Omarion Ft. Kid Ink & French Montana - I'm Up (Official Music Video)

Pubblicato il 27 ago 2015
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Directed by: Jay AhnOmarionTaz
Produced by: Dennis Chang & Yolande Geralds.
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About Omarion:
For nearly two decades, Omarion has vibrantly painted the entertainment landscape as a chart topping, multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Recording Artist, Producer and Actor.
Among the ranks of RnB’s elite, his unmistakable sound has driven the success of multiple Gold and Platinum albums and singles from O, 21, and Face Off with Bow Wow to radio favorites Ice Box, Entourage, Touch, I’m Up (featuring French Montana; Kid Ink), and his triple-platinum 2015 Billboard hit “Post To Be” (featuring Chris Brown ; Jhené Aiko).
On stage, the pop icon continues to electrify audiences worldwide with his charismatic energy and signature dance moves.
After learning his 5th Album installment “Reasons” was inexplicably held hostage, Omarion made the critical decision to become the master of his own destiny, venturing out on his own to foster an unrestricted and direct creative connection with his fans through his music and visuals. Dedicated to his most loyal fan base, Omarion established Omarion Worldwide, the official hub for all things Omarion: Music, Video, Original Content and Signature Merchandise. Omarion is expanding his global reach as a triple-threat Entertainer and Mega-Star through an interactive platform determined to give the fans what they have been missing.
Omarion Ft. Kid Ink & French Montana - I'm Up (Official Music Video)


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  • He should have promoted the song very well

  • Still sounds great 🥰(2020)

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  • Clean verse ruins everything

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  • But Ms. Apryl Jones says Omarion wasn't good to her. Girl plaaalease😏 She's ugly to me now. Lost all respect for her and her little boy for a man Fizz

  • This was my shit 😻

  • When they use to date😏 now she with the fizzle pop😂

  • trade French Montana for Chris Brown or Fetty Wap and it'd be so much better

  • 4 years ago i listening that song in my moms car i love this song

  • December 2019

  • here for omarion

  • This is the wackest music video I've ever seen

  • Only noticing now that Apryl in this video 😂 bitchass

  • 2:15 When he pushed the air i felt that

  • Who came her after the Djvlad interview

  • 📢; This is one of my Favorite videos by Omarion!! He's so sexy & handsome! ~ WHO'S WATCHING NOV. 2019 👇🏼 *SHOW SOME LOVE AND SUPPORT 'O'!!... 👑💓🎼⭐

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  • came back here after Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz did Omarion Wrong...

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  • Dear Omarion, can you solve a Rubik's cube?

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  • Good song I love it and anyone still listen in to this banger🎶😛

  • Am I the only one that thinks this song brings back memories

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