Ohm- Ohm full album

Pubblicato il 20 ago 2015
Primer álbum de la banda de rock instrumental y jazz fusion Ohm
Set list:
0:00 Peanut Buddah
3:35 Where's My Hat
6:47 Id
10:19 Love Song
14:46 Came To Believe
17:54 Between Us
21:53 Iguana
25:09 Sister Cheryl
29:45 Brandenberg Gate
35:23 Bastille Day
39:31 Mountain
43:51 Search For The Suicide King
49:41 Ohmage
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  • I never imagined Megadeth would get me interested in jazz.

  • Chasing The Sun and Return To Metalopolis are also early Chris Poland required listening. I feel lucky to have those CDs.

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-hApRUOxW_VQ.html

  • great

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-hApRUOxW_VQ.html

  • Great bass on ID

  • Wish he would come to Western NY and perform. He is from Dunkirk area. So come on CP where are ya?

  • I really like this record alot..of course all of Chris's recordings are amazing but this reminds me of the stuff that Chris and Stu ( Gars brother would be playing in the back of the bus when I first came on the road with Megadeth as Gars drum tech...I learned so much from these three cat's and feel unbelievably fortunate to have been able too just sit back and listen to them play sometimes for hours if it was long bus ride...Stu is an amazing player like Chris and when they would grab a guitar and head to the back I knew I was in for a treat....just amazing

  • Bastille Day... In loving memory of Gar Samuelson. What a song, Chris' and Pag's solos are incredible in this one

  • Where has this band been all my life!? ❤️

  • I hear a ton of Steve Morse influence

  • I can almost picture little gnomes running around at some points in this album :-)

    • I can feel parts of my life running away with this

  • grooves so hard!!!! one of my favorite jazz fusion albums ever!

  • The 4 people that disliked this have a poster of Justin Beiber above there bed.

    • haha agreed. or listen to the garbage that is Lil Wayne.

  • I wonder what it would sound like is Chris Poland collaborated with Trey Anastasio? Lots of mellodic passages from both. Would be interesting.

  • This album is a masterpiece. This album is not available at Spotify. Amazon sells the audio CD at >100£. How can I buy this album?

    • Just record it off of IT-tvs. Its kinda old technology but I have a multi tack recorder made by Belkin that uses the hard drive of an ipod to record to. Then I load it to my library on my computer. If I can stream it I can own it.

  • Polands an absolute geneius!!!

  • So this is a different band than the one that did advaitic songs

    • The other is just Om and yeah totally different, but both are great none the less!

  • This is fucking beautiful. I need this album.

  • Are the millions ads on this video new?! I listen to this like five times a week for the last two years and now its rendered completely useless by ads between every song :(

  • Tone fer daze

  • "Between Us" is very Jeff Beck. Wonderful flourishes of vibrato varying in intensity.

  • Jeff Beck meets Allan Holdsworth. Phenomenal!

  • Gracias Spiderman

  • pure gold!

  • masterpiece

  • Kofi Baker on Drums

    • Paul Ojeda David Eagle's name is literally on the cover of the album as this video is playing, lol.

    • No, David Eagle. Kofi was on Amino Acid Flashback, the Live record, and parts of Circus of Sound.

  • I'm wordless!

  • Una obra de arte este album, yo tengo el mio gracias a un amigo y el circus of sound gracias a mi novia. El album es dedicado a gar samuelson si no me equivoco. QUE EN PAZ DESCANSE DAVID EAGLE, EL MEJOR BATERISTA DE OHM:

    • Que karma que tiene esta banda con los bateristas, todos murieron, QEPD

  • Great stuff thanks to whoever posted!!!

  • R.I.P. Mr. Nick Menza. Thank You Peter! Great Album

    • in this album was played for david eagle


    • +L Damian este lo grabo mi amigo David Eagle que era el baterista original que también murió el año pasado de un ataque :(

    • Si ya se, pero no grabo este disco.

    • nono, david eagle en baterias..


  • Makes me smile to know that music connects all languages :)~