Oneplus 7 Pro Detailed Review After 20 Days ll in Telugu ll

Pubblicato il 9 giu 2019
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  • Sir Malli camera review cheyara please

  • Present aaaa mobile better ga undhi brooo battery & display & camera quality lo plz your suggestions plz

  • One plus mobile lo aaa mobile better

  • This phone has second space?

  • Bro display tribull tap cheste Screen zoom avutondi adi off cheyyadaniki untunda bro

  • Hi sir this phone not connecting to Bluetooth headphones ..

  • Anna oneplus7pro water resistant na

  • One plus 7 pro cracked go for 7pro I am using OnePlus 7pro

  • Bro 15000 lopu A mobile best cheppu game kuda

  • Prasad gaaru help me in choosing me ipone x or one plus 7 pro or note 10 plus

  • Hi Anna good talking and nice 9989375880 best smart TV please

  • Super bro

  • Bro one plus 7pro lo dual what's up use cheyacha bro

  • One plus 7 pro water resistant vunda bro

  • Anna ni dhaara challa mobiles vuntae kadhaakku sell cheyavachuga

  • Broo under 20k mobile cheppu

  • Anna,ippudu i phone 7 konacha pls.mi.number cheppandi anna

  • Ok Anna

  • Nice

  • Anna present best mobile with all features tho unna mbl cheppava anna below 30k

  • Hello Anna Thank you for your efforts to let us know which phones are better for us. I would like to ask you if you can please do a comparison between iPhone xs max and oneplus 7pro It's my humble request. I keep using phone much and I want a good camera clarity and a good gaming performance phone. Or just suggest me a phone from those iPhone xs max or oneplus 7 pro. Thank you.

  • Is it support 5G

  • Ennadu Sunday book lo vacharu anna congratulations...

  • Hi Anna 50k lo manchi phone Suggest cheyandi

  • Oneplus 7 pros and cons chayade

  • S a m S u n g best ever in any way Think before buy about service centres and warranty

  • super review

  • అన్న వన్ ప్లస్ 7 pro వాడుతున్న you tube లో ఉండ గా కాల్ వస్తే కాల్ లిఫ్ట్ చేసి మాట్లాడి మళ్లీ you tube ఓపెన్ చేసినా సౌండ్ mute లో ఉంటుంది music open చేసినా ఇలా ఉంటుంది reply ఇవ్వు అన్న నే review చూసి ఫోన్ కొన్న

  • Bro same OnePlus 7 ki video chaiva please?

  • Is there voice unlock.. Bro please tell me

  • Baya meru unbox chesina thrvata mobile ni em chestaru resale chestara leka company ki pampistara bro

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  • One plus smart watch eappudu vesthundhii Anna I am waiting

  • OnePlus smart watch eappudu vesthundhii bayya

  • Sir oppo Reno best Lethe 1+ 7pro best chepandi sir

  • it have front flash..!!!???

  • Is the right to buy ONE PLUS 7 PRO

  • Prasad Anna iphone xr and one plus 7 pro ee two phones lo okati suggest chey anna

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  • Bro S10+ and OnePlus 7pro comparing cheyandi plzzzz

  • palm phone un boxing

  • Prasad anna rendu jio Sims wrk avadam levu y...?

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  • A Clean & Neat review bro......Great work..!

  • Hi Anna

  • One plus or I phone which one is best

  • Mee Review chuse One plus 7Pro almond colour Konnanu , meeru cheppinatte phone bagundi

  • Hii anna, Miku eppativaraku personal ga nacche mobile yedi, and miru yeppati nuncho use chestunna mobile yedi anna, please cheppandi anna, Reply evu nna.

  • Miru chala bags chepparu anna Naku meeru cheppina first point thine menu subscribe chesa

  • Thanks bro.. Planning to buy this phone

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  • Unboxing lo head phones unaya

  • Theme apply chiyavacha bro

  • Bro give away???

  • Bro nuvu actor Sivaji brother aa meru

  • Earphone jack teeseyadaniki reason enti Anna

  • Naku 24 hours vastundi charging

  • I have confusion bitween s10 plus and oneplus 7 pro which one have to purchase.

  • Bro One plus 7 konala One plus 7 pro konala chepandi

    • If u want a great experience with the display then u can go with OnePlus 7 Pro , (if u don't have any prob with the camera i.e., wide angle and telephoto lens) But u will definitely feel crazyyy while holding that device in your hands!!!