OMG EA!!! ROAD TO THE FINAL 2! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
OMG EA!!! ROAD TO THE FINAL 2! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team
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  • whats your weekend league records??? Also good luck in the WL!! and thanks for watch bros really means a lot

    • ali rahman crazy bro wp

    • @Ryan Pennington nice. I got 18-11 this week. Almost got gold 1 lol

    • ali rahman ye got 14-14 last week and this week got 14-12 but didn’t have time to try and get gold 2 unfortunately

    • @Ryan Pennington no thats my result. You got the same?

    • AA9skillz 20-10 😭😭

  • First class content bro 🔥

  • Skillz I want my career mode

  • I opened partey in 7k pack and sold him for 116k

  • Is Roberto Carlos good

  • Where’s career mode man I miss it

  • aa9 skills is in eas pocket bros....his doesnt speak about eas bullshit.....PLEASE WE DONT NEED SUCKUPS IN THIS COMMUNITY

  • this nigga said he just woke up and had to drop a video for the homies.... yeah ok 💰💸🤑

  • Anyone got fifa 20 for xbox dm me please

  • Are you ever doing career mode again?

  • I'm glad they didn't bring out sissoko mf already annoying and op as 81 rated cant imagine if he goes to like 85 or higher

  • Do toko-ekambi hes a beast

  • Skillz looks awful, his face is soo puffy! Like u okay?

  • Should I get Oblak or Ter Stegen?

  • Anyone want to gameshare me FIFA and I’ll gameshare you modern warfare

  • Get Semedo in the IF Upgrade pack 😍

  • Where the rtg vids

  • Martials price is so high cause united are out of the gs so he will go to a 87 plus United can go further

  • thanks for wasting 15 minutes of my life :) If you are not goin to upload good content just dont do it ? i mean you could do an episode of the draft and talk about how absurd the price of the players are

  • Martial is expensive because man utd are one of the favourites to win

  • Martial with absolutely awful card costs that much 😢

  • The edit on the thumbnail is just 🔥🔥🔥

  • Anyone else get bated by the the Sbc to get a player pick? 😭

  • It ain't over paying for martial 85 Utd r pretty much threw so that's a 86/87 be honest they will win or get to the final so he go above 89 anyway

  • Bale is going for 1.2mil WTF

  • I got rttf sancho in the marquee matchups sbc pack

  • Holy shit guys I packed grizmen from a gold pack I got from draft

  • Please play cereer in fifa 20

  • Why is no pro ever trying Maradona? I really want to see him in gameplay man

    • Air Cooler 3 star weak foot

  • Please upload rtg my fav series on IT-tvs

  • Guy I notice that every team I put a champion league card on the guaranteed totw pack I got a walk out try out

  • Don’t know who you think , would have been able to afford a Neymar or mbappe sbc?

  • Do they really still upgrade if they go in to the Europa league?

  • Martial is expensive because Man Utd will go far in Europa or maybe even win it

  • I got Nani to He kinda ass

  • Just packed the martial and sold him for 650 k

  • anthony martial is highly priced because man united are favorites to advance far in the europa league.

  • 👑

  • Does sissoko not have a road to the final card

  • I packed ben yedder and telles if