Omarion - Entourage (Video)

Pubblicato il 25 ott 2009
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Let's Go!
I don't need nobody else around see
Love the way you compliment my style
Though you may end up bein' my only girl
'Cause when you're with me you're my whole world
Like when it's just me and you
Vibe is crazy between us two
You're my homie, my lover and even my friend
Now I said this before ima say it again
Now here is the situation
I like what we've got happening
And I don't want nothing coming in between both me and you
I'll let you be lieutenant if you let me be captain
Tell me if that's cool
Baby I want you to be my entourage
(Super fly chick)
You could be my personal superstar
(Super fly chick)
Baby I want you to be my entourage
(Super fly chick)
If you want then we could take this very far
(Super fly chick)


  • When they still can't sit with him lol 😂 #2020 LET'S GO O!!!!!!!

  • 2020!!! O is 1 of the Goat's to the R&B world.. Respect his craft. Foot work was always on point. Still waiting for the battle of the feet... Lets settle this once & 4

  • I had to come back here to make sure this was O’s song. I was thinking it was Justin Timberlake

  • Guy that caught the keys at 1:02 is SO under appreciated. Been one of my fave parts of the video since 2006. Shout out 2 him 💪🏾🔥

  • Ugh, I have learned so much from you, gather my hindsight and pair it with today. You are Sensei.

  • Ayyye David Banner! Stamp! Real certainly recognize real! ALways.

  • Tyrese loves getting his girl stolen by all the R&B singers in videos lmao

  • 2020!🥰

  • This is still hard 2020

  • CUTE as shit. Look even better than his older brother (Marques Houston from old group Immature). Dam...I jus showed my age (LMAO)!

  • LISTENING IN 2020 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 2020 up in this piece


  • Repeat!! This jam is SO COLD!

  • 2020 baby!! Still listening ❤️

  • This video gives off weird vibes now @ the part where Fizz walks past lol now that him & O aren't friends

  • "You know how much we luuuuh dat song?!" 0:17

  • Am I the only person that replays the first part of the song before the verse starts? Lol

  • Couldn’t No Body Tell Twelve Year Old Me This Wasn’t Bae

  • Man that’s my boy!!! Shout out to my brother O


  • Still jammin 2020 i played this at my bday party the whole club got up.

  • Tommy Davidson is a ass.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JAN 2020 LOVE IT!!!

  • Lmao at this long list of 20+ tour dates Omarion is going on under this video. Lil Fizz missed out on so much money being an ass.

  • Lil Fizz. You in O music video and you said since he went solo he wasn't talking to you . hmmmmmm

  • O had hits. This was my shit!

  • My shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • One man army. You did that.

  • Individual,Great is Music.But am the Security.999.666.

  • 2:09 "Besides who want a chick that no dude would chase" ummm you sure about that O

  • Lil sorry fizzle pop lied is that not his sorry no rapping self in this video but he cliams they were not friends thou

  • He ain’t stealing no freaks from Tyresse though! They have different level of pimpin. Don’t hide it divide it

  • Dammmmm this is fire! I just found it

  • If Fizz and O were NEVER FRIENDS then why the fuck he in this video??????!!!!!!!!!!

  • So O was doing the mannequin challenge before it necame a thing...

  • suxx that Fizz is befriended now 🤦🏿🤷🏿👑

  • This my favorite Omarion song, don’t @ me

    • This song and album is dope

  • Yet him and fizz weren’t friends??? Yeah okay lmao

  • The unbothered KING!!!!! LOVE YA O!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Fizzle pop I see you got a hair cut after this and not know how to act 2:22

  • This is still a banger!!!!!

  • Forget music. I got new respect for this negro as a man. No famous person would handle this Fizz shit like this man. RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT.

  • Throw backs yessss

  • Lil Fizz has some explaining to do

  • O. Nuff said

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥❣❣❣

  • the original mannequin challenge

  • This was the #14 video from Omarion's Top 25 Countdown when it aired on BET for the first time in 2005. I'll never forget that moment.

  • 💃🏻🌃🤍🕺🏾

  • F-ing awesome! Love Omarian so much. Real showman

  • He starts the song by saying, "I don't need nobody else around, see..." 😂😂😂

  • Corny ass song

  • Chris is nice but he not fucking with O🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Fizz smh

  • Love this song. Still in my playlist

  • The snake be in his music video like that. 🌚

  • Ryan Leslie “Wanna be good to you” sound very similar. Both GREAT songs

  • Omarion created the manikin challenge

  • I always thought pharrell wrote this song. It has a neptunish/ michael jackson vibe to it