Pubblicato il 29 mag 2019
durr nogla stupid durr
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  • 3:42 HEAVEN'S DOOR!!!!! (only JoJo fans will understand)

  • We did it t

  • That crow 6:12

  • My favorite reference at 4:16

  • Gmod time

  • 6:54 is that an autocorrect ???? Nogla???

  • I thought the cactus was AirPods

  • Where’s the damn sandbox video

  • terroriser is dyslexic if he thinks that was a Milla second that was like a Milla minute

  • Terroriser draws potato Everyone:NOGLA NOGLA Nogla:THATS A WORM me:that’s the potato from pepper pig

  • What happened to Patrick? Ooh, he has *JAUNDICE.*

  • We did it

  • You relate so much to my friend she’s always stupid in a funny way that brightens up my day ❤️

  • "Your telling me that seaweed comes from the sea" Me: dying inside

  • The tike is now to make him play gmod

  • How could anything be on the same tier as “I have the brain fish of a memory.”?!


  • 11:30 Hehe

  • 0:36 Lmao

  • For the crow you should’ve said h20 delirious

  • 6:16: It's a Kakapo. (crickets) You know? The endangered bird from New Zealand? The only flightless parrot? (crickets) (sigh) The bird that humped the back of the nature photographer's head. "Aaaaaaaahh."

  • Basically: "If this video gets 50,000 likes, I'll play Gmod." Daithi: "That counts for my video as well." Now at 53,000 at least

  • look 50k likes where gmod sandbox nogla

  • It’s there have you made a GMod

  • it got 53,000 likes. So play Gmod dammit.

  • 53k PLAY GMOD

  • 53k where it at

  • 8:53 I was using my earphone and who ever sang da song tickles my ears 🤣

  • Welp it took 6 months he need 2 play sum gmod

  • it reached 50k marcel!!

  • Flutes aren't played vertical, though... they're played horizontal

  • Where’s the sandbox video??

  • 2:40 it accually has been maded on ewery channel

  • Spongeebob hahaha I can't stop laughing nice one

  • I just realized marcel needs to play gmod now 2:36. Nogla, get him playing ffs!

  • The video had 53k likes. Still waiting for Marcel to play gmod

  • U got 50,000 likes


  • I love you nogla

  • Yes play g mod

  • 50k likes did they do a gmod video if so send me a link

  • this man don't know seaweed comes from the sea? nogla you potato stop trolling are you serious?

  • Nogla had a furious stroke.

  • 52K likes. Marcel BETTER keep his promise

  • Spongboob lol

  • NOGLA: type chrome://flags and disable: Direct Manipulation Stylus then wacom works

  • I missed this outro.

  • 6:22 lmao

  • I hate this channel Patrick be like

  • How sad I’m always happy 🤣

  • Damn, kinda went down memory lane with this one didn’t you?

  • "Oh Patrick Has Jaundice, Oh Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu D:"

  • Well the video got 52k.

  • Basically I play gmod

  • Now play gmod marcel

  • Nogla's into music is Ressit's music from Animal Crossing.

  • Idk about you but I see 50k likes......

  • 50k likes so sandbox confirmed?

  • 8:17 Brian has really nice handwriting tho 👀

  • Nogla and his voice cracks is like pb&j