Pubblicato il 5 lug 2019
Sheet Music: bit.ly/ibi_cloud

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  • Hey man ur rushing

  • Moc hezky nostalgická hudba, právě teď se mi hodí...

  • Every single one of these notes make me feel heartbreak and I'm not even with anyone nor do I miss anyone,,

  • R/i

  • nicely done, nice and restful work

  • Türk yok mu la.

  • Türkler ses verin aq

  • This reminds me of the movie ‘her’

  • i want to be loved, too

  • Esta canción me recuerda a ella; su voz tranquila, sus hojos color miel, su aroma, su sonrisa despreocupada, sus labios suaves, su gracil andar. Y que nunca podré tenerla a mi lado...

  • keep your head up kings, your crown is falling.

  • Some people try to overthink what is just good music.

  • As the dreary music played, he drifted off into a dark, weary-some coma, to which he would not recover. As the darkness took over his mind, his body began to shut down. With a lack of a will to carry-on forward, the effervescent light he once knew had become a dreary and faceless character. As the illumination of his spirit became faint, with his last breath he said “i’m sorry”. He dissolved into the darkness and was never to be seen again.


  • Beautiful

  • This feels like the music that plays right before the atmosphere gives way and we all die due to our ancestor's mistakes and our continuing of them

  • me voy a matar

  • Gymnopedie. N1 - Erick Sat... ho wait, no, he are IBI.

  • Can I use your music on my poetry video?

  • Sounds like what I imagined Europe in the 1800’s. Why? Idk

  • é tão puro de ouvir, tão doce aos ouvidos, tocado com a alma

  • SaTiE iS BaCk gUYs

  • This makes me miss something i've never lived

  • A pure medicine...

  • Resistencia?

  • such a mood

  • is this something you wrote @ibi ? because if so this is just amazing Im really moved by your work

    • yes it is. Thank you Tiffany

  • Thank you for this.

  • Thank the LORD for this recommendation

  • Es ist wirklich schön

  • In my head, this tells the story of a parent trying to live through each day with only the memory of their dead child

  • This melody match perfectly with the holy sound: the ohm

  • How is the bass so bassy?

  • That one melody really reminds me of "House of the rising sun" by Alt-J. Really lovely piece, keep it up :)

  • Very strong Trumann Show vibes, and I love it.

  • sounds similar in style to some of C418s songs, so relaxing :D

  • must be a lot of resistance in those keys eh? hehehehe

  • Ω

  • I feel 6:00 sun in this music