OBJ is salty about going to Cleveland, not playing for the Browns - Stephen A. | First Take

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
Stephen A. Smith comes to the defense of Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. following OBJ’s comments about the New York Giants trading him to Cleveland.

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  • Keep fighting OBJ screw these media press losers

  • Everyone that bashed Molly, get a life. Can she be annoying sometimes, absolutely. But if you claim that she’s ruining the show, you’re an idiot. You hear the stupidity that comes out of these guys mouthes and she’s the problem because she “Interrupts”. Seriously, get a life

  • Why is molly there ???

  • It's only been 2 weeks and this video already didnt age well

  • Odell not salty you are

  • Stephan A is literally beyond annoying, I feel sorry for those that have to deal with him...

  • It doesn’t matter what city you’re playing in. Social media has changed the game!!

  • Really? I don't believe that the Giants traded OBJ to Cleveland just to be vindictive. The Giants just wanted to get rid of OBJ. The Giants traded OBJ to Cleveland for a 1st and 2nd round draft pick which I believe was a foolish thing for the Cleveland Browns to do.

  • OBJ wasn't doing coke with the girl in his room, he was eating pizza.😂😂😂 Because men that don't do coke, hangout with girls who are coke heads. 😁

  • 4:33 Molly well I’m actually waiting to talk because I have something to say like u always say something to him but I want him to finish then interrupts him WTF 9/6/2019

  • Well the season about to commence and we'll see how Odell BJ perfom throughout the season and to whether The Browns will contest the Superbowl finals. Stephen A rants to much about nothing. Peace!

  • Who says salty anymore? Lol 😂

  • Dude get rid of molly asap!

  • Stephen A nailed it here

  • Then stop coming too Cleveland Dummy

  • Stay off the WEEEED

  • Dallas Cowboys Goin to the SB

  • Jalen come get your other half bro

  • “The Deep” from the tv show “ The Boys” knows exactly how Odell is feeling lol.

  • Be quite Molly why are you even there ?

  • Giants are dumb... All OBJ was ever complying about is his QB... All NY had to do was say OBJ relax we gonna get you a qb.

  • Cleveland might do something this year.

  • Molly so fucking annoying .

  • Not a Browns fan but I do see ALOT of potential with this team. If Baker can do his thing, the Browns could be very dangerous.

  • Stephan A. is salty cause his 5head is about to touch his neck and "his" giants cant get right. Know your roll fool

  • Yeah I beat my MEAT M-My E-Wife A-And T-Kids

  • Wait who's molly 😂 ?

  • Stephen A is a hack and salty as fuck, the NYC Knicks are irrelevant along with the Giants! Keep on hating OBJ is happy.

  • Molly is the best!

  • 4:55 why is she there omg get off the show plz

  • I come on here just to read the comments made about Molly! 😂😂 I knew there would be some good comments on this one!!

  • SAS needs to pop a Molly and I don’t mean the drug

  • The best thing Molly ever said was...(I have something too say, but I'm going too wait my turn. Because America wants too 👂 S.A.S.). This 🚺 is smart now a days.4:30 time frame.

  • Molly is a irritating & thinks her ish don't stink.... & please stop interrupting ppl

  • Tell him if he takes a pay cut we will make room on the Patriots. 🤣

  • I born & live in CT & hate it here. Nothing to do here. High taxes, low paying jobs if you can find one. To long winters .

  • I'm fucking dead lmao they put this bitch on blast

  • ig cleveland is the only small market team in the NFL according to SAS...but naw fuck cincinnati, detroit, kansas city, pittsburgh, denver, jacksonville, baltimore, charlotte and all those cities but CLEVELAND? oh god noooo lol smh lol🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Should be fired. But acting stupid is his money.

  • Obj right hater

  • Hey Stephen, talk about your boy Antonio "I fly in on hot air balloons and my helmet hurts my head" Brown - like to hear "hype" about him

  • 4 12 Stephen a right no where to party or chill

  • Pittsburgh could have gotten him bills radiers Indy CLE got him

  • Bro I live in Cincinnati Ohio the Brown's suck they are going to have the record of Cincy 6-10

  • Jarvis is not that good bro

  • Doesn’t matter Cleveland is on the rise, I’m just going to sit back and laugh about all of this.

  • CRIP gang

  • Shut the fuck up stephen


  • Looks like SAS is reading the comments because after he said "You're wrong." He hesitated and went off his usual script.

  • Thank god Cleveland isn’t a playground for millionaires and billionaires

  • can't tie a tie correctly

  • is it at all possible that the Giants didnt send odell to L.A because L.A didnt have the trade capital the Giants wanted? It seems incredulous to me, as an intelligent analytical person ie. not someone like stephen A.........that the Gisnts would have refused trading odell to a non conference team even if they offered more than the Browns. its a ridiculous analysis...stephen A is a moron

  • He acted like an ass. It's his own doing.

  • yeah sure cleveland isnt the nicest place to play, you could of ended up in Detroit or Buffalo

  • Cleveland will be garbage 🗑 again watch lol

  • Molly: *speaks* Comments: I’m gonna stop you right there

  • Cleveland got there shit together were gonna be the team to beat I've been a loyal cle fan all my life I'm 38 trust me I know about cle sports were not going to Superbowl this year but were coming

  • i'd rather listen to molly than stephen a.

  • salty? c'mon folks, use the proper english or not. what the hell does salty mean?