Omarion on Why He and Apryl Jones Joined Love & Hip Hop Los Angeles (Part 12)

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
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In this clip, Omarion detailed his reasoning behind joining Love & Hip Hop LA. Omarion said that the primary reason was to promote "Post to Be" because the label wasn't backing it as they should've. He added that he wanted fans to get a better sense of who he really is. Omarion briefly touched on L&HH's effect on his relationship with Apryl as well.


  • Omari on..... Gotta love him

  • He is the perfect example of unbothered by her, he doesn’t hate her you can tell he did love her, he’s a very nice real dude not many of those left this day in age 💯

  • Omarion been my nigga since he came out 💯 don’t fold under pressure just like me 💪💯 glad him,Chris Brown, Tyler Nelson(taking the stage),and retro was my inspiration in dance and their attitudes (including August Alsina) is similar to mine lls crazy

  • Shoulda neva gave that whore any platform but ... hindsight is everything

  • O is a very Wise man

  • That is why I love O he is a private man.. and a respectful man that his fans love.

  • People need to give Omarion’s mom credit. She looked liked the bad guy when she didn’t approve of Apryl. Now we see why. His mom saw through the bs will she had everyone else fooled.

  • He is the best she ever will...EVER HAD. EVER!!

  • You could almost argue that he out together a long term plot to use love and hip for him to get full custody over his children

  • I love O ❤️

  • O has so much control over this interview . Vlad is doing most of the talking

  • Horrible interviewer

  • I love me some Omarion!

  • I think that Omarion is actually the one that was in love and got hurt. The flashback video shows him as happy and giddy when he was around her. She always looked like she was about money. I don't think Apryl is heartbroken. she is disappointed her plans did not come to fruition

  • Vlad bring that bitch fizz on🤣🤣

  • I love how he articulates. He really thinks carefully about the question before he answers.

  • This dude looks hurt AF.... He absolutely doesn’t look unbothered in this interview. You can see that regret in his eyes for going on that show. Reality TV has cursed hundreds of highly profile unions including Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, who were the very first couple to ever do it back in 2002-2003.

  • WOW. Apryl she’s pretty with no CLASS👎🏽

  • Apryl is such a beautiful woman. She is coming off so trashy now!

  • Anybody know why tf its always chopped up

  • O‼️ You are a true gentlemen. Sorry you are going through this drama.

  • His raspy voice is sexy

  • She looks like DW from Arthur anyway fuck her Omarion 😂😂😂

  • I wonder if they borrowed each other's nose rings? 💭

  • This guy is good.

  • I'm waiting on his music from this. I believe he's going to kill it

  • He knows he has Vlad on this heels. He's only going direct his own narrative.

  • Between his media training and his apparent humble nature , Omarion interview is so smooth. Lol

  • One things for sure he looks younger and healthier than before. Must be cutting carbs and yoga

  • He’s always been like this ..... makes me look at apryl differently.... snake ass bitch

  • I like how media trained he is & takes his time to think before he speaks instead of talking recklessly or saying things he’ll later regret.

  • this kid is in love wit fizz some shit went down that fucked there heads up u know

  • Vladimir CONSTANTLY injecting himself into an event, or segment "I know this person.....I was on a few shows....I did such & such...." is VERY annoying & thirsty.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised that O and Apryl was even a real relationship. Maybe she was jus his “Pink Matter”... know wat I mean?! His relationship wit her was probably jus business anyway to get some babies!! I’m pretty sure any man that Gives 2fvks abt his bm SERIOUSLY ain’t goin for that bs!! Dude smooth and been trained since his teen yrs.

  • Omarion is not here for it...

  • O knows damn well he put Fizz on that hoe so he can get the kids and remove her. I find it strange early on Apryl didn't display this behavior, she was worth him having 2 kids and engaging to. I think Fizz is nothing more than a plant in Apryl's life. I doubt their record company would allow for Fizz and Omarion to let this come between them making money; unless it was planned out. It won't end well for Apryl...

  • Omarion is deflecting these questions like a MF! You go boy! Real Scorpio♏️ energy ‘.

  • The caption is miss leading

  • Ooohh Omarian is unbothered because he's getting high

  • Soda and energy be g a monopoly young I don't get a 2 monopoly t a l se lawyer chatter f y l g rhcjt3

  • Now she guzzling lil fizz jizz

  • Wow... I'm watching this brotha and all I see is intuition. I believe you fam but we cant know what we don't know. You have to tell your story because it's not fair to you, to us, for you to allow "them" to dictate the narrative my brotha!

  • He kept that shit GANGSTA!!!

  • Im impressed with Omarion and I think he handled this thing really good while his ex looks like a burned out ho and his bandmates looks like a snake sleezing on the ground and dirty.

  • Vlad did all the narrating here

  • Omarion skin is darker now. In the flashback it was much lighter. That's how u know u living your best life when your skin glowing... or did I just make that up??🤔. Lol

  • He is so intune with his higher self he has complete control of his emotion and feelings #peeptheankh

  • Media train..

  • See this Omarion Dance Video

  • Omarion is a Scorpio you need to understand this!

  • He’s a sexy tame mutha 🌹💕

  • she looked cool before love and hip hop

  • Media training that's old school artists today don't have any of that 🙄🙄🙄

  • The way he referenced her as “baby” and my “better half” while she was looking bored and uninterested makes me love omarion more and hate Apryl more....she never really loved him 😓

    • Roghr like any time my better have calls me baby queen or any type of affectionate name it makes me smile and you'll see how happy it makes me in my body language and my smile.

    • Of course she didn't..very few women do

  • Omarion is so attractive i hope truly finds a good women.

  • Artists join these reality t.v. shows because the fans of they music done moved on to reality t.v. Reality t.v. replaced music years ago. Only a handful (if that many) of artists were able to finesse they time on reality t.v. back into music. I'm thinking K. Michelle, etcetera. Keyshia Cole tried it and nobody remembers her album that was supposed to be promoted by the show. It's a gamble. If Omarion released his album w/ a tweet or IG post, nobody would buy it, much less care. He's involved in all of this drama which is free promotion and he still isn't using it properly. All of this attention on him and he's just floating around w/ this silly "unbothered" description attached to him. This is the perfect time to sneak some music in while his name's hot.

  • That’s the quietest I’ve seen Apryl! 👏🏽

  • I wonder if omarion ever said no to love & hiphop would him and apryl still be together? 🤔

  • Love Omarion. Always have.