OM Chanting @417 Hz | Removes All Negative Blocks

Pubblicato il 16 mag 2017
OM Mantra Chanting at 417Hz. OM is the Primordial Sound of the Universe. Its the sound that reverberates in the entire cosmos and in every cell of our body, and 417Hz is amazingly beautiful frequency that acts as a cleansing agent for our body, removing negativity, negative blocks and toxicity from our body and mind.
And when we combine both of these - it gives rise to an astoundingly powerful effect, of removing all the negative emotions and let the positivity of OM takes it place. It becomes a powerful meditation tool.
We recommend that you use this for atleast 30 mins a day, and meditate along with it. You may chant OM along with the track or simply let it play in the background as you meditate and focus on your breathing in and out. Simple but a very effective technique.
Hope this track will help you.
Blessings and Peace all the Way.
INFO on Mantras & How to do Mantra Meditation
INFO on 417Hz Solfeggio Frequency
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  • Close your eyes and relax😌

  • *OM* 🙏

  • I can’t stop laughing when he says ooooooooooh 😂, man I’m so immature

  • OM means "being", "man", "human" in Romanian language. Interesting...

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  • Om

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  • this is the most perfect tempo

  • Is there a royalty free / copyright free version of this music or something similar anyone knows of? It's really beautiful, thank you for posting.

  • Har har mahadev feel like I m in haven ❤️

  • beautiful gifts by Buddhism

  • is the picture real? if so can anyone tell me of where?

  • I wake up refreshed

  • I'm happy to see people of many countries and relgion are here and Felt relieved By this 🕉 chanting

  • otimo som para acompanhar trip de cogumelos

  • 🕉

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  • Can anyone else hear people talking in the background? I can ?

  • OM!

  • Proud to be an Indian who gives yoga,meditation and so many precious art and knowledge to this world.

  • Nthis doesnt remove powr hate rape and torture but it hurts less than thw music indistry and hate rapr for bei g alive. I have nightmares and did again. They torrure people for no reason excpet they get off on it.

  • Thank you peaceful!

  • i surely eed to change my life style, and this is the way to go

  • Are there things holding you back? Use this as a monument to overcome and find who you are with your purpose. Are there things holding you back? Use this as a monument to overcome and find who you are with your purpose.

  • Do i repeat?

  • panam poogal vasathi nenacha parainthu poga vasathi eithalam eiruintha nimathi sainthosam eipadi ailame erukum oruthar annaku veindam neega yaaraka veinu eerugal annal ooru poinnu manasa porijika mudiyuma manathalayo aillimaiya eerukukanum avathorr pesum pesara varathai nagarigama eerukanum neeraya mara veindiyathu annaku yaarume veindam

  • she left me and im in depression i cry all the time i need a peace lets what happen 😢

  • I used to listen to it while coding. It makes me more focused.

  • Heal from this. Thank you! Power of the religion.

  • For those who do not know, "Om" is the sound of the universe's birth. It is happening constantly, has always existed, but still doesn't exist in some places. "Om" is everything, and yet, it is nothing. Mettā :)

  • It starts from the mouth and goes deep inside the body.

  • Appreciated!!

  • You guys should learn Dr.Emoto Water crystal experiment it's really interesting

  • Great video thanks for making it!

  • I really like relaxing spiritual honest music I suffer from alot of Ptsd and depression I need help from jesus christ amen God bless u guys who need Gods help

  • if I have hard time sleeping, I just listen to this. And I hope all negatives will wash away 😊

  • Sound of entire existence whole cosmos chant om it's eternal as sanatana

  • AUM is first sound in the universe

  • Hi

  • ❤Om namah shivai❤