Odell Beckham Jr. is a problem for the Steelers, not the Browns - Max Kellerman | First Take

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Max Kellerman does not understand the idea that Odell Beckham Jr. could be a bigger problem for the Browns than the Pittsburgh Steelers and the rest of the AFC North because he says Odell will fit right in with Cleveland.
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  • Hollins got to go

  • Since when in any of the EFC North scheduling Pittsburgh and Cleveland meet in week 11? How convenient to try to get Cleveland as much time as they need to prepare for Pittsburgh when we all know from Week 1 to week 5 the Steelers meet either Baltimore or Cleveland early on. It's not rocket science.

  • Antonio brown. Baller as in whiner. MENTION IT. and lay off OBJ.

  • What will all the Cleveland haters in the media do if the Browns win the SB?

  • we aren't looking for Odell to do shit but play hard that's all we ask .. this team is going to be fine AFC North Champs and playoffs/SuperBowl contenders for the next 3-4 years

  • Ryan is in the corner classes no 🧢🧢😂

  • Boycott till Ryan hollins is gone

  • Why’s he yelling

  • 😂 Odell better watch out because I heard them Cleveland Field goal kicking nets are “FOR REAL” ! 🤣. The Dawg Pound will eat his soul if he’s sitting on the bench whining and LITERALLY crying because Mayfield couldn’t get him the ball on a particular play Ahahah! Talent wise undoubtedly the sky is the limit with Odell that’s OBVIOUS 😳 but what is also obvious is his lack of leadership on the field, lack of ability to stay poised in any moment but we’ll see....change of environment might help.

  • jsut look at max face when ryan is speaking he is so close to hitting him

  • Beckham has never been clutch and is a head case.... NO THANKS.

  • Bruh I cant stand Ryan....he said Odell “aint a model citizen” then when Key says why isn’t he, he says “he aint won nothin.” What does that have to do with being a model citizen when it was established the Giants were complete garbage besides Saquan? Ryan is definitely the Meg of ESPN bro

  • I guarantee you that Hollins is going to be storming area 51 with all the other morons later this year! How is that man still employed smh

  • I was just talking about this today. I was saying that the Steelers are going to be in a street fight. Every time they play there will be some hitting and some respect finally come our way. Go BROWNS 😲😲😲😲😲! 12 and 4 this year!

  • Ryan’s suit is just as annoying as he is.

  • The Browns getting OBJ caused panic in the rest of the league. Winning does a lot of things for guys whether they are producing or not. The Browns are designed to be well balanced and adding a true deep threat solidifies an already loaded WR room. The question I have is why is no one mentioning the Browns defense? Top to bottom it is solid!

  • Ryan dude is a douche

  • Keyshawn Johnson's gut feeling is browns win 6 or 7 games, dude must have a lot of alcohol in his gut. Browns could have won 10 games last year if they had a kicker, over 10 if they got calls that went there way. What a foolish take.

  • You have to agree with keyshawn....(keshaun) hue Jackson was a good oc but sucked as a hc....if kitchens dont win 3 of the first 5 including the opener I want him fired

  • Ryan is slow.....🤣

  • All guys named Kyle: I like Ryan he’s a good analyst.. Everybody else: Tf you say you bitch!?

  • Dear ESPN, please relieve Ryan Hollins of his duties as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • Clearly none of these guys have watched building the browns I think we got this.

  • You know it's bad when people hate you more then Molly thats bad

  • I think Max Kellerman is the only one at ESPN that isn’t a complete asshole moron. Keyshawn Johnson sides with Ryan Hollins??? Not surprised, my guess is these guys are just told to sound like jagoffs unless it’s a big market team. Anyone who seriously thinks the Browns are going to have issues with all the talent they have on that team is fucking high.

  • OBJ wants to win, he don't want fantasy points

  • Steelers are a problem for the Steelers - they can't keep all pro running backs and wide receivers -

  • The turnaround once Hue and Haley got canned was unreal. Hue is the worst coach in nfl history. Good riddance

  • Bruh Odell plus hunt equals dub

  • Everyone is beating up Ryan Hollins on here. Listen to the stupidity coming from keyshawn

  • Wrong the plays were not as simplistic as they were when Todd haley was calling plays. Freddie gave baker hot receivers to throw to when getting rushed by the defense. Plays were more complex and disguised better when Freddie was calling plays. Watch the film again keyshawn

  • People act as if being good is the only thing in sports. Without genuine Chemistry there’s no chance at being a great team. Social Media has taken over player’s sights on being popular over being a great teammate. I think Odell cares more about his image & pride than he does winning, and that’s true about most professional players because media is so heavily involved in everyday life.

  • As a Steelers fan Odell is clearly a bigger problem for Pittsburgh. Baltimore and Cincinnati clearly. I think Pittsburgh will win the division but if Cleveland does I won’t be surprised.

  • How the hell did Ryan Hollins get this job

  • Honestly OBJ caught that ball and after that Eli was forced to throw him the ball look at the numbers. Last year OBJ was out as usual and Eli had to spread the ball and the offense had balance.

  • Ryan Hollins just shitted on the theory that journeyman, bench riding, roster toss ups are better suited as commentator's. Damn he's awful.

  • Just wanted to add to the Ryan Hollins hate, because it's well deserved.

  • Dawg check

  • Winning makes you a model citizen??? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 That means Ryan Hollins needs to be doing 20 to life

  • Winning makes you a model citizen??? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • Lil Wayne >>> Keyshawn Johnson

  • Keyshawn looking like Tracy Morgan

  • 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️☹ man wth is Ryan talking about!!!!

  • Ryan Hopkins is just a fucking idiot, I can’t stand him

  • No matter how good you are, still gonna have haters💯

  • he won rookie of the year and some pro bowls appearances.

  • I am a Steelers fan for life...and as their past couple years shows...talent on the team does not always equal success...just saying...

    • @bob you guessed it the only way I will be worried about Cleveland is if Pittsburgh doesn't get their act together. Like I said, it starts at the top. Talent does not equal success. Their new HC is just that...new...new to pretty much being a coach. Going from interm OC to HC is a whole new ballgame. I am not saying that they wont be good, because anything can happen. My problem is with Cleveland fans that talk about how on paper they look so much better...yet they fail to look within their division...for years Pittsburgh looked better on paper with most of their opponents...and look how many times we have been to the Superbowl since we lost it to GB. As every year is evident to...it is anyones year...look the Jags...3-13 one year...the next year they were 10-6...then they dropped back down to 5-11. Every year is a new year and can't be judged off of the past years nor the talent on the field because even a stopped clock is right twice a day...think about it!

    • @Heathen Saved by Grace its going to be interesting because cle is going to be something now baker won 7 games with a roster whom 3/4 of those players had just gone 0-16 they only got better baker was torching people with breshad perrimen deep lmao whats he gonna do with obj injury is the only thing that keeps cle from winning10+ games this year

    • @bob you guessed it I am a true fan...which means that I don't make excuses when my team is not doing what they are supposed to. This coming season could go the way it has been, or turn around. Everything has come out into the light, which now put Pittsburgh at a crossroads...are we going to go the road that we have been walking as of recently, or are we going to begin to do some things differently. So far, I have seen positive change. Not much coming out of their corner, besides what the media brings up, which means that they are focused on football.Ben has taken responsibility for things (we will see if it is genuine when the season begins). Tomlin has a chance to put his foot down. I believe that he is a good coach, he just needs to get back to basics. Everyone is speaking on this team beating them, and that team beating them...who cares about the 13 teams that they will face this season...they are their own worst opponent...the only one that can truly beat them at the end of the day is themselves...we shall see. Only time will tell.

    • @Heathen Saved by Grace very true and level headed statement

    • @bob you guessed it I will 100 percent agree. And I hate to say it, but look at New England. The major players they have had...we will say Brady and Gronk...it is a fact that players in New England, anywhere else, are not as good as they are there...this shows not only from Pittsburgh's example that you can have elite players and not have success...but you can have not so great players (look at how Brady started) on a team and have success across the board. It is the system that they are speaking of...franchises have the fame they do not because of one individual, but because those places bring people together and produce, regardless of what their status is. I believe that it all starts with the leader...the group...the team...the organization...is only as good as the one that sits on top...Rooney's...have a history of success...so it is not them...there is only one other place to look...

  • The next level for the Browns is a 10-6 record and a wildcard.

  • Ryan clueless 😞

  • AJ Green no OBJ and with all the talent they have collectively can beat anyone!

  • Let's play this what if obj gets 78 catches 800 yards 7 tds and they make the playoffs and doesn't complain then what?

  • Ryan Hollins should just stick to talk bout basketball cuz he dnt know shit bout Football like Keyshawn Johnson tld him rite

  • Why Is Hollins on TV?........."Rick James cocaine is a hell of a drug?damn executives aka loyal customers

  • as a person who identifies as a net i find the comment that nets dont have feelings racist coming straigh out of a facsist mouth!

  • Ryan hollins is kicking an already dead first take smh undisputed the best

  • I see Ryan and I wanna throw my damn phone

  • Cant wait for football to start :)

  • Ryan Hollins is out of his element talking about football. How does not winning anything mean that he isn't a model citizen? And how does being a model citizen affect his performance?

  • Why do y’all force Ryan Hollins on us??

  • “Ballers”