem until like 1993.

  • Or Shawn

  • Did he really just not even look or take the Anfernee Hardaway card wow SMH....

  • Troy did you know that the reason i am commenting on your video right now is because I am trying to get the most comments on one video that the world has ever seen and I know for a fact that my diamond could be super dripped in the dark or even the light. Let my chain drip, drip, my shoestring so tight they don’t fit walk around witta hip

  • I know im late but name the knife rusty

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  • 10 out of 10 acting in the beginning

  • Call the razor rusty