Pubblicato il 3 ott 2019
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  • 8:07 fed letting out his inner xqc

  • Only Real Gamers Understand Playing With da Homies =Death Playing With E-Girl = Super sweaty Toxic Masculinity With testosterone and adrenaline rushing through your veins .

  • Feds aim is cracked no cap

  • Im wondering how they are all highlevel in apex legends but arent even good at it... I would kill them all alone and im level 40 and they are level 100 level 100 and level 90 Wtf man

  • 9:15 damn, lily looks different

    • Yeah she forgot her hoodie

  • Steven is destiny ? I'm kinda lost xD

  • wow that ending was just beautiful

  • Flipp

  • My oooobooo aahhhwwww bong bong 👁️👌👌👌👻

  • What’s the song they play at 9:16

  • 3:05 man destiny nice af

  • Lily with lipstick on is weird 0_O

  • I love Albert because I am a 7th grader violinist

  • toast doesnt know how to ads monkas

  • 👌do you know what this mean it means iluminati

  • Please 0:00 song

  • So Steven is making moves on Lily??? Monkahmmmm Albie you're losing points dude

  • Holy Shit. Haven't played Apex since they announced S1 and still got eye cancer from the gameplay of these guys.

  • Pizza mozzarella Pizza mozzarella

  • Yo BOTV&F you been doing a great job homie keep it up

  • fed is diamond at heart

  • 7:28 lol

  • The thumbnail is my brain during a test

  • What happend to lily at twitch rivals!

    • Penner Penner they lost and Tyler 1’s chat was being fucking rude and T1 at the end got salty as well... but that was to be expected from him and his chat

  • can you put a cute comp of poki and mimi

  • Lily forgot her fake voice and now its a new one)))) ROFL

  • Klappa

  • 0:00 pokimane is having a seizure someone help her!

  • 2:17 good guy Steven!

  • Nice edits bro like when we see imane and fed and toast it's a really good idea gj

  • Gave a like for the person that front flip. They deserve respect… at least for the attempt. 💜💜

  • It's 211 Fed.

  • EA must have paid a sjutton to the players, even Kripparian was playing Apex

  • You should change the profile picture

  • The song that they play at the end on piano and violin... Whats it called?

  • What's the song that Albert played in outro?

    • MWATomek main outro song is called farcry by ouse if you talking about violin song bro I’m looking that too

  • 0:03 Song?

  • I liked you until you hated my man w2s

  • you are all like sluts, used to make money

  • Is fed not partnered anymore?

  • Someone shouldve donated and say do it then...if u can prove it fast enough ill donate 300bucks

  • 9:20 what song is that?

    • Song of the ancients Nier

  • 9:17 did Lily change something about herself? 🤔

  • whats the clip from 1:34 - 1:52 whats fed referring too? poki getting passed around between the three of them?

    • He is referring to the fact that fed got shipped with poki then Hassan and now fitz. And after fitz there will be another guy and so on until poki actually gets into a long lasting relationship.

    • @cj pe except she actually dated hasan lol

    • Chat shipping things.

  • Really enjoy the edit, especially the multiple synced cam, really nice

  • Apex player-numbers will rise tenfold for a week again, until this sponsorshit ends. :D By the way the title is misleading, their Apex Legends stream was actually sponsored by EA.

  • So fake shit.

  • can someplease tell me in reply that i can do it

  • oof that song albert was playing was so nice

  • I puted like becoz of fc5

  • Did her dirty 7:27 Lmaoo

  • What is the name of the outro song pls

  • The best ending's back

  • Wait can someone tell me the past between lily and Steven?

  • Poki gotta really do Fed like that

    • I mean she can what she want with his "brother" 😂😂😂

  • i dont get what fed means by he's last years fitz

    • @hicctooth2003 with myth is really not a thing cus his underage at that time.

    • @hicctooth2003 was just repeating what was said in the video but yeah, you are right

    • @LikeAMage forgot about myth there

    • It's about the shipping with poki, first they shipped poki and fed, then poki and hasan and now its poki and fitz

  • *opens IT-tvs and subscriptions sees BOOTV'&F Video upload and clicks quickly* *video begins* *nuts because how does he make the videos so well*

  • Lili Talks like toast in the 1$t clip

  • 0:00 song title “Hot Girl Summer”

  • Love oft albie❤lily