OMG MY BEST REWARDS EVER!! TOP 100 REWARDS! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory Fut Champs #56

Pubblicato il 12 dic 2019
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  • I hate van dijk so much, he was literally the same player at Southampton and as soon as he went to Liverpool, everyone started riding him. So dumb

  • Who needs 84 vardy when you could get 86 vardy for even cheaper ps I know the sbc is gone just saying

  • He thinks martial goes for 50.000

  • I also got VVD!

  • 5:45 “payet out here” cos that’s defo payet

  • Whats the song he used when he opened the VVD pack?

  • bruh. Martial costs 5k not 50k

  • Martial is 5k

  • You are a good gamer in fifa

  • Forget baby rio, baby Cannavaro is much better

  • 10:42 Ciocan OVR 50 is from my country

  • “Damn I really don’t get anything in these weekend league” Next pack Traceable van dijk 😂. Red list is so real

  • Dang just lost to you

  • When do I sell toty dybala

  • Wish you luck bro on getting top 100 this weekend

  • VVD best defender in the world

  • Martial sells for like 7k mate

  • Ur voice is ducking annoying

  • were do you play fifa 20

  • as much as i love this series but man oh man i miss the career mode series

  • Ten thousandth like.

  • R I P career mode

  • How can yu see depay nd say payet😂😂😂😂😂

  • Every reward is your best ever reward🙄

  • You’re one of my favorite IT-tvsrs ever since fifa 14, but recently you started clickbaiting which sucks.. I watch every video in your channel but it really sucks that you went that way click baiting every video.. I love you man and I hope you stop doing this

  • Get RTTF militao and allison👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • lmao you grind this game for us and for the rewards as if we care, this game is so dead for you to be stressing to “ make us proud “ getting top 100 isn’t gonna make us proud lol , woah you got too 100? Packs an 83 rated IF

  • Imma go ahead and say it these are not your best rewards 🤣

  • My buddy packed r9 from d3 rank 2 and never spend a Damn dollar

  • Get 86 hierro

  • Why do you have bronzes on the bench?

  • Aa9skillz pls continue your career mode videos.

  • Next rewards video: „BEST REWARDS EVER LETS GOOOO”

  • you should go for alison, juan jesus and carlos Alberto not for ferdinand

  • Yooo this entire comment section be roasting skills😂😂

  • I was a aa9skillz fan but the titles were so irritating i don’t even watch anymore lol. Every week best awards or best draft team ffs😂

  • Anyone else feel hella confused when you see a walkout, then all of a sudden Skillz reveals it's not him opening the pack? Maybe I'm just not listening, but I swear I am.

  • Your best rewards ever? Holy cow brother

  • *skillz: martial sells for 15,000* *reality: martial sells for 5k*


  • Please change the background song it drives me crazy

  • Did he call depay, payet? Jajajaja

  • Gold 2 got red varane

  • why does he have bronze in subs

  • Payet ? Tas a dormir mano ? Abraço

  • Imagine putting griezmann on reserves😀😊 great...

  • Just completed Potm messi !! 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

  • I got a totgs zyeich in gold rare upgrade pack

  • love u skillz cause u actually care about ur supporters unlike many youtubers keep it up!

  • Bro this dude called depay..... "payet"... 😒

  • Buy middle rijkaard with the VVD money

  • koeman mid icone he is a beast

  • Have you tried that insane Pique (Scream card?)

  • Does anyone play 433?

  • Martial must be 50k 😂

  • I got mane on PACYBITS

  • Confirmed Skillz hates Zwe with the Poldi comment.

  • As if you didn’t swap your Van dijk before selling the first owner one???

  • Did he call depay payet?

  • Plz get cannovaro skillz he’s a beast