Nogla is the smartest player at UNO! ~ UNO

Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
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  • My god, the editing is always on point; keep up the good work

    • Yeah, remember when all he edited was cuts and an outro?

    • Cal At Work There were memes about Nogla’s lack of editing in his videos back around the 3M sub mark. He edited all his videos himself, and put minimal effort into it. I guess he decided that he needed some help with it, and started experimenting with different editors. He eventually settled on Teriyaki, who is (IMPO), one of the best editors on IT-tvs, and compliments Nogla’s style perfectly. I actually reached out to Teriyaki recently on his IT-tvs channel to let him know how impressed I was (specifically with episode 3 of Nogla And Terroriser’s Minecraft 1.14 Survival Adventure series). He thanked me for the support, Loved my comment, and told me that he and Nogla are gonna be making videos together for a while. 😁

    • @bruh bruh bruh

    • @daddy blick mans HAHAHAHA

    • @bruh bruh u make a convincing argument so yes

  • Terrorised is a dickhead and he quit before the game. But I love your videos but I think vannos is better. More subscribes😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Big fan but I like vannos better 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • aaah, chrono trigger...

  • 2:11 that’s when the sponsor ends

  • 0:00 Dragon City feature 2:11 Game starts

  • Video starts at 2:10

  • Daithidevirgin and thegamingvirgin

  • Lmao he says that on 20:00 but he did the same thing on 12:20

  • 2:54 when the special needs kid plays cod

  • Big fan of Nogla, the editing was top tier. Did anybody recognize the Rune Factory 3 music?

  • *Two minutes later* That's Evan's line from that MC hardcore vid, the attention to detail is awesome. xd

  • Did anyone here the under tale snowdin shop song

  • Noble looks like a character drawn by One (for those of you who do not know who that is, He's the guy who wrote One Punch Man and Mob Pscho 100) in that thumbnail.

  • all the recent Nogla vids have Diddy kong racing music/donkey kong country tunes so props to the editor for music choice, love it!

  • Dargon shitty

  • Y have all monsters

  • Lol! 👍 😂

  • holy shit you're a freaking uno god

  • I love Noglas blank expression in the thumbnail

  • Oh man, Whats the Background music in 9:00???

  • 11:22-12:02 My kind of old-timey tv show right there!

  • Hey nogla can you play call of duty mobile and mad driver

  • My dad laughed so hard, he almost chocked

  • i used to be one of the leader board players until i quited few years ago

  • Is it me or do I always think Nogalas voice sounds like Patrick


  • When it's you and vanoss your pretty smart but when it's you and panda your pretty dumb

  • What is more impressive - Smii7y and his prediction series, Vanoss and Terrorisers God tier Minecraft plans, or One Irish boy who can dominate at Uno Comment Below...

  • 15:11 wtf

  • Didn't expect my name in the video, 1:44

  • Nogla! your Avatar look really cute in the thumbnail and what's that rare endangered bird next to it?

  • Haven't watched in a long time and I felt bad. So here I am watching you. Like a creep.

  • 2:48,3:02,5:10,2:11,2:22,2:31

  • these videos never fail to make me laugh

  • Me: *See's Nogla puts up a 21 minute video but there's a two minute ad before the brilliant video.* Nogla: "I had em in the first half, not gonna lie."

  • Bruh Moo says its right up your guy's alley but he was gun end on a wild lol

  • Nogla after you and who Evers on your team in uno and you and who ever wins The next match be like OFF SEASON remember THAT B****ES

  • I like the fact that everyones thumbnail is telling themself how smart they are

  • 5:10 lmao

  • nolga is this a challange

  • Nogla's unedited videos no mo

  • who here thinks nogla got the best editing nowadays

  • 19:09 crap hitters playing uno

  • It's funny how Nogla can speak clear as ever during promotions and sponsorships, only to go right back to the mumbling guy we all know and love today.

  • God I remember playing Dragon City when I was a child on my mom's iPhone 3.

  • First youtuber to actually explain the game he's advertising

  • We need to get this on #1 Trending!

  • This is like the Mario Tennis game where Nogla kept on winning

  • Best thumbnail

  • I don't get the rain man edit

  • Anyone watching in 2019

  • “Nogla is the smartest player at UNO” Nogla 🥇🤲🏼Nogla

  • 1000 th comment

  • Nogla and smartest in the same sentence, madness

  • does anyone know the name of the background music

  • Guys go play monster legends it has dragons and monsters

  • is the thumbnail suppose to be L (Nogla) and Kira (Vanoss) from death note

  • NOGLA I thank you for making great content and helriouse game play because I just went through a break up and this really helped me feel better thank you

  • Top 10 anime fights (with action) 18:15