Novak Djokovic's Best ATP Shots In 2019 | ATP

Pubblicato il 30 nov 2019
The tennis he can play is simply extraordinary. This is the best of Novak Djokovic in 2019.
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  • Sabe pq vc não e o número 1 do mundo? Pq vc perde para tisipkas e fode todo mundo Nadal e o melhor se apisenta

  • Such a boring player, with awful politics.

  • I'm not a fan.

  • Hello everybody, check out my summary of the 2019 tennis year 🙂.

  • I love you Djokovic . Blessings for 2020. Keep it up 🥰

  • Brillante, absolutamente brillante.

  • He is damn impenetrable

    • Augustine Zodina there are two monsters that everyone in the tennis world fears: one is Hulk and the other one is THE INCREDIBLE NOVAK

    • He is infallible...👍👍

  • ATP doesn't dare reopen Federer's wounds

    • Yeah right... Not showing against Federer...

  • Is this really 1080p? Pffff.....

  • Insane point with Thiem at Madrid.How he got that back was spectacular

  • True GOAT. Overlooked

  • I don't think anyone can beat Djokovic when he is in the mood. His defence is crazy sometimes. I have a channel that posts daily videos on recent tennis matches and compilations also. Would be great if you could subscribe!

  • some anti fans are too free so they come to video all about Nole and click dislike :|

  • Everytime Djokovic is going to lose the point he hits his raquet on the floor to distract his opponent... thats unsportsmanlike 👎

    • He had to to get the ball up in the air. He was in a defensive position

    • @Michael Ceplak If Dimitrov thought Djokovic did it on purpose and actually distracted him, he would have complained about it to the umpire :)

    • Lol stop inventing stuff 😂

    • Michael Ceplak everyone does that so I guess everyone is unsportsmanlike 🤷‍♂️

    • Look at the point against dimitrov

  • Nole eres el master del tenis claro estan los otros pero tu eres unico y especial bravissssssssimo👏

  • If these are good shots... Are bullshit like Djokovic and his fans

  • All the best for 2020.. Keep winning 🥇

  • What a great year with 2 grandslams title and that against nadal and federer....the wimbledon final was so special. I hope NOVAK plays 2020 again so succesfull

  • GOATkovic !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • first