Once Upon A Time is kinda dumb...

Pubblicato il 15 mag 2018
Once Upon a Time animation
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  • This show is still on my dvr unwatched

  • First season was great, second season was pretty good, third season was alright, fourth season is when it really started to go downhill.

  • I would love to see a show or for you to talk about a show about a character that's like a weird combination of Patrick SpongeBob and Squidward but a human that acts like it wait a minute I know who that is Homer Simpson do an episode about The Simpsons

  • You are a mean magic hating shit . It is the most wonderful show in the world and I love it but you clearly have not even watched the show and have just judged it stop hating you piece of shit


  • #ursaladidnothingwrong

  • If I someone wanted me to explain this show I would tell them to just watch the show

  • I liked the concept in the beginning but then it added drama after drama that was very unnecessary.


  • I’m sorry but kinda liked this show to me it wasn’t that bad

  • still never got over the fact they made robin die, i almost stopped watching at that point

  • Season 1-6 was amazing. It had a good plot and characters. It was fun to see all the fairy tails get twisted in certain ways. Season 7 was absolute trash.


  • Unpopular opinion: I'd rather watch OUAT anyday than a live action Disney movie. At least OUAT changes things up but doesn't piss off the original Disney fan (well, except they fucked up Mulan).

  • #TeamRegina tho

  • every thumbnail is exactly the same 0:07

  • #ursuladidnotdoanythingwrong

  • I still believe Swanqueen would have been a good couple.

  • Lana Parrilla's boobs are bombs.

  • If you think the first season was bad check the 6th

  • i cried at the last episode because this show was my childhood

  • "I can see how this show appeals to a certain demographic of people...." Immediately segues into mental awareness ad.

  • Season 1 was really good season 2 was good season 3 was okay and from there it went down hill fast.


  • Hello, I was binge watching over your old videos and happen to find this one! We have the same bday! Love your content! I hope that your channel just gets bigger and bigger! Also, thank you.

  • The show gets better as the plot line progresses. The pilot and last season don’t do the show justice, but overall it’s really interesting with a lot of twists, actors and references to Disney movies

  • Season 7 is dumb!!!! The other 6 are aMaZiNg

  • Sometimes I think that almost everything on tv is kinda dump..

  • Regina is my favorite!!

  • once upon a time is the best show ever it is not dumb i have watched every sigle episode of every sigle season on summer break

  • That’s not a very Snow White kinda looking Snow White :/

  • I finished this like a month ago and i wanna rewatch it already

  • I can't understand why are you destroying all my favorite TV shows and films xD

  • pffft, like that'd work with the whole 'call the cops and I will tell them you kidnapped me'...... uh that's not how it works. If someone calls the cops and says that this kid showed up and said I was his mom, could you lot please do something about this?

  • ONCE UPON A TIME you should have watched the full season before reviewing it it’s better than it had any right to be. And couple seasons were really good with so me good twists before it went down hill

  • My childhood- 😅😂😂😂

  • Rumplestillskin

  • My dad used to watch it. I had a lot of aquaintences that seen it and never stopped talking about it. I seen a couple scenes because my dad watched it. I was never into it.

  • You should start watching NCIS (the original tv show)(it’s on Netflix) ps. I know there are 17 seasons. But it’s so worth it.

  • Alex: Me: *still watches it happily*

  • If you watch decendents and all of once upoun a time it really doesn't make any sense.

  • OK honestly do you like hate every show

  • Jesus Henry really grew up!!!

  • Ouat is my favourite show It was so cleverly brought out until season 7. My favourite part was hook and Emma’s relationship Any captain swans here?

  • this hurts my feelings lskfjlskjfksjfk but not really

  • My real therapist isn't 300 bucks. 30 bucks actually.

  • The queens corgi

  • All these people saying Emma falling in love with Hook is the best part, while that is cute and all, are we forgetting Sebastian Stan playing Mad Hatter?

  • I've watched Once upon a Time when I was really young now when My mum still love watching it I am straight up confused with her I have no memory of it but I don't want to have a memory of it

  • Snow White: Do you want to make the world a better place👸🏻 Emma: No 👩🏻‍💼

  • #ursuladidnothingwrong

  • Once Upon a Time is kinda dumb YES, that’s truth but I guess it’s very interesting, I think everything that’s happenning really catches our attencion, of course there are scenes that I roll my eyes with all that infinite love talk at every second lmao but this is fairy tales, so all that talk is kinda needed. I watched many many series and OUAT was one of them that I don’t check how many minutes is to the episode ends, sometimes it’s boring but I mean whatever right? almost finished season 2! love your videos btw!

  • (Im in season 1 now) This show is a little confusing, but did I get it right that Emmas sons adoptive mother is Emmas grandmother, so the Sons adoptive mother is actually his great grandmother?

  • Once upon a time is not stupid FYI it's a book of stories if you're smart enough you could see that dummy and I'm not trying to be mean but is my favorite show so back off

  • Season 3 and onwards is the best

  • Well... at least it isn't Derry, Maine.

  • If you really want to make fun of a show check out ”Reign” it’s a childish version of game of thrones

  • #ursuladidnothingwrong

  • all seasons (except for season 7) are amazing!