Nova: Our Girl With A Mystery Condition | BORN DIFFERENT

Pubblicato il 8 ott 2019
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PARENTS of a two-year-old with cranial facial differences say they found ‘their normal’ after watching an inspirational documentary on Barcroft TV. When their daughter Nova Hunia was born with severely reduced hearing and breathing difficulties, the couple desperately searched the internet to find out how their future would look. The pair, Acacia Hunia, 30, and Joseph Hunia, 29, from Wellington, New Zealand discovered Barcroft TV and were moved by an inspirational beauty vlogger named Marimar Quiora. The film made the young parents realise although Nova’s facial differences may describe her, they won’t define her. Follow her story here:
Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Luke Frater
Producer: Gareth Shoulder, James Thorne
Editor: Ethan Edwards
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  • Nova is sweet little princess she is beautiful

  • An absolutely amazing little girl, many blessings little one,and to your parents , God bless you❤️ now and always. It’s wonderful to see such loving parents dote on their child.

  • Nova is lucky because she has wonderful amazing parents!

  • Your Baby girl is so beautiful! GOD Bless You all!

  • She is clearly part Pixie - what a little cutie. My youngest son also has some special needs and didn't start talking untill he was 5.5 yrs - it's such a special relationship when you have a unique communication with your child - I'm convinced that's why they are classified "special" needs. I hope her parents are also giving her healthy healing bone broths and living foods in her g-tube and not only the packaged stuff - it helps so much especially with anything neurological

  • OMG !!! Real Doll !!!!!!

  • I’m a man who doesn’t like kids at all but damn this little one is such a cutie

  • Nothings adorable about that CURSED THING

    • ignorant people like you who will likely be inevitable throughout her life are only going to give her the strength to turn the other cheek and turn negativity into positivity. she has- and will continue to make- an impact on all of those who know her, and i feel sorry for you that you were brought up to look at people that are different from yourself with such hatred.

  • Thanks for sharing your family’s story. I appreciate you teaching me the the term “facial differences”. Now I am educated about the correct terminology. Best wishes

  • The people who dislike do have a heart but just never knew how hard it is to be one of those people. Someone might have a disability but that doesn't mean like wow ill just give up cause of my disability no they just don't give up they try and that's what makes them really special and great

  • Who else thought she was a reborn toddler from the thumbnail?

  • Such a cutie xx

  • She is do beautiful!!!

  • Oh lord what a cutie cutie. I wish I could give her the biggest hug on earth. Love you baby girl

  • she is so cute, I just want to cuddle her~

  • Awww Nova is just adorable, even with her facial differences she is a cutie, I do feel for Nova though how she suffers with her breathing and eating it must be quite a worry and challenging at times for you guys as parent's, with the medical part if her disability, But you are both Awsome parent's for Nova, Lots of love and the best wishes to you all,

  • Hell0 beautiful girl new to your channel❤️🙏🌹😉

  • Born different... A Blessing to Our World💜

  • She has a beautiful elfin look, and such amazing eye's.

  • Such a wonderful spirit in such a beautiful little girl. How lucky she is with you both as her parents! Zen hugs to you.

  • She's adorable 😍

  • She looks like a beautiful little doll she's absolutely gorgeous.

  • She's adorable. I wanna read to her and play. GBU little girl. Be well.


  • She wasn't born different, she was born beautiful and very special. She's a gift from God.💖🌹

  • Elle est trop mignonne

  • My nephew has facial cranial and spinal abnormalities. He was diagnosed with Goldenhar Syndrome. It isn’t a genetic disease but there are doctors that research it and improve possible treatments to improve quality of life

  • shes so sweet, i don't mean this nastily but she looks like the little baby from ice age!

  • she's adorable

  • The mystery condition must be that she can't stop being adorable.

  • What a cutie pie 💕


  • Nova is such a beautiful little girl. You are so blessed to have her in your lives.

  • Xoxo Nova 🥰😘

  • She looks like angel to me 🌸

  • She's ADORABLE.... And u three make a really good family.

  • I am literally crying after seeing this video... God please keep Nova happy and a delightful life.. ♡♡And their parents have the most adorable... cute child ever.. ♡

  • You have an absolutely beautiful little girl!

  • She’s beautiful!

  • She is absolutely adorable ❤️

  • Oh, poor baby never get to taste delicious foods and ice cream, and all the little things that are pleasurable in life.

    • Miss T.E.A. I mean technically she could taste the food just not swallow it

  • I love her! She is so adorable!!!

  • I genuinely think her facial differences make her so freaking adorable. Her hair and outfits just ties it all together. She's truly a blessing and I hope the best for Nova and her family🥺

  • Omg, she's adorable!!! I hope you do follow ups with them! 💕

  • She's a BEAUTIFUL little ham who loves the camara, and I just love her! Good job Mom and Dad ❤

  • Nova is a sweet heart

  • One of the sweetest little joy. Nova

  • Super cute! 🤗

  • She's beautiful.

  • She's super adorable!!

  • She is a beautiful child. As her parents, I'm sure she is much loved.

  • sweetheart

  • Pure doll🦋🦋

  • She is PRECIOUS!!!! 😍 😍 😍

  • Nova is such a beautiful little girl. You both are the best parent's.

  • she is so beautiful

  • My niece is called nova

  • Omg she is adorable! You guys make a beautiful family. Best of wishes to you all.

  • Odin northern ireland if we see a really cute little one, we'll say " she's a wee dote". Well this little one really is a wee dote. God bless her..

  • Nova is beautiful ❤️. She's going to be a star someday.