Old People Angry About "OK Boomer" & FaZe Jarvis - H3 Podcast #156

Pubblicato il 9 nov 2019
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  • Ethan: black people enjoy popeyes. Me: (as a black male) yes i agree Hila: maybe they are just eating there because they are poor and can’t afford anything else Me: you just made it so much worse

  • To be fair boomers were affected by the policies the greatest generation put in place. They went through a lot of shit too, and it shows💀

  • He goes from the chair to the sofa hahaha

  • Knowing who the post-master-general is off the top of his head does seem like a very "Dan" thing to be fair

  • ethan was looking really good this eopisode the feeding window really seems to be working

  • the food segments are literally the best part you cant get rid of them

  • Hila let Ethan eat his meats

  • omg this gimmick is shite

  • LMFAO dan was like yeah hilas not making this better when talking about black people in Popeyes

  • Food segments FTW

  • i said okay boomer to a teacher and got suspended

  • He can make that observation because he didn't bring a value judgement to it. It was a fact that the majority of people were black it could be because its an area where lots of black people live or a number of reasons. Ethan was totally justified in his observation because it was just that if anything hilla attributed that observation to a class issue ie its cos they are poor. On another day or time it could be full of white people

  • I love Hila so damn much but she lookin like a minion

  • xerox is still very much operating today. Dan is always so know it all about things and he's so often misinformed.

  • I love you guys but like... just look up the Adam ruins everything episode about it. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s his female friend that does the talking in the episode. The hymen doesn’t break nor is it a barrier. It can be punctured, and bleed, through random occurrences, but it DOES NOT CHANGE. It’s like an arch over the entrance, and it gets pushed back sometimes. Mine is still there, never bled and it’s fine. Doesn’t bother me during sex, is visible, and one might say it looks “intact.” All vaginas are shaped differently, some hymens are bigger than others. Some are more in the way than others. Please don’t confuse women about their own bodies anymore than they already are. Love and respect, just please.

  • Ethan looked so good this episode, his feeding window is really working 👌

  • 1:47:00 FaZe Jarvis

  • Hila: I thought those people were cool Me: sad Canadian noises 🇨🇦😭

  • “dan, are you fucking with me? where’s the pizza?” is my new favorite sound bite :’-)

  • Ethan looks so good in this episode. The feeding window is definitely working.

  • Ethan looks so good this episode. The feeding window is really working.

  • I also never got a talk

  • Ethan looked really good this episode, the feeding window is really working!

  • why is Hila dressed like a minion?

  • Ethan looks great, the feeding window is working.

  • 1:19:40 🙌 We can tell you guys all had good intentions, don’t worry. And shoutout to Dan for being extra woke. 👍

  • I'm pretty sure I lost my hymen, like Hila mentioned, when I used a tampon. The pain wasn't anything crazy but it was definitely uncomfortable, and I assumed that it was maybe going in at the wrong angle or that it was because nothing's been there before. Was probably just the hymen though, I don't remember bleeding a significant amount though but it's also hard to tell because I was on my period.

  • I'm black and have never been to Popeye's.

  • in honour of the Beluga i will go vegetarian

  • The feeding window is really working!

  • 15:55 Hila's CEO is coming out

  • hila is so timeless. she’s just beautiful. inside and out.

  • ethan looks so good in this video, the feeding window is working !

  • You can see how much of a fast food addict Ethan is every time he takes a bit. He starts rocking back and forth. We are literally watching his brain dosing his system with reward chemicals.

  • its because fish isnt considered a "meat" and its just fish it is its own catagory

  • Ok Boomer

  • I'm fucking dead ethan ranting about black people is the funniest shit I've heard all week

  • maybe my parents would have given me the talk if it weren't for the fact i collected anime figures and posters so they had no worries about me getting laid

  • Everyone keeps shaming ethan

  • dude stop hating on the camel eating that shit looks good