Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
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The 5th round in our VS Themes series! The New Anime Theme side has had enough of the Old Anime Theme not giving them enough shine! Who do you think will come out on top??
Zelda Beat At the end: it-tvs.com/tv/video-_vQvhXMVlIc.html
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  • They picked the best one piece opening holy shit

  • Old wins

  • New themes won man cant believe old used jojos thooo

  • attack on titan and black clover have no business in the big three

  • These niggas ain’t use the Greatest these of all time - Tokyo Ghoul. Obviously rigged

  • I love how they continued after they played Distance XD (the naruto one)

  • old anime theme is better

  • Old won obviously

  • Whats the one around 11:05?

  • Kenshin hits harddddd

  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Fullmetal Alchemist ended it in a draw in my opinion.

  • I thought you guys would take it back to Saint Seiya or Lupin the Third but that is TOO OLD. I'm OLD AF.

  • I pick both because of these simple reasons 1.New anime watchers need to respect atleast some of the old anime’s my person favorite being Naruto and Pokemon 2.Old anime watchers can atleast respect some new anime’s rather it be My hero academia or The Promised to never land

  • Wheres one punch man

  • Old themes

  • Tbh theres only 1 big 3 forever and now.

  • Tbh I like both old and new openings.. including Gurren Lagann, SAO, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, and of course.. Re:Zero, also My Hero Academia C:

  • New Theme Team: We are still getting new theme songs. Me: Your new theme songs in couple years will go to old theme category 😋

  • The best openings in the video for me: 7 deadly sins Samurai X Demon slayer Dragon ball Bleach Naruto Ghost fighter Black clover Cowboy bebop My hero academia

  • New anime themes win no cap

  • Black clover op3 just beats the one piece op that was in it

  • I am still wondering where Jungle P. from One Piece is at.

  • Can they just do lucky star opening for laughs

  • The new big three is aot, bnha AND SAO where the hech is sword art online?!

  • What was the anime that started at 13:28

  • The effort in the re-enactment of the cowboy bepop theme destroyed all tbh.

  • Old is the best

  • Baruto is ass

  • HunterXHunter...

  • Like they really ended with a bang bruh, both cowboy bebop AND my hero acadamia

  • 14:05 smokey is the main character now?!?!?!?!!

  • Need a rule of thumb, that argument about using jojo was funny, def on the side of new can't use jojo that is cheating.

  • trying to be hype for an anime they used a decent opening from 7DS?? should have used howling. hell Overlord is pretty hype op music too.

  • Should've used OP3 or 13 for Bleach...

  • 16:39 BIG FACTS im leaning towards old themes although some of the new ones are bangers too

  • Notice they leave out the Gintama themes cause then there'd be no contest

  • Old themes. EZ. Gotta like the new animes but at the same time... respecc for the ogs is far higher.

  • boomers vs zoomers

  • I wasn't expecting the Promised Neverland but was also waiting for it pop up.

  • Guy samurai champloo hit hard

  • old hands down

  • some of the opening still slap but some just make you feel nostalgic but that doesn't justify its quality

  • I'm sorry but black clover ain't big three. Its demon slayer

    • SakurakoHanaMari lol, name big 3 for this generation

  • DB Super is actually better that DB Z

  • Old themes


  • How did yall get the new big three wrong

  • Old themes homie can't shit beat yu yu or beebop

  • Black clover op 7 absolute fire

  • Old anime ost vs new anime ost ... that would be deadly

  • Nah bro that bleach song hit different tho , that made everyone love anime

  • I agree Boku No Hero Academia is the new big 3 ... but not attack on titan or black clover ... I would include Haikyuu in big 3 ... but 1 remaining ...what else?

  • Ik nothing about the new themes 😂😂😂

  • well I think JoJo is new theme too tho.. since it's theme not "manga or anime".. and fmab come out before JoJo too tho, yeah this is an argue of theme not the story itself well you cant hear theme song from manga

  • Old no doubt!

  • new anime theme would've won if they used db super limit break x survivor

  • what one piece opening was that?

  • Old school anime themes won. Samurai champloo, bleach, cowboy beebop and naruto put them over the edge. Those themes can’t be touched bro I ain’t trying to hear anything different. Periodt!

  • On god... they need to watch Dororo cus that opening was a BANGER

  • Lol, why am I always rooting for the 'old' team? It's the same dudes!