OfflineTV Plays: Charades w/ FedMyster, DisguisedToast, Lily Pichu

Pubblicato il 5 mag 2019
OfflineTV plays CHARADES!!!
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  • *PUFF* *puffpuffpuff... ting* "EEAAAACH"

  • I feel like some of their best content comes out of these random spur of the moment group streams. Their individual streams are nice and all, but I feel like they don't do enough fun and crazy group stuff. (Games like League of Legends and Fortnite don't exactly fit the bill of being fun and crazy) I like the streams where they play Jackbox, Drawful, Jenga, Minecraft, etc. I like the Dancing, Hide And Seek streams, etc. Also, as far as the brand is concerned, The OTV Podcast, DND, and Detention At Offline High, are nice and all, but they also feel too structured. I kind of miss some of the older OTV vids such as Boxing, Rock Climbing, Mini Golf, Jenga, Heads Up, 1-2 Switch, Drunk Painting Class, Karaoke, Prank vids, etc.

  • how did i know lily was gonna hit her hand on the bat lmaoooo

  • Why would you include that Avengers: Endgame spoiler...

    • @fazi 2:30

    • @Blick Panther I don't see, why this clip couldn't just be cut out. Didn't really add something for me, and one week after release is to short to speak about it like that.

    • Endgame has been out for more than a week it was inevitably gonna be spoilt for u

    • Timestamp?

  • Background music?

    • First song is Better Days by LAKEY INSPIRED

  • So glad Albert put chat on his phone again! The balance of the world has been restored now

  • What song is the outro?

    • It's named "f a r c r y". Here's the link to the song.

    • “Putting Chat on my Phone” - Albie

  • Holy damn!! And here i thought i was the only one who thought that fed was doing pewds " but can you do this? " .....but then lily said Pewdiepie.... I'm so happy Atm

  • I was disappointed at first because the thumbnail made it look like an official OTV video, but after watching this was honestly just as good.

  • HandsUp the intro music is back


  • Heyyyyy, Poki's not in this! Why did you hashtag her?

    • CreatorUser Cause he care more about his views than his quality

  • Intro and outro is back, is this a sign that ads will also be back?

  • Like if you love this channel

  • Toast: "it looks like a real asshoe" LMAO

    • This got me dead LMAO

  • Wait there is a intro and a outro with music this time. All things are balance now.

  • Thank you my dude. Getting all the finest of clips together for all of us to enjoy.

  • Gg 6th

  • Me: Thinking a good comment🤔🤔

  • 5th comment

  • When did they do this?

    • *stream

    • It was on Fed's channel

  • oi

  • Oof be num 1 or 2

  • Last!