Offshore Floating Oil Platform in Epic Storm

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2018
Offshore Floating Oil Platform in Epic Storm
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  • good info..

  • imagine accidentally dropped down. Also this job are danger because its $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Oh look! It’s one of those flood games in roblox!


  • Nah you're alright.

  • ស្ដេចយួនចោរ

  • I worked on GI 47 A

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  • you wanna buy crude oil then the beat for you is belovneft,com

  • Do we really need oil this bad. Trillions of dollars invested, every life on board in mortal danger every hour of every day, epic pollution of our oceans if the platform is ripped from its moorings??

  • Good for a swim with the family

  • Did not see any floating platrorm......

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  • Danger place

  • Danger place

  • I am working on supply vessel at the Sahalin 2 project at Okhotsk sea

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  • Where's the epic storm?

  • So what would happen if a 100 foot tall freak wave would occur. I'm being serious about this question

    • There’s really only 1 way to answer this. Bad things would happen, very bad things.

  • I'll always remember the time I was caught in a force ten gale coming back from france, the ferry for some reason was delayed coming back into port, I presume because of the storm they couldn't come in, I don't know. I was 17 at the time and it was my first holiday without my parents lol.. It put me off ever going on any sea journeys again for life.. :D Everyone was throwing up, and I went to see what everyone was looking over the side for, and realised why! The toilets were full so people were using the side of the boat. Oh my lord... I also learnt not to throw up yourself if the wind is blowing towards your face haha...

    • @Hendrik de Jong Wow... that would have terrified me. I have to admit my adventure that day wasn't great, I've never got on a boat since. :D Totally put me off..

    • I went in 1968 to Australia in wind force 11 through the channel and at noon one Nick wave hid our ship and we did 17 miles an hour and we stopped right there in the channel. Our ship (17.000 tons) was shaking from the front to the back and from the bottom to the top of the mast. The captain make a call to the coast guard in England and France and within 20 to 30 minutes the coastguard was flying over our head for looking oil on the serves of the channel in case if we may head a boat or a submarine. When we arrived in Cape town we did a full inspection of the bow and when we returned back in the Netherlands, our ship went into drydock in Rotterdam for full in section. You can say, we stopped on a dime in the channel.

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  • Compared to the rest of us, these men are gods! Mere mortals’ hearts would fail them!!!

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  • Here because of Dorian. 2019

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  • That's nothing. I was on a sea turtle hunting ship and we encountered 300 foot waves. The entire ship was lost and we were all eaten by sea dragons and krakens and cthulu

  • The sea was angry that day, my friends - like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.

  • And that's why those guys get paid a lot.

  • woooo Việt Nam! good

  • That's some crazy stuff right there. I'd be sh****g myself

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  • am feeling seasick and am sitting down in my basement