Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
Today we have a young man on the show from Ohio...he has done 5 years 3 of them was as a lone wolf then he went the gang route.... these are his stories link to his Instagram below!
Insta: instagram.com/dylanmcdivitt92?igshid=1871z7cj1rg4b
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Why i went to prison:
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please keep in mind that all things created in this video or spoke about is my personal experiences in prison and my life they are not to be practiced at home..


  • I hope the thumbnail looks better what you think? Compared to my old interview thumbnails...we cant keep running a bootleg organization thumbnails gotta be correct haha Salute to my audience from Ohio! Link to his insta below instagram.com/dylanmcdivitt92?igshid=1871z7cj1rg4b

    • Lindsay Nichelle I’m not calling dude a liar I don’t know %100 about them but from what I’ve always thought was they were all blacks I could be wrong though

    • Adrianna Carroll IO

    • Have Faith heartless felons aren’t the kind of guys I’d fuck with

    • Good looking out death Ohio here !

    • @bodda red he aint lying white boys fam too

  • Either The kids not very well spoken or hes fuckin lying...either way smh on this one the whole video😂

  • I was in the dirty nickel bro in 2011......lol.....theres 4000 people walking around open dorm like fuck

  • I'll look and so bad. I wish you'd talk to Somebody that's real. Like a real heartless felon Are the black dudes from Columbus Ohio or Cincinnati black dudes are some of them CW Cincinnati white boys Are the KF? Columbus Are people from Dayton? Just some real people.

  • If you peep his Instagram he has a bunch of pictures of him when he was locked down with whom I’d assume to be his homies. Not saying he isn’t sensationalizing his story a bit but I don’t think he’s lying about his bid and I don’t think he was just some crash dummy getting punked the whole time based on the pictures I’m seeing of him in there but who really knows at the end of the day

  • This dude capping!!!!💯💯💯

  • Fartless smellins all Chinese yo

  • Heartless Felons, Land Of Heartless, Young Felons, Young Guns, all Collab , Cleveland shit, I was locked up with dude from Dayton who started it Dealcapone Alpachino Morris, his real fucking name lol and Dunny from Cleveland , I did 2009-2014 at Ross and Mansfield

  • 3:14 great question and look at Death’s face when other dude answers.. believe josh just a polite interviewer and doesn’t want to make anyone uneasy on channel.. great content. Keep it up 👍

  • It’s funny when these guys try to use their height and weight as an excuse to be a bitch!!! No excuse! A well trained 130 pounder will destroy a never trained 190 pounder all day

  • I’m from the Ville know this dude this is real brah

  • Deaths looking like wtf did I get into here ..

  • I can't listen to this kid talk

  • Huh ? Nah what's this dude STATE NUMBER? Str8 LYING to get on your page death

    • Go peep his Instagram page, death shared a link to it. He was definitely locked up and definitely seemed to have homies in there. Funny how people watch a 30 minute video and can come to all these conclusions based on how he was talking. Go do a little bit of simple research before joining in with the rest of the commenters who are clowning him based on nothing more than the way he was speaking.

  • This guy is obviously lieing can tell Death is like.... let's wrap this up... lol

  • ha

  • dude is fucking capping!!!

  • When I was doing a bid in Pelican Bay I used to play chess with a Sureno but even though we were friends we had to have two younger Mexicans play while we said what moves we wanted to make. Because blacks can't touch Mexican chess pieces. And vice versa.

  • Ohio in the house

  • Them Heartless felons are on some big boys shit. One of these a&e docuseries has a whole things on one of thier higher ups.

  • I did 5 piece ohio he ant did shit

  • This man lying like ah bitch dawg 😂

  • this mfer is a lier bro,,, u really need to do background checks on kats u have on here bro,,,, 1, i rode in with alot of the hfs as im from cleveland,, in richland if u wherent from cleveland hfs was making mfers pay, so him saying he wasnt paying is bullshit, they woulda made him check in, and him saying hes a hf is bullshit,,, there is a white brand of hf called my brothers keepers which he never said anything about so that tells you this dudes telling all types of stroys. i hate mfers like this.,., trying to be raw for youtube lol these kats are clowns these days

  • He couldnt even name the yard he had the fight at...... thats already red flag

  • Death you should ask what gangs be at the prisons and who got the numbers?

  • this dude talking about the HF saying they aint crash dummies?? thats legit all HF is....... theres a million of em. poppin up like roaches in ohio.... nicknamed the homeless felons. like he said in the beginning where 8 hf were gunna jump him.. thats 100% the truth 8 hf jump people for a pack of ramen n split it man.

  • Yet another channel attempting to glorify having been in prison.

  • The only thing he got right was shipped to Lorain county to be Processed

  • I’m from Cleveland Ohio he probably was getting made a crash dummy 😂😂 my mans in Richland right now all I know is felons and they do nun but make ppl crash dummy’s

  • He lying about Trumbull. It's not 23/1 seem like he went thru the system but was a victim of HF he was paying for them not to fw him 💯👌

  • The H on Death's cap is backwards.

  • This dude song fooling anyone... Fucking joke.

  • Aye. I was sent to prison from the county Painesville is in. Live in Euclid. The felons ain't no joke. They are a street gang outta Cleveland. They was hitting licks on everyone. Dope is hella bad in this area.

  • Dat boi was boi puccci in prison

  • It’s crazy how these mfers talk then talk around black folks. You ain’t got to lie to kick it man.

  • wish he be in my cell, we be rockin out funtime mmm hmmm

  • Fam shit 🤞🏾💔

  • This dude wtf Lmao

  • U picked the wrong ohio cat to speak on ohio prisons...

  • Difference between ohio prisons amd west coast be bang out on cities ...

  • He was getting that pack in thats why the felons wanted him. You control the drugs you got alot of power

  • He is speaking facts on the ab's

  • I believe the dude after watching this.

  • The was this hf name tank he was the only mf in the whole as much as me for fighting. As much as we both fought we never fought each other we was one in the same lol

  • Oh shit i only met a couple white felons in the joint who wasnt ducks aka crash dummys to keep the squad from getting in trouble

  • Im kf but the hf's get down thoe

  • Man for some reason. I get a wierd vibe from this guy I think he's making shit up

  • 😶😕💀💀😂😂😭😭 something dont seem right here. Shit sound like he spaking on a 🎥. Need sombody to verify him?!. Shit sound fake. I got a cuz locked up in hartless felones.

  • Sound like lots of BS to me

  • Yeah this dude you're f****** cornball, heartless felons don't run no f****** prison in the south of Ohio, they got smashed out at Noble.

  • Watch how his eyes always moving and talking with his neck this nigga got way too many holes in his story I can’t catch no good vibes off dude he boldface lying for clout🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Any one notice he loom like gta 5 characters

  • Shoutout from Ohio!!

  • The Old Mansfield prison was a nightmare.

  • Man the hearless felons run ohio prisons

  • I'm sorry but his story doesn't seem legit. I could be wrong and I've heard about the Heartless Felons bc it was on lockup lol could be were he got that from.

  • I spent 9 years in the Ohio prison systems ranging from ODYS to the ODRC. I can say that most of what he is saying is legit. He might be making it sound like he was the “Goat” in their. There is a lot of fucked up stuff that goes down behind bars. I am from Columbus Ohio and was sent to Cleveland Ohio to serve my time for most of the sentences. Being from Columbus I immediately was a target from the Heartless Felons. And being white I was already classified as an AB (Aryan Brotherhood). The problem I had with it is all I wanted to do is serve my time. There were many times where I had to fight just to defend what was rightfully mine. We were allowed to have Televisions, radios,shoes,and even full access to go to the store for commissary. But the problem with all that is jealousy, and haters. People gonna get mad that you living better then you are and just like on the streets their are people that don’t work hard for what they want they rob and steal and fight to get what they want. Needless to say when your sent into the system regardless of what you did you have worry about yourself and learn to self entertain. No one in there is your friend and if they pretend to be just means they want something from you in return. Find you a book read the Bible get an education get closer to God, and sit back and watch and keep your mouth closed. The only advice I can give for real about it all is open your ears more then you open your mouth. People can’t hear what you have to think but can hear what you say. Be safe y’all stay out of trouble and remember when your having a bad day, we live in America. So many other people have it worse then us. Even worse people in the free world in different countries have it worse then we do in prison! Be safe and God bless I have been out of trouble and the system now for almost 10 yrs.

  • Idk about this guy, just don't get a good vibe about his "story" he's all over the place an I see I'm not the only one, looks like just about EVERY comment feels the same. Even ol death has that look on his face like "yea ok bro if you say so" love ya death but this like the only interview I'm not feeling.

  • I thought I was the only one that thought dude in the thumbnail looked like a GTA character lmao. Thought it was a damn video game lol.

  • IT WAS CALLED MBK ( my brothers keeper ) they had a white boi ak47 who ran it shit been closed for a minute now so dude on here definitely faking he was a flunky if anything he ain’t even posed too discuss FAM business wit OT’s 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ 25-6 shit 3x free MM real YF shit 💔