Pubblicato il 4 ago 2019
FIFA 20 Gameplay Reveal, including official FIFA 20 Gameplay.

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  • i haven't played fifa since ps2 and ain't a thing changed lol honeslty why do you guys buy this game every year?

  • Firts I thought the person who speak is the one sitting with the dudes and holding a microphone, but then I relized oh it was muted and the guy up in the corner is really the one who's speaking.

  • FIFA20 is expensive than PES20 not because the game(FIFA20) is expensive but, because the brand is expensive

  • Fifa has always looked like a Copy+Paste game. Every singel realease

  • Are you playing or is falmarc and mark playing cause they come in at sedative and still does a 360spin and 2 step overs I don’t get it he also Luca modrics Donnie if I spelt it right but he famarst it into a rainbow flic and still nearly scored

  • Бля они 11 месяцев курят ганжу,а потом выпускают мод к предыдущей части,и оп готовая новая часть!Бездельники

  • Boycut this shit

  • this video is from fifa 2019, not 2020. Look at the top left

  • it's FIFA 19+1

  • This game is so shit lol

  • Which type of camera is? Is it personalized?

  • It is exactly FIFA 19. EA earn money by cards only. Lacking of improve gameplay ....., Won't buy 20 this year.

  • Copying pes this is very bad

  • fifa 19 ball physics were so fucking annoying. Tackle perfectly but the ball ricochets off the opponents legs and they break through. Is fifa 20 the same?

  • 1 million views 🤩🤩🤩

  • Am i the only one who thinking Low-driven shot is back? Btw the gameplay was so bad and boring because it was to slow and bad controlling ball and I can’t understand how THIAGO SILVA IS FASTER THAN SALAH

  • yeah if i watch a reveal i want fullscreen without talking

  • Same shit every year

  • What is the different between fifa 14 and 20 hmmm nothing


  • Did they change the keepers diving and movements? Becuz I hate those unrealistic goals like 2:50

  • I really hate the refereeing they make dumb decisions

  • I think FIFA 18 is better 🤔🤔🤔

  • At what point do you realize that a soccer game is a soccer game. Imagine having bought this game year after year only for small little adjustments

  • Its fifa 19

  • I have always gone for PES but fifa 2020 looks very good, realistic better looking gameplay more realistic movement for once.

  • Looks exactly the same as Fifa 19 can’t tell the difference 🤷‍♂️ and I thought these 2 guys were ment to be the best and in the final championships yet no one has scored 🤷‍♂️ what a boring game to watch and video I’ve just wasted my time 🙈

  • I have been buying Fifa for along time, not this year its shit

  • EA make everything for ultimate team no good gameplay and i say it every year

  • so many fan boys here this gameplay demonstrated its the same game with new shirts with the same bullshit defending and gameplay good luck on arguing yes they added 5 a side football but if your core gameplay engine is designed to favour pay to win instead of skill then the games always will be crap from someone whose played fifa since 97

  • ma che è sto schifo

  • the VOLTA Football mode a crazy shit

  • All people saying its same like 19 but believe me it can really feel like a totally other game

  • Fifa 18 was the best game .. might be fifa 18 ... called 20

  • Thought it is a fifa 19 video

  • Quest anno pes nel game Play 200 anni luce avanti

  • Man this games looks the same like 19 there is no difference

  • *I hope 20 is as good or better than fifa 18! 18 is the best the gameplay 19 was terrible slow gameplay, players felt weird! And graphics werent the best when selecting kits they looks messed up the colours!*

  • Welcome to FIFA 19

  • Hopefully for fifa 21 they make the net physics effect like in pes

  • Mas de la misma mierda... NO buy FIFA

  • Gameplay is same but still not touching pes still nothing to do in pes

  • Will the players be cheaper on fut

  • Same run ups for set pieces ...

  • Those guys can't play fifa, sad gameplay

  • Looks like pes


  • I guess I will buy pes 20 these year

  • Fifa 19 looks great oh i mean fifa 20

  • Pes with no mercy this year

  • New epl commentator

  • fifa has no change, everyone is the same, and skills are a pity, though I love fifa,,, Now pes is better and that is the truth that everyone has to accept

  • Ball physics still not great. PES seem to have this solved, also crowd more realistic.

  • was buying fifa since 10 up until 18 then i stopped and after playing pes 20 demo i was like wooooo this is a game changer camera brilliant, movement amazing compare to fifa where players looks like someone put wooden stick into thier bumhole haha

  • FIFA is garbage and fanboys are braindead idiots. Coming from a lifelong FIFA player, been playing since I was 4 and I'm 23. Quit last year and never looking back. PES >

  • Why are people saying going to get pes... I mean really?? Fifa 19 is fine and wait for fifa 20 sale in new year.... be real FFS

  • ?????

  • This doesn't look like football at all. I can't really explain what it looks like, but it's not football.

  • I wished that i saw this video earlier before i pre ordered. Because i saw the players are still locked when there is a other player closer to the bal..... Sadddd