Pubblicato il 19 ott 2019
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  • Siktir

  • why di maria have a brasil shirt?

  • The cringe man..... behave your self will you.. Teaching kids to waste money on this garbage to get garbage in return.

  • 6:28 Thats the one Like to support Castro!

  • 10:57 she’d probably get 1-29 or 0-30

  • 7:48 - 7:55 haha we drew

  • Shoppone di merda

  • Sellout

  • why the fuck are you screaming like fucking idk stop fucking screaming bro and you will get more viwers

  • Dope Edwin!

  • Trim ya beard it looks rough you got enough time only working half a week


  • Dress up as your nan

  • Tekesh 69 you should be as you have long hair

  • I thought he was going to say something better 9:18 , and he came with... 9:18

  • How can you tell if it’s like going to be a board or a walkout

  • how do you know its a walkout?

  • 1-1 United vs liverpool

  • I got delli alli in the first pack

  • Where this neggo from? He is screaming too much. God damn!!!

  • I need that opening song...

  • I packed the badge and the kit in the same pack 😁

  • Dress up as post malone

  • Scream Player at = 11:51 Thank me later😉

  • I packed scream dele ali

  • Ты дурак

  • Pay. To. Win.

  • I love your videos, you helped me build up my confidence to make a channel for FIFA 20 gameplay. You’re one of the best FIFA players in my opinion. Keep up the good work. 👏🔥💯

  • I live 10 mins away from Stevenage

  • ale on jest zjebany

  • YNWA were going to beat u at old Trafford to day

  • Stevenage know they’re the worst team in the area so they’re just going for online clout now 😂

  • Think Castro and all the other streamers should be ashamed of themselves as they are encouraging young fans to spend their parents money when you chances of getting special cards are slim to none. Castro on this video has about £4,700 pounds worth of Fifa points which the young kids dont always pick up on they just see him packing special cards and want to do the same but in reality it never happens. Gambling for miners at its finest, Fifa 20 is like a casino for kids

  • I packed Rodriguez lol

  • Hate to be the one to tell him but it’s a 4-0 win for liverpool

  • I packed romagnoli too but untradeable 😂

  • Why so serious

  • Captain hook

  • Why does his voice go deeper when he says walkout

  • Of course you did coz u suck eas ass.

  • United will get whooped

  • BERNARD IS THE BEST 100% #coyb

  • I got Suarez and isco from small prime players pack

  • I pack romagnoli also

  • Why u so loud for bruh

  • so cool bro

  • that beard is gross as fuck

  • Why is he wearing an LAFC jersey 😪

  • Subscribe to me trying to get noticed

  • Omg stfu screaming you annoying cretin

  • did he get a new girlfriend? Or is this the same girl he watched the world cup

  • be hummus... pita and hummus

  • This nigga the toke of fifa

  • Tarzan and Jane for halloween

  • I’m from Stevenage ayyyyyy

  • 680 000 fifa points....

  • Australia don’t have Burger King 😭😭😭😫

  • #FuckDiMaria

  • fat

  • Lucky you) *What about CRISTIANO and Leo* *Who would you like ?*