Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
Today we have a young man on the show from Ohio...he has done 5 years 3 of them was as a lone wolf then he went the gang route.... these are his stories link to his Instagram below!
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Why i went to prison:
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please keep in mind that all things created in this video or spoke about is my personal experiences in prison and my life they are not to be practiced at home..


  • I hope the thumbnail looks better what you think? Compared to my old interview thumbnails...we cant keep running a bootleg organization thumbnails gotta be correct haha Salute to my audience from Ohio! Link to his insta below instagram.com/dylanmcdivitt92?igshid=1871z7cj1rg4b

    • Lockdown 23and1 man I see that bad ass hat playa

    • Lockdown 23and1 bro reach out let's work

    • great vids and content death keepem commin. much luv hb.

    • Naw they been in the pen of Ohio longer than 2010, I could have sworn they started in the late '90s, almost positive.

  • I am from Michigan. Heroin death is at an all time high.

  • Interview a pittsburgh cat

  • never forget black muslims and white aryans took over an ohio prison and held the staff hostage and killed snitches for weeks.

  • Love the new camera bro! Keep doin your thing

  • wow, he doesnt talk like a black.. amazing.

  • So you could join that gang and say you don't wanna be a crash dummy and your not about to do this that and the other for them lmao luckily this kid wasn't locked up in CAL.

  • Never been to prison but this dudes story sounds funky and dude sounds like he watched to many prison videos trying to look cool Haha

  • Shout out my boys from the 740

  • I’m from Steubenville Ohio aka killaville aka little Chicago. Shout out to my double Os

  • Juvenile records can be used against you if your adult charges are similar or related.

  • I did 3 at nci level 2 in Ohio this dude sounds like he is trying to make shit up I can't even take this man serious....keep it real homie you were laying under your blanket big 12

  • Gta Reject

  • I’m from Cleveland Ohio you gotta be black to be a heartless felon and if your white you can be a what’s called is my brothers keeper with is the white people that hang out with the felons but you can’t be a felon and be white dudes lieing

  • This dude just taking a bunch of stories of shit he heard and saw from others and claiming it himself . Whackkk

    • And look up his case. He shot a house up cuz a girl he was mad at. Tf?

  • This dude full of shit from begining to end. I have 11 years in Ohio prisons including Richland and Trumbull. He wouldn't last a second. Definitely not a HF. I was locked up in old Mansfield also through Lucasville riots. I personally have wittnessed killings and everything else first hand. I do not have a clue where you got this guy from. But do background checks on these dudes. 100% full of shit.

  • Yo, I was in Richland with this dude. 100% lies. I mean a couple of the things he saying is facts, but dude was a flunky. The felons had him doing all the duck work.

    • No doubt . Bet he wouldnt come up to the hill or handball court talking that shit and my boy MC and the fam would never bless him.

  • This dude is goofy as fuck I def would of smacked him for talkin his stupid stories...

  • The guy on the left looks like a video game character lol ,looks so unreal

  • This mf sounds like the white joy that ran other and was a shot caller and because he was "well known"!on the streets for "running" shit and straight up fukn liar! "Robert Kid from 'Stories from Cali County Jail Bay Area'" both of the guys stories don't make no sense, none of what they say add up and how the describe what they did and how politics were in their jail are in no way true because they would get smashed if it went down how they say it did. I don't get how they think they can get away with doing these videos. Good thing is that I can tell you don't believe him much at all and I can tell that you asked certain questions at times because it just didn't add up to you and you knew he was lying. That's what makes the video hilarious. He knew nothing about the yards and I didn't know you could be on probation and parole at the same time?

  • Buddy sounds full of s***. Also if he's telling the truth Ohio State Penitentiary system is sweet

  • Ever come to Florida let me know I'll take you down will do Bike Week it's a trip

  • Been watching your videos for a while couldn't be prouder good father good friend doing something with your life thought this channel might make you a millionaire I hope so I know you'll take care of your family or a real man God bless

  • This guy doesn't sound ligit. Something is off. You should have asked him some trick questions or something.

  • Checkout 805 freetalk

  • Struggled with this one a bit, Quite vague! "So I saw dude & his dude & his dude came, So dude & dude...Aaargh!

  • Much respect for this video, Cleveland native representative, my cousin a Heartless Felon, they run Cleveland

  • fuck this kid is lieing on his dead grandma ..

  • This guy looks like that Brendan Filone character from the Sopranos😂😂😂

  • I got locked up in Ohio in 2010... first off, based on your location you either go to Lorain Correctional Institution, located in Grafton, Ohio, they take male inmates from twenty-five counties in the northern part of Ohio. Male inmates from the remaining sixty-three counties are processed through the Correctional Reception Center, located in Orient, Ohio (where I went through). Females go to a single facility in Marysville from start to finish. The Heartless felons came out of the juvenile system (DYS) and they were getting wrecked on by the wood pile and the Gangster Disciples, for attempting to step on toes while I was in. They did some grimey shit and acted hard and for the most part got smashed on sight by the other groups. While I was in they were just beginning to come out. Not sure what there standing is now. Ohio works different than most places. As far as groups, you got the woodpile (whites), bloods (neighborhoods), & crips (neighborhoods).. They pretty much run the same as everywhere else. Then a little different from other places you got the the Gangster Disciples, who are more location based and black and white mixed. The heartless felons are also mixed and these guys mostly came from, and did time in the DYS system and they didn't really welcome newcomers, at least while I was in. (So I'm not sure how old boy in the video would've gotten in) The Mexicans all roll with each other, no Surenos or Norenos split, they mix mainly because there isn't a bunch of them and the Ohio system is predominantly black and white. When I say they mix I mean that as far as I could tell from an outsider looking in that on the yard and in the pods they all stuck together (it was pods where I was) All the "others" like the few Native Americans, Asians and foreigners roll with Mexicans or just don't click up. Sometimes if there is about 20 of them then they'll loosely click up by amongst one another. As far as actual prison gang members I encountered very few . They were all A.B. and they automatically got the keys to the woodpile if they were present on that yard. 70% of the inmates I encountered were in there for heroin and were legit junkies. Ohio has a huge drug problem. The next 15% was for trafficking, and then the last was everything else. With all the out of shape junkies, prags, and soft ass dudes in there if you're a bigger guy, or could hold your own in any way you don't have to worry about trouble unless you look for it or wind up with debts you can't pay. Most inmates in Ohio are not part of a group. Im going to say more than half aren't in a group. You can easily roll solo. The blacks tend to click up more frequently than the whites. But as a white guy you can easily go through without involving yourself in a group. As far as housing and security goes. Youngstown is where Ohio State Prison is and it's the Super Maximum Security Prison/ Death Row facility. 23 hour a day lock up, yard by yourself in a cage. Then you got the "normal Ohio prisons" they house all the other security levels and have different yards for different security levels. I was in London Correctional Institution. It was an open dormitory/pod style housing unit. Most likely if you're a nonviolent offender you will end up in a similar situation. I hope this may help anyone who may be looking at some time in Ohio and looking for what to expect.

  • First The guy asks him for a razor in his pod. Then the same guy stabs a guys neck and gets blood all over his food at dinner. Get the fuck out of here man. Fuck off punk wanna be.

  • This dude acts hard as hell. I bet his family was sending his protection money and rent every week. He was paying everyone and got some tats and now he acts like he hard. This dude is so full of shit be a little punk. He never beat up AB no Fucking way.

  • Is it jus me or is dude lien every word... dude would get eaten up out here in cali

  • This dude is saying a bunch of nothing. Kinda like he's lying or trying to just come up with shit something to say.


  • I've never heard of HF race branches

  • "Alot of jumping.......and jawbteaking" hahahah stfu man...

  • Showing love from Cincinnati ohio

  • Either you can’t shoot are you missing on purpose ...you little softy you

  • Hey, when I got off the plane in Vietnam there were 240 body bags going the other way. Not saying prison life ain’t shit. But, you don’t have to walk a 4 yard to be pretty sure you are going to did today, not to mention having your shit blown off which I think is worse. There are a bunch of old me out here who walked with death ( not Death) every day and still sleep with him. Not saying being tortured by stupid sadistic COs is a joke but imagine they get the yard down and then fire 100 rockets into the mix. I know everyone lives the life he was born into but prison doesn’t make you a man it makes you a survivor, just like anything else the powers throw at you. If you get lucky you get old and realize you have been hunting the wrong people. Then you die and no one learns a thing.

  • Yeah Ohio is horrible with violence and heroin. My fiancé is either in prison or is dead, because she was on heroin so damn bad. Absolutely despise that shit

  • So dude ask him for a razor while he sitting across from his mark. Lmao 2019.

  • And stuff....

  • HF are all black.

  • Heartless felons don't control s*** in any prison. They're a ghetto ass Cleveland gang that steals and jumps people in county. Watch the documentary on Ohio prisons you see a heartless felon check in at Ross. I was at Chillicothe for 4 years never even seen a heartless felon. This douchebag is talkin out his neck most of these dudes are lame as f*** on your show man interview some real soldiers or some solid dudes fuk listening to these wannabes

  • Sounds like they were using him as a mule and he got caught a couple times..... He mentioned a package in the VI then the green balloon. Sometimes the crash dummy is not aware of being a crash dummy...... Stay str8 bro doesn't sound like penitentiary isn't for you bud

  • Dude... what.. in the absolute fuck... is this kid talkin about?

  • The comments 😂😂😂

  • In the end it's all about the people you're hanging out with and what they are doing stay away from drugs stay away from whores keep yourself focused find a good girl and settle down have kids live a normal life that's what I did after I was finished with my juvenile nightmares and I am much happier and I will admit what I learned from the juvenile facilities only made me more intelligent as an adult I know when to move I know when not to move and it made me a lot more observant rather than the loudest one in the room

  • I played a lot of spades, I was actually just thinking about my old spades partner from in there in ODYS 1996-98 we ran the entire unit and staff in a tournament that got started because we hyped everybody up and it's sad my partner is dead, I went to reach him on the outside years later recently, and I found out he committed suicide with a 12 gauge that s*** f****** up really broke my heart when I found that out, that was my Ace and we looked out for each other in their rest in peace Patrick Corbett from Brook Park Ohio!!!!! I'm from Cleveland but he was one of the solid ones all day.

  • i knew this dude was gonna say heartless felons when he said he was from ohio.

  • I knew son was FUGAZI. He’s a fake ass nigga he has never been anywhere in prison. He’s a fraud those tattoos are from a shop. Son is a 🐦 🐦

  • I think he is autistic

  • Konvicted Felons

  • Seriously d, I'm pretty sure this s***'s going to get old talking to convicts and hearing the same old b******* Penitentiary stories. You've got a Joe Rogan in you trust me, start a podcast get some questions going you'll get a following believe me. Peace out brother

  • Im calling bullshit

  • Death knows this dude is telling tales, u can tell by the look on his face he's like yeah right. This kid talking smack on ABs he's gonna get got, dumb ass.......

  • This dude sound like hes a lair or he was a gump the whole bed .

  • this guy looks like a grand theft auto character

  • Did death just refer to them as twinzys or am I super stoned?