Northern Lights / Easy Abstract Painting Demo / For Beginners /Satisfying/Daily Art Therapy/Day #060

Pubblicato il 1 giu 2019
Demo of satisfying and easy abstract landscape for beginners "northern lights" on canvas using acrylic paints from Daily Art Therapy / Day #060
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  • thank you for the tutorial, i am not a super good artist, but i tried this painting with your tutorial and it turned out great!

  • I need to know the sound tracks behind these videos they are perfect background music!

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Hello Sir, I absolutely love your paintings and was wondering if you have a demonstration of painting a lotus flower. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art!

  • Is this acrylic?

  • Amazing talent my friend!! ❤it!!

  • I dont hav the knife thing

  • Are we just gonna breeze by the fact he did most a those trees with only dipping his brush once??🤭😂

  • Bence WOW ART daha güzel yapıyor

  • Video: For Beginners! Me: -tries to start painting- what exact color are they using?

  • Song name?

  • Me: *watches the video* oh this is gonna be so easy! I should try this. My canvas in front of me: *shakes in fear* My hands: oh overestimate my skilss honey...

  • Omg love it 😍😘😍

  • Ну не знаю как так у вас так получается? Просто чудо!

  • who does this stressful stuff in their free time? all i do in my free time is play roblox on my kindle!

  • Beautiful

  • Can you use any kind of acrylic paint for this?

  • That was great video. I love when you painted the trees in and it all started to come together

  • It's the best ever and when you Adele the white and the moon it look more beautiful. Love you your so talented

  • So talented, just the right touch.

  • I gave it a try - judge yourself and let me know... cheers

  • I actually did this. You can check it out on my story on Instagram. My username is ms_enja.

  • If I did this my entire house including my girlfriend would be black and brown then red and blue for some reason

  • I’d buy that because I tried to do it and well... I failed it looked like a big thing of nothing lol

  • Northern light is green....

  • So pretty ....🦋 beautiful

  • “Abstract”

  • When they started doing the black all I could think was “and now let’s add some happy little trees”.

  • If I where doing this video I would ad hardcore rock music in the background I don’t know just me lol

  • It's kinda sad how time works. If you did this same painting in 1302, you'd be DaVinci. But people weren't as capable back then, so the Mona Lisa gets famaus. Frankly she's ugly, and the only thing that's good about her is a barley noticeable smile. Keep up the great work. Your painting is beautiful.

  • Happy trees😊

  • You should have diffused those line in the WATER

  • Hello bob Ross two!?

  • I like minecraft

  • Does anyone know what song is playing in the background?

  • Wow nice

  • they just went straight i toit

  • To easy

  • 1:36 It’s like an optical illusion, it looks like its sloping upward but it’s not!

  • If the moon is out you are not going to see the Aurora that well.

  • this is a very good painting but homie. thats not what abstract means


  • *bob Ross approves of this* REST IN PIECE BOB ROSS, OUR ONLY RAY OF SUNSHINE. “Its a happy accident” -bob Ross 😭😭😭

  • Great art, I love it! Keep it up!

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍

  • fucking superb

  • This actually was not as satisfying as I hoped it would be...

  • The way she got so frustrated when she tried to do the second light blue XD

  • Me at the end: Omg it's a Bob Ross painting now

  • Watches a Bob Ross video once:

  • Almost more satisfying then beautiful (and that's saying something!)

  • why am i crying at this


  • Wow! I cant believe I got so emotional! In tears now lol... Art literally defined me and it was my peace. My happy place! Then depression took over my WHOLE life and for years I didn't paint, draw, design, sculpt or build anything. Now on the other side of that I still love art but rarely practice it now because it makes me feel mad at myself. I'd look at my work and think "you'd be soooo much better now had you just been stronger all those years ..." This was the first time in a long time I just let myself get lost in the process. I don't know if it was this artist, the theme, colors or the weed I just smoked but I got lost in watching this painting to come to life ❤ and it was the most peaceful and excited I've been about painting in a long time. Makes me want to go replace the $400 worth of dried up different paints in my old studio 😥

  • I'm gonna need that moon fixed a bit my OCD won't allow this, brain won't compute

  • This is so dope!! Thanks

  • Video: For beginners Me: Do I look like I’m Bob Ross to you?

  • Are you Bob Ross

  • Nice

  • I wasn’t feeling all that great(reeeaaallly bad stomach ache 🤒) and watching this made me feel so much better! Thx for making IT-tvs videos like this! You’re awsome! Keep doing what you’re doing!