OM Chanting @ 528Hz

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2016
OM Chanting @528Hz
OM is the mantra, or vibrations that is chanted in the beginning and end of any Meditation or Yoga Practice.
OM - The most well known and universal of the bija mantras it is the sound of creation and causes energy to gather and flow upward and outward. Everything in the universe is pulsating and vibrating - nothing is really standing still!

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The sound OM in this track vibrates at the solfeggio frequency of 528Hz which is also known as the Love Frequency, Miracle Tone, Frequency of Transformation. Its known for its powerful transformation effects on human body as it helps to return human DNA to its original, perfect state, followed by its beneficial effects of increased amount of energy. It also helps in balancing and tuning Solar Plexus Chakra which helps in more Self Confidence and Self Esteem. When we combine these 2 powerful sources of sound and vibration, what we get is totally miraculous.

- Begin by finding a comfortable position, but one in which you will not fall asleep. Sitting on the floor with your legs crossed is a good position to try.
- Close your eyes. Keep you hands on your knees with palms facing the sky and let the thumb and index finger touch
- Take a deep breath and Relax your Body.
- Now Start Chanting OM, along with the track. Remember not to chant loudly. These mantra is to be recited to feel your inner vibrations.
- As you chant OM feel the energy rising from lower part of the body to the top. As you recite 'mmmmm' feel the tension at the top of the head leaving your body.
- With each chant you will start feeling lighter and lighter.

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  • Thanks Experience Body rotate in high speed in circle And became a thin light Entering in deep Glow light And start glowing whole There is no body

  • I love is thanks

  • தியானத்திற்கு ஈடு இணை எதுவும் இல்லை🙏🙏🌷🌷

  • The sound and the body n mind feels like 1. Amazn experience ...

  • Doesn’t this scare anyone? This freaks me out

  • This is so powerful! Thank you for these vibrations

  • My plants are dying and I'm playing this to revive them. It's an experiment I'm doing to prove the energy of regenerating sounds 🙂

    • @true tv sure. I have been playing it all 24hrs for the past 3 days. I'll continue it for atleast a week and let you know

    • Faith Forever 11111 let’s know how it go

  • om my gosh ! so cell massaging..soul caressing...

  • Please don't read the comments. Its too distracting and kills the purpose of this chant.

  • I want't masturbing with that...I am a madness men..ahh ahh ahh ahh!!!

  • How can anyone dislike this!!

  • So beautiful and blissful may God Almighty bless you thank you for making this wonderful video

  • Sanatan dharma are only true or scientific. 🕉

  • AUM

  • OM

  • I'm scared, can this cause a seizure?

  • Religion does not count! Only . joining with the Lord counts! So I agree with this person! activate your spiritual side and rise!!!

  • All sounds have vibrations Om is such sound it harmonise energy and make our mind cool and peaceful. In east Nepal, Tibet, and India it has been practicing from thousands of years for mental peace.

  • if animals could talk they would say how funny us humans are.. :d I love to meditate.. like recharge

  • try this one. new recording from monastery

  • OM

  • I felt that I have heard/experienced this before and this is my first time listening.

  • Any eckist out there?

  • Be religious but not bounded by specific religions, no one should be tagged of religion, caste and color, we are here to learn and grow not to bring hate and enimity between souls, we are just air inside flesh, why greed and despair? ONE LOVE


  • Me encanta! Gracias

  • Wrong Position but it's OK

  • Thank you, am sitting inside out of the smoke that is in the air, Northern NSW fires. It's nice to feel cool and peaceful.....

  • ❤❤Ω(θ)❤❤

  • FABULOUS 🌐😎💃🎥🏘📺

    • Nam Myoho Renge KYO (Why) 🌐🎥🌏💃🏘🌐

  • Hi i am word.

  • encantadora, en verda profunda y relajante

  • Break away from this delusional false reality! This is the tides of twisted corruption. Do not be mentally weak and let this music take over your mind. DON'T allow this to enter your mind and control it. This is an example of what many would call hypnotism of the mind.

    • @bob niblitt Look up psychology and hypnotism and how it plays in with doing repetitive things over and over. I'm not asking for anyone to believe me, all I'm asking is to look of hypnotism.

  • I have always had a deep respect for how the meditate. Beautiful 🌹🌹🌹

  • Put this on Spotify/ganna

  • Is this on Spotify

  • watch n injoy birth palace of buddha

  • through Catholicism (I was a nun 10 years) and Protestantism (I became a preacher 1 year) , I came to Buddhism where I finally found understanding (and from 6 months started lessons from "my own" teacher/monk) , the journey is still going on and I'm still looking for the truth no matter what religion you are, I wish you well,let the mercy of the Creator of the Cosmos embrace you


  • RELIGION was created by a human being to CONTROL AND CONFUSE PEOPLE...God does NOT EXIST good or evil only exists in yr MIND BODY SOUL...