Ok, let's talk about this NEW Nintendo Switch Lite.

Pubblicato il 10 lug 2019
Nintendo Switch Lite, or Nintendo Switch Mini, has been a rumor, a leak, for MONTHS. But, September 20th the SWITCH LITE IS REAL! So let's talk about the New Nintendo Switch, it's pros and cons, the negativity, the love and HOW I FEEL! LET'S GO! SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THAT BELL! #nintendoswitchlite #switchlite #nintendoswitch
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    • im getin it

    • Will it have the same plastic cracks due to heat?? Or battery swelling???

    • Now that i think of it... Its just a remake of the Wii U but smaller and bumpers

    • I don't get the point...bigger is better

    • If you have two switch minis, why don't you do a giveaway for the other one? 🤔🤔🤔

  • So you don't actually have a switch lite to show, I feel like your drunken parents; disappointed in you. Now get a hair cut you useless nimrod.

  • The ps vita came a litte bit to early now they dont have to worry about that Pretty good time for sony to get back in the handheld market

  • The switch is gonna be released on September 20... the nintendo lite is made for alien baby hands.

  • I can already barely see some of the things on the normal switches small display. Now they wanna make it smaller... RIP :(

  • yup that's me. i buy nintendo for pokemon only. so...seriously considering buying lite.

  • I don't have a switch yet cause I just wanted portable only. I'm about to get one. Nooooice.

  • Why do they called switch light when it doesn't even switch anymore

  • But wood you already have a switch why would you want this one

  • Why remove the option that you can play on TV anymore How bout they make the switch dock smaller so they can put it on TV

  • I disagree with you this reminds me of the Xbox all digital when they remove options for you

  • Yes of course I wanna buy something that prevents me options that I can play on my TV or not

  • I'm opting for the switch lite over buying a normal switch because I don't need a new home console and I'd pretty much use it only on the go or in handheld anyway

  • That's a lots of games you got there man, I'm impressed and I'm really excited for the new product of Nintendo! I own a DS,Wii,and 2DS and I couldn't get a switch since it's quite expensive, 1/3 out of the price! That's the deal

  • I kind off want one myself But...... I already have a switch so🤔

  • They cant really call it a ”Switch” becuase the whole switch thing is that you can take of the joycons

  • That's 2 days after my birthday

  • Does ssbu require joy cons?

  • nintendo: the switch is small and portable! nobody: also nintendo: ok we'll make it portable

  • Why is it called the switch if id doesnt switch

  • Everyone discussing the propping up problem seems to forget this problem was already solved for phones and tablets with pop sockets and ring stands.

  • He's talking the truth I have Nintendo 2ds and next week I'm get Nintendo switch 😃😃

  • WRONG. i have a 2ds

  • don't care already have normal switch it useless to me

  • i wont be buying this or a switch till the price goes down neither are worth it imo

  • Cool the black guy gets the gray switch

  • Just imagine if they make 3ds games downloadable on the switch lite. I'm sure they won't but damn that would be Amazing.

  • Preordered the Pokemon edition switch lite! Will have to wait til November 2019 though.

  • I am picking one Nintendo light up cool

  • 1:05 I don't care that you broke your elbow

  • i feel like this is like the 2ds for people who cant afford the switch

  • Switch Lite will be compatible with Bluetooth Headphones. You heard it first from me. 8/9/2019

  • I've been watching ur channel lately and I so want a teal switch so bad

  • Lmaoo in my country the regular switch is 660 bucks and the lite is 470 bucks. I'm buying the lite

  • It comes out on the same day the Area 51 event starts

  • The Switch Lite has me majorly concerned about the Switch Normal, and not in a good way. When the 2DS was released, most games that were released didn't support the 3D function anymore, even if you were on the 3DS. And while it's true 3D slowly declined before the 2DS, it was still included in small portions of games, like with Pokemon having the Evolution cutscene be 3D compatible. I fear that the Lite might cause similar problems with the Normal, except on a much worse scale. The Lite caps at 720p, so why would studios put forth the effort to make their games 1080p when there's a market that will never experience 1080p? Some games use the HD Rumble, and with the Lite not having that function, that feature might be forgotten about in future games all together since not everyone will have a Normal. What good is having a Normal, when studios aren't using the hardware of the Normal since they would only have to make the game playable for the Lite? It'd be like owning a McLaren Senna as your daily driver. You're only going to get groceries in it, so why pay millions of dollars for something that can go 200 mph, instead of a few thousand for a used Honda that will do the job just as good?

  • As a primarily PC gamer I've held out on a handheld for sometime, but this at 199 has me interested. I'm that demo he's talking about, people that already have a switch clearly aren't and need to calm down.

  • I getting It becus I don't have one

  • Wood,- “You don’t need more than one switch” *Has like four switches*

  • Liked for the 3:06 "Da Doy" laughed probably a little more then I should have!

  • You’re absolutely right when you say that not everyone has a Nintendo switch I am one of those people and it’s not because I don’t want one it’s because I became ill several years ago and been desperately in need of 2 hip replacements and I’m fairly young under 50 yrs of age I have a blood condition that caused this to happen so I totally missed buying one especially the Mario super smash ultimate limited edition which I would have purchased if I hadn’t been so severely sick in and out of hospitals in two states California and my hometown of Chicago yea I’ve been that kinda sick but things have gotten better I’ve had one hip replaced in December still waiting for the much needed 2nd one so your video was most informative and helpful I loved your spirit too I know getting one of these devices will help me through the rest of my journey somehow I’m hoping for a little happiness in my life so please advise me on which system to buy at mzzphatkatt@ gmail.com please

  • Bro I wanted the Nintendo switch but in Canada it’s 400 dollars and the switch lite is 259.99 dollars so yea now I can upgrade to the switch lite from my 2DS

  • First congratulations you got a new subscriber and second I'm getting this cuz I have a PS4 and a Xbox One oh and a PS Vita/PSP (I have both) 3DS/2DS (I have both) plus I'm not really interested in the features that the original switch has I just want the portable part of it

  • I think the only mistake Nintendo made with that model is it’s not called the Lite Switch🤣😂 slight change but big opportunity missed

  • I don't get the complaints. If you have the switch & don't think this will be of any use to you, don't buy it. If you don't have a switch & have been waiting for a more budget friendly version/console, then this would be a good choice. Because as pointed out, there's still a lot of people who don't have one. Personally, I own the switch. I love my switch, but as much as it was intended to be mobile, it's really not that mobile friendly. I already dropped mine once & broke the top clip to my blue joy con. Plus, when I've tried to take it out with me in the past, it's just been difficult to lug around in it's case, take out & put back & it's a little heavy. So I'm really looking to get the switch lite as a lighter more compact portable alternative. I'm excited for it. I'm just going to use my regular switch as my at-home console.

  • 4:40 Wait the Nintendo dude has a lazy eye???

  • I was actually thinking the same thing. I could get a Switch Lite for when I go out and keep my original one for when I play it at home. It's an expensive option but I think I might actually do it.

    • Honestly no more expensive than the 3ds was, & that didn't even have a charger sold with it, & it had a feature no one used. At least this will have things people will use & will include a charger. So I personally think it will be worth the price.

  • 0:15 nobody uses their phone that far away from their face

  • 6:58 Think Pokemon. Then click the timestamp.

  • I bought an original switch and one time I put it to shut down and it never turned back on so yeah I’m excited for the Switch lite

  • The switch lite comes out a day before my birthday along with ALOT of other things

  • Plot Twist: He was actually taking a selfie for the fans at the beginning while drinking coffee.

  • Lol so funny you had to literally spend time explaining why the lite isn’t pointless. Loved the analogy!

  • That shirt is awesome!

  • Just play the switch handheld all the time that’s it you have a lit

  • I 100% agree. Wife and I already have a switch, but we battle over it for single player games. I love taking it everywhere with me, but a more portable and cheaper version are really attractive for multi-gamer households. What’s more, I believe the switch is the best console out there right now for SO many reasons. For it to be more affordable for people looking to upgrade from a 3ds is INCREDIBLE. I have a really difficult time viewing this as a cash-grab. Nintendo just keeps on winning.

  • I'm getting a switch life I'm cheap

  • The only thing I really dont understand is the bizar bezels on the screen of the lite. With a little effort the screen could have been the same size in a smaller form factor. The screen is allready to small as it is. An even smaller screens almost means we need to start buying these magnifying things... we had on the game boy... it's really to bad that they didn't removed the bezels and put in a bigger screen

  • PS Vita could still have killed if it weren't for the costs of the memory cards... Still a stronger and better device all round.

    • Juanvwyk1 I agree! I liked how the original was heavy in my hands. It was so fun to play on. I was going to consider getting another one.

  • People are saying the Lite is meant to replace the 3DS... but I'd like to argue that the regular Switch already did that... and the new model will have 2 hours more battery life as well. I really don't agree with the Lite being sold at 200$. 150$ plus a free game perhaps. Just my 2 cent is all.

  • Switch lite is released on the day of the Area 51 storming

    • Sooo we can pick up a switch lite on the way to storm a freaking military base...........yep that makes sense.

    • Coincidence? I think NOT!!!

  • Why is the indent on the back of the lite if it can’t be docked

  • And for all of you complaining about the switch being a home console and pokemon sword and shield need to be better because of this...The switch is more of a handheld and the lites release is proof of that. It's gonna be an amazing game and just because your mad about the national dex and can't use your hacked shinies, doesn t mean that it's bad. It will look good. This console is a handheld equivalent to and maybe a little better than the vita. It's not gonna run as well as a disc game on something like the Wii or Xbox one ps4. The cartridges have like 16gb to work with and its still a step up from the 3ds so Get over it!

  • Your background makes me feel poor

  • The nintendo is never want to be the best in new consoles

  • I really like the price of the lite but I’m worried about limiting myself only to handheld. Especially when I already have a 2ds and 3ds (DONT ask why)

  • I still don’t have Netflix in my switch

  • A V Model phone stand costs one Dollar on Amazon. No need for a 3D printer there.

  • It could also mean transferring save states via USB.

  • I think I’m getting it

  • I'm literally that one person who has a TV from the 80s and still has the 3ds who just wanted to play the switch with the new Pokemon game. I'm so glad this new Switch is coming out 😭😭😭

  • They could of called it lite switch 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Thats all i want and why i never picked up a switch 299 isn’t really that big of a cost I just want to play pokemon nobody else on it

  • Pro older my Nintendo Switch lite

  • Perfect for people like me, who are interested in Nintendo library. Except for recently, Fire Emblem Three Houses is so good. I rarely play my wife's original Switch.

  • can u dock to a pc?

  • I'm stoked for everything about this, except for one thing. I'm a hardcore gamer, and if I don't have rumble, my hands don't feel right, and LOW AND BEHOLD, they took that feature out. Jeez, Nintendo!

  • Don’t have a switch and I’ll be definitely picking up this

  • 3:09 to 3:29 EXACTLY describes my situation

  • I'm definitely buying a switch lite. I never got a switch bc of the motion controls and the joy cons. Finally Nintendo did something right.