OnePlus 7 Pro Now...

Pubblicato il 20 nov 2019
OnePlus 7 Pro Now...
The OnePlus 7 Pro is on sale for Black Friday and after having this phone for 6 months, I thought it was time to share my updated experience on this phone and why I think it might be worth it especially with it's new discount!
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  • OnePlus 7 pro now... $549 for limited time, what a deal! Let's discuss...

    • Nick Ackerman I got the 11 pro max I’m happy with it. Once you go Apple it’s hard to leave it. iPhone is a great device and super fast, not too mention the audio on it

    • $500 for the base model. Honestly like it better then the T except the McLearn

    • Nick Ackerman 499 now

    • @Neverminddo you have one?

  • This is my daily driver has been since October 2019 it's still smooth like butter I've had no lag at all my phone barely gets turned off/rebooted and still runs flawlessly! I do miss the headphone jack I have my s10 for media and use Galaxy buds for my 7 Pro but tbh this is the best phone I've ever used.

  • Should I get this phone or the Xs for the same price? ( coming from an iPhone 6s - the battery is trash)

  • I have a iPhone XR and now i am thinking whether Should i shift to op7 pro,any suggestions guys?

  • Choo..choo watching on my one plus 7 Pro🔥💥

  • How do you keep your phone so new? Which cover do you use?

  • 499$, sweet

  • I've never seen anyone with this phone lol

    • Well if you live here in the U.S. then thats because most people here are Apple zombies. Every person in my family has an iphone and 9 out of 10 people I know or meet, use iphones lol. If I don't see someone with an iphone then it is almost always a Samsung galaxy.

  • So you think the s10 camera is way better or just a little but?i personnaly hat the s10 plus front facing camera

  • How come you make do with stock wallpapers in all your phones ?

  • The back glass on my 7 Pro broke but I don't know how :( Sadface

  • I have all of them iPhone X Samsung but OnePlus is amazing I been using it since the Huawei is not supported by Google and I gotta say it does replace my Huawei.

  • Does it work well with Verizon?

  • Its $500 now

  • Is there sim and external storage?

  • Reason to not buy OP 7 Pro: 1. Camera 2. Screen Curves

  • They should focus on camera on OnePlus 8. Its weakest part of this phone since OnePlus One.

    • Agreed,the main reason I'm not buying it over samsung considering the price but $150 off is a great deal

  • $499 as of 1/8/2020!

  • Yep about a little less then a month know after I bought mine through the same deal and I love it. Never going back

  • $499 now

  • Buy from Amazon:

  • How to on haptic mode ?

  • Can you TEXT high quality, full size vids back and forth between this Android phone and iPhones? Can’t do it with the Note 10.

    • No. Its like that using any phone other than an iPhone to iPhone (imessage)

  • unscrpited and rambly

  • 6 months update, still looks stock lol

  • This device has snapdrahon 55 and 55+

  • Just dropped $620 and I regret nothing

  • How kind of a reviewer are you if you don't mention any drawbacks?? Like for example not properly working hands free mode? This is just an advert, not reliable at all guys!!!!

  • Watching this on my #oneplus3t!! Even after 3 years it's Still working smooth n best!! But sure I gonna buy one plus 7 pro too!! Thank you one plus for the lovely products!!

  • I play call of duty on highest settings and it's such a surreal experience on the 12gb one plus 7 pro. The 90 Hertz display is a must for 2020.

  • Hey I just wanted to say, you and mkbhd are the only two IT-tvsrs with the most original opening - tracks since the birth of IT-tvs. I am so sick and tired of hearing EDM and chipmunk voice electronic music.

  • Is curve display reflections bothers u?

  • Is it better than the 7t

  • One Plus is the way to go for android users

  • I had bought the $1100 iPhone 11 pro Max and IOS was absolutely a disaster to use. Got this on sale with the car charger and the dongle all for $512 because of the discount. Best phone I've ever had and Android always for the win

  • Dude.. why are you doing a review? It's a video tag lined how OP7 Pro is now.. so shouldn't you be saying that only rather giving a full review?

  • I justo bought at $500

  • I have a Huawei Mate 10 Pro and I wanted to change to either a S10 Plus or a 7 Pro... I think I know which one I'm choosing though...

  • I sold my iPhone x and bought this one plus 7 pro 4 months before and I can only say one plus is 10 times better than so called overpriced iPhones history repeats apple replaced blackberry and now one plus will soon replace apple

  • me watching this on oneplus 6. honestly im still happy with the purchase but i wouldn't mind having this too

  • Motorized camera, curved screen & far too small bezels are the only things I don't like about this device. imo 7T would've been better if it didn't have that ridiculous camera circle

  • Question: does the phone get hot quickly?

    • It's got a cooling system so normal usage like watching yt browsing won't do anything. If you do heavy gaming it will get a tiny tiny bit warm.

    • I've had mine for 5 months, with a case that surrounds the entire phone, and I've never felt my phone increase in temperature at all even when taking the case off and charging it for 45 minutes

  • Snapdragon 855 not + Only 7T and 7T pro has +

  • Upgraded my note 8 for this...

    • @DUICE08 Nice, can't wait to get mine soon

    • @Flair getting this phone made my bill cheaper. The note 8 still got allot to pay off lol. And this so cheap in comparison that I'll be upgrading to the 8 as well lol.

    • DUICE08 Great to hear! I’m personally thinking of buying the 7 pro, or at least waiting for the 8 to come out so the 7 pro becomes even cheaper!

    • @Flair absolutely. The drawback with the note is that the software doesn't age great at all. Sluggish lag.

    • And do you like it?

  • I discovered the screen writing feature on this beautiful device and now it's gone after the version 10 blind/brokedate, anything but an update. I would have called it an upgrade if that feature did not disappear. If you have the version 9, go to about phone. Hit version 9 to open up the menu. Tap on version 9 at the top 3 quick times. You will see a colorful picture of the letter P with circles around it. Tap the screen 7 times and doodle away.

  • 5G is poison

  • I just upgraded about two weeks ago to the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G version from Sprint. I had some initial issues with pictures not being transferred from my old phone into the image gallery, and also not being able to view pictures I had just shot. But about a week after I got the phone OnePlus issued a software update that has fixed the problem completely. It's done everything I expected and more. I'm still learning about its capabilities! Honestly, I couldn't be happier with the 5G version.

  • I bought this just because I couldn't stand my pixel 2xl any more but didn't really have anything worthy to buy as well regarding flagships for 2019 figured I'd buy this just for 2020 to see if Samsung note changes to 120hz I'm not going back to pixel I ended up getting the 7 pro for $475 and after I sell my pixel I'll be paying around $300 for it I'd say it's worth it

  • My Sony Xperia 1 has Android 10 and I love this thing

  • 500 dollars for the holidays!

  • Does the instagram stories are blurry? I mean does it low quality.

    • CaT_EyES it does for videos and pics with music in the background sadly

  • One plus is a amazing phone I switched to one plus a few months ago and it's still fast and still smooth I love one plus I'll always use one plus phones

  • OnePlus 7 pro user

  • This is the only phone that made it possible for me to switch from iOS to Android. I got me the 1+ 7T Pro McLaren Edition 5G and I love it!😍😍😍

    • Super nice phone John! Hope it works amazing for you! Thanks for sharing!

  • Watching on my one plus 7 pro

    • Awesome, what is your favorite feature in your experience so far

  • Watching on my one plus 7 pro

  • i dont have the Android 10 😭

  • "Stephen A Smith, not today." 😂

  • Honestly, if anyones doing android right right now it's OnePlus. I've had this phone since it came out and I swear I fall in love with it more and more.

    • They are doing android devices very well, producing solid hardware with great software support.

  • Its $499 now