Northern Talent Cup

Pubblicato il 6 lug 2019
LIVE 📡 Follow the official presentation of the brand new Northern Talent Cup 🏁 #RoadToMotoGP


  • :) :) :)

  • I guess they created the motto first and then thought on what could be considered ‘north’. I mean, Finland, Sweden... are part of the north of Europe, not Czech Republic.

  • Time for Carmelo to retire??

  • I wish I was young again to sign up

  • Pointless and boring 😴

  • You need to learn from F1 youtube channelm a nd start releasing the qualifing and free practice best moments on the day. Poor quality videos and not enought interesting content. Being Motogp more competitive than F1 with alot more content you guys are doing a very poor job.

  • Lagi pada ngapain...

  • better you ask the STARKS before you do this

  • English = flower language☺👂💪👍

  • Good