Pubblicato il 14 gen 2020
It doesn't matter what definitions queer activists give to being 'non-binary' - it's all redundant for one simple reason.
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  • This is a tricky one. It just came from out of nowhere. I'm still not sure what to make of it all but there certainly appears to be a lot of privileged, middle class kids signing up to it.

  • Nonbinary is real, but it's not the future because the future is everyone's

  • A really funny sensible argument

  • u r disagreeing wth wat people are imain i came up to u and said i dont hate u i just dont think ur trans to all the non binarys reading this just know u are valid thi is ur ender and dont let her get to u

  • Don't you hate it when trans people are transphobic? Damn I guess I'm meaningless now. K ima just cease to exist, bye y'all.

  • How can you have gender dysphoria if you don't believe in gender?

  • I've slowly started to gravitate more towards using the word agender for myself bc "nonbinary" is getting so tainted by all sorts of ideologies that I just don't want to associate myself with anymore, even though I still feel the same way

  • ‘They just want to create more boxes rather than break them down’ YES! YES!!!! This!!!

  • "There is no criteria for becoming nonbinary" yeah maybe because they don't become anything they discover who they are and act on it. Your way of dealing with dysphoria is going to be different from someone else's. Also maybe nonbinary people don't care about conforming to random strangers ideas of how they should present and instead want to focus on presenting a way that makes them comfortable and ask people who want to have something to do with them to respect their pronouns. You are quite possibly the least empathetic person I have ever come across.

  • Please read the article about Jamie Shupe. This person was the first non binary and has spoken out about how it was a sham. He was misdiagnosed as gender dysmorphia but had autogynophilia instead. And literally made up non binary after realising being pushed I to transition wasn't the correct treatment. Non binary is not based in any reality, and the danger is that people with other mental health issues get caught up in this without getting proper help like this 'patient zero' did.

  • I just want to say before I comment on this that I wrote this at 12;00 and I'm surviving on one brain cell. Ok, so I'm a relatively right-winged non-binary person that doesn't even believe in these crazy new genders. I know that dysphoria is a medical condition and that you need gender dysphoria to be trans. I have been diagnosed with non-binary gender dysphoria. I am also someone who is isolated in my own community because, as you so cleverly mentioned, almost all non-binary people are leftist idiots that have no concept of society or reality itself. I hate that so many trans-med people say that my identity is invalid when I have dysphoria, I intend to medically transition, and I have almost the exact same views as you. I'm just here to say that people like me exist and have very big issues with this whole"I identify as a dog and you must address me as bark/berk" or whatever tf. For nb people with dysphoria, this shit is as annoying as trenders, and it IS trenders. Personally, my identity is what some people would call agender (but that term is kinda weird to me bc it implies that it's a separate gender which it isn't). Regardless, it kind of bugs me that you took all your data from twitter of all places. I don't want to slander u and I know I'm irrelevant but I just wanted to be able to say I spoke up. regardless of whether you hate my own identity as a human, I still have to say you've transitioned beautifully and I hope I transition as well as you have

  • The part where you mention that all nonbinary people are very left-leaning was sooooo enlightening oh my God. It might be an obvious fact, but you helped me see another reason why the idea of nonbinary dysphoria is so questionable.

  • k

  • 8:55. You explained what I have been thinking perfectly!!!! Ty!

  • Spectrum seems to be the correct word to describe them. But I identify as philip schofield, because when you are a schofield you can cheat on your wife and when everyone finds out, they think you're a hero who has a lot in common with Jesus. Rather than a bint who should be treated with disdain for not keeping it in their pants.

  • Oh yeah Iv heard the words “ looking non binary has nothing to do with being non binary “ and “ anyone is trans if they say they are “

  • Nonbinary isnt trans! Personally I like to identify as nonbinary and a girl to cope with trauma. I dont think theres anything wrong with that. I dont tell anyone that i feel this way because i know i will get hate. Its an internal thing for me. I dont experience any dysphoria but i feel different as a person. I just want to be comfortable with myself and if some silly label helps me then i dont think im wrong for it. I admit it is a bit pointless because I literally don't do anything except for use the label but it helps me feel better

  • Oh hey it's Kaim xD Honestly I enjoyed this vid cause it's the truth

  • I just learned about another “gender” the other day. Aporagender “(from Greek apo, apor "separate" + "gender") is a nonbinary gender identity and umbrella term for "a gender separate from male, female, and anything in between while still having a very strong and specific gendered feeling" (that is, not an absence of gender).” Seems like people make stuff up as they go along.

  • Jeffree star ⭐️ would be considered i guess “non-binary” but he says straight up ... you can call me whatever the fuck you want 🙃 I don’t get the argument of being offended and demanding about having different pronouns

  • My trans daughter (31yrs old) has stopped talking to me because she said she was non-binary and I replied "I don't get it. Why go through a transition to female then?" Any opinion I have is perceived as transphobia... We support her in her transition. I feel it's as if she's picking fights to then say "SEE!!! They don't really support my transition!" It has nothing to do with it... We are just trying to understand. She's making it very difficult by cutting all conversations :( Thank you for your videos!

  • Maya Forstater made blanket statement tweets referring to "biology" the statements she made were gender critical talking points on par with "Woman = adult human female".

  • 10:45 You got it! Nicely done. Whatever gender you say you are is the gender you are. That's how it works.

  • Wow, here's a surprise...I was unsubscribed.

  • How fragile must your sense of identity be: that when other people find the words to describe themselves, it makes you so upset?

  • Totally agree, something that drives me nuts is when people on the left say "I don't like labels" but their the ones constantly making more and more labels 🙄🙄🙄

  • “Respect my pronouns or ill slit your throat” Ok sis I’ll leave the door unlocked

  • Not only isn't there any fixed definition; there is also a lack of will to talk, debate, explain their identity and their world. Questions are usually met with annoyed remarks or invitations to "educate yourself on Google" because they "don't have the time to do it". Asking Qs is apparently offensive in itself. You're expected to accept whatever they say as if it were a religious dogma.

  • "She/her but don't call me a girl", it's no longer about pronouns then; it's also about nouns 😰

  • As a gay man I never had issues with my identity I am a male and I feel comfortable in my own skin. I support transgender people as I could only imagine the nightmare of being born in the wrong body. As for non binary, I think they need to seek therapy, really, for their own mental stability and I mean it. For those who proclaim themselves non binary as a trend... sorry guys you're s**m! I love this channel and you are amazing, you're clever, brave and really make a point with every issue you present. Sorry for any mistakes but I'm not a native speaker.

  • I completely agree with all of your points. I fall into the spectrum of not wanting to look like female or male, or rather wanting to look "androgynous". Other people fully looking like one gender or another and expecting to be called non binary doesn't really make a lot of sense. I'm trying to make changes and actually went to the doctor about it, but at the moment I look like a male, and so obviously people are gonna call me a man, and I'm not gonna hate them for it. I look like a man.

  • I'm a Demi-Marzipansexual confection-kin with multiple headmates. My pronouns are Tinkey-Winky/Dipsy Lala/Po

  • 100% agree

  • I like your hair. Trying to copy your bangs. Have a great day!

  • Your beautiful rose. Your transition was incredibly successful!

  • I think it's quite peculiar that you are telling non-binary people to "reclaim" what it's like to be nb. I think we are just open to people of all sorts. If they feel nb, why would we say: you're not? If somebody came out to say they are for instance mtf, but they (still) look masculine, it would be an insult to say that they are not female I think? Yes, I am sometimes a bit weirded out by nb people, but to say they are meaningless goes a bit too far. Some will say later that they are a definite gender; let them grow into it. Some come out as gay after they have been bi. Some things shift, some transitions are scary. Let it be. I'm interested in reactions; how do you think?

  • Nope nope nope. Just call women like me tom boys. We like stuff that boys like, and stuff girls like as well. I’m still a female. I have female parts. I have female hormones. I have female chromosome. These people are going to bitch hard when they can’t get a job. I can’t even blame places for not hiring them. Transgender is different then this. I can easily accept a trans person, but I can’t do that for those claiming to be none binary. Or those who claim gender neutral.

  • Labeling one's self 'Non-Binary' is a way for these people to feel like they are 'edgy' and 'not like other people' - these people categorize themselves in order to not be categorized. Make sense? Nope.

  • Thank you!!!!!💜💜💜

  • Can you make a video of how therapists and other social service providers can be a support to those who are LGBTQ+? 🤩

  • NB stuff just doesn't make sense. Twitter is one thing and isn't the best place to try to have a nuanced conversation. As I understand it, non-binary is the *feeling* that your innate sense of gender is 1) not your biological sex 2) not the majoritarian binary gender "assigned" to you but 3) a gender which lies between the binary "poles" of a spectrum or even 4) absolutely no gender whatsoever. Various NBs or activists also point out that sometimes NB identities are used by people who aren't sure if they are either cis or trans, or maybe dipping their toe into a trans identity or being gender non-conforming. That seems fine, although maybe we should encourage people to slow the fuck down, engage with doctors, shrinks, and family more, and not be in a hurry to commit to labels, especially if they are young. The assertion of the validity of noun-genders is absolutely something we must fight against, as they are, without a doubt, the stupidest fucking shit I've ever heard of. Trans people, and any "genuine" NB people need to shut that shit down fast, as it invalidates their own efforts. I can't imagine how absolutely trivializing it must feel, being a trans person, and having someone seriously telling you that they are Jupiter-gender or Toaster-gender. I'd tell them to go get fucked with a cheese grater dildo. But there are issues besides the NBs own self-goals regarding noun-genders: if you look closer, the definition of being non-binary is self-defeating: it purports to be, at least in part, outside of the binary. How does it do that? By creating another binary: those who are NB and those who are not. Additionally, it has a rather problematic axiomatic assumption: that most people, who are either "cis" or "binary", are people whose own gender identity is clustered around either binary pole, that is, people who are masculine or feminine stereotypes. Only these super special and woke NBs are enlightened enough to shed living a stereotypical masculine and feminine life and exist in the vast wild middle spaces of gender. Now, obviously, the vast majority of people are not walking gendered stereotypes and also don't even think that they have a gender identity, they just think they are either men or women and go on about their day. The truth of the matter is that *everybody is non-binary* because nobody is a walking gendered stereotype. Everybody is some blend of things considered by their own particular culture as masculine and feminine. They have a range of masculine and feminine talents, interests, skill, and jobs. People are complex, multi-faceted, and nuanced. NBs tend to be incredibly young, shallow, naive, and woke (regressives on the leftist spectrum). One day they will grow out of this and we will all get to never let them live this down. However, the cringe isn't why we should get on their cases, after all, all of us are cringy at one point or another. The true damage is in their assumptions. They actually believe, in their arrogance and naivety, that only they are nuanced and unique, only they ponder deeply and engage in introspection, only they are individuals and challenge the world around them. After all, they are the NBs and everybody else is automatically, explicitly, and without consult, a boring slavish binary-haver. And, of course, the last major bit of harm that they do, is, of course, attempt to compel speech and harass and bully, online and in person. They promote cancel culture and attempt to ruin people's lives and harm them. All because only they are truly special. It's a very interesting variation of a bratty spoiled self-absorbed toddler. And, lastly, after discussing ontological wibbly-wobbliness, their authoritarianism and mob behavior, and their cringe. I just want to take a moment to talk about how FUCKING TIRED I AM OF IT ALL. I'm tired of women with short dyed hair, dressing like tomboys, thinking that they are the shit, when there is nothing at all interesting about what they are doing. Society has accepted women dressing like guys for decades now. I'd be much more impressed if I saw a guy, with long dyed hair, dressing like a girl, who isn't trans, but NB or GNC. THAT would take balls. That would be impressive and remarkable. We don't get to see that all that often, because society shoves gender roles and norms on guys much harder than it does on girls. I'm tired of the capitalist individualistic "designer genders" that I see going around these days. NBs, at their core, are nothing but slaves to fashion. It's trendy right now to be trans or NB. It's a fad. Pure and simple. But confront NBs with their faddishness and you get "transphobe" or, more hilariously, "NB-phobe" (I about pissed myself the first time I heard that one) thrown at you. Nope. I see you, Karen. I see how you're dressing and behaving like every other one of your "female" friends. I see how you're talking like them, too. I check back in on you in a decade. Perhaps by then you'll be a firetruck.

  • Real talk, I've been watching you for a while and had no idea you were trans till this vid. ...I feel dumb. Or you're just extremely attractive. Meh.

  • Sorry i use he him she her. They is plural.

  • I have tried to grasp non binary but I just don’t get it. Sometimes the people who say they are non binary merely seem to be attention seeking

  • What identity means something?

  • there must be real non-binary people, but for most is just a trending they follow to be cool and different and modern.

  • what is your opinion of CoolguyKai?

  • People like them give the nonbinary community such a bad reputation. As a non-binary person (who isn't out yet), these people make up their own definitions for what it means to be nonbinary and it's so harmful.

  • Cis tears? she's not a cis...

  • It's all meaningless, you are either a man or a fucking woman. I have zero problems referring Rose as a she, or any other person, I'm not going to participate in using made up words, or any of that nonsense, I just wont interact with any of these people. I will respect anyone, if you want to be a woman great, I will respect your choices, I don't support transitioning children, I'm also a straight man, I would recognize you as a woman but I know you aren't truly a woman and I wouldn't ever date a trans person. That doesn't mean I don't respect you as a human being, I just dont share your ideology. I'm tired of being called a bigot, a transphobe, being attacked, I'm a conservative man who is genuinely trying to listen and understand, but that's supposed to go both ways, and if we disagree at the end that's ok. You don't need me to validate your identity if you are happy with who you are. I watch many channels that I disagree like Contrapoints, I feel like 95% of the time conservatives aren't given that same respect.

  • I really do think there is more than self identification. I'm biologically female, but present androgenously most of the time. Being referred to as 'woman' or 'girl' often makes me feel physically sick. 'Man' or 'boy' are equally as uncomfortable. It's more than being a tomboy or a masculine woman. I feel more comfortable referring to myself in my head as somewhere in between, but don't push it on other people.

  • I love your definition of trans ❤️ makes so much sense! Don't know why it's gotten so complicated! Thank you

  • Before 2014 people called themselves tomboy or things like that but that's not cool anymore I guess


  • 🖐Hey, but... If the non-binary is at least on the binary spectrum is that the same thing as identifying as a platypus gender?

  • Its quite funny "non-binary", according to their own definition, is non-conforming to either male, or female. HOWEVER! Most of them still use male or female gendered pronouns. How does that make ANY sense? Male/female are the only 2 genders/sexes. Trans people are still, either male or female depending. Trans people, legit people who have gender dysphoria like Rose, do not go out of their way to make up a whole other gender entirely. And all these new 1000 or so "genders" are ALL redundant. And no one can even explain or give reason as to why or how they are a new gender. If one of ya'll non-binary people can explain to me how you both non conform to the "binary" and yet use the "binary" pronouns and have it make even a lick of sense, I might be inclined to listen.

  • I identify as a WarPig. No one knows what a WarPig is.

  • 90% of gay & lesbian people in the US are Democrats, so by your argument being gay or lesbian isn't a real thing. Or, you know, maybe people gravitate toward political views that support them (and people whose political views conflict with their identity stay in the closet)? You also don't have to do anything to be gay other than to say you are, yet somehow it means something. There are celibate gay people, we still accept them as gay. We don't go "whoops, you're not having enough sex, you're ace".

  • I'll call them it.. problem solved

  • AS a strait 64 year old male the whole pronoun and non-binary stuff confuses the hell out of me. I prefer to say he or she and I know someone will probably yell scream and call me homophobic but it is what it is.