Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Pubblicato il 16 giu 2009
Nirvana's official music video for Smells Like Teen Spirit, remastered in HD. Subscribe for more videos:
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(C) 1991 Geffen Records
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  • I'm no conspiracy theorist, but the evidence against suicide is staggering in this case. The only evidence is there shotgun found in his hand, only one problem, the ejected shell was found on the wrong side... So, that "evidence" just went right out the fucking window.. NEXT.

  • My classmates don't hear anything about Nirvana. On which planet they lived??:( They don't hear this song too.

  • Kurt never anticipated 1 billion people

  • I remember when it's 200 millions, and now we here ladies and gentlemen, ONE BILLION ! We all have so much emotions about that song, cuz that was a part of our youth, first love, and when all of us turned to a loner and found some friend and become a new person, that never was before. New people around us, but we all know, what does it mean to everyone of us. Thx Kurt

  • still as good as it always have been, if not better

  • For the 181k people who disliked this video... Oh well, whatever, nevermind.


  • Ну вот и миллиард набрался) Седьмая населения земли видела эту прелесть

  • Warning: may give you an eargasm

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  • Cadê os brazucas que contribuíram pra bater 1 bilhão de views dessa maravilha? 🇧🇷

  • I'm here because I love Nirvana and I love this song. Ok bye

  • So come on then. Who was the billionth viewer? Own up! Was it you? Don't lie, we'll all know if you're lying.

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  • Nirvana will always be "The God" of Grunge because it was that band that went out into the mainstream in the first place, it is undeniable, but look at all the great bands (AIC, pearl jam, STP, ToD, Soundgarden, Mad Season). Just imagine, just imagine, if Kurt and Layne hadn't died so soon. There probably wasn't going to be the music trash that there is today. It's sad when we hear an "official" song and it's cool, but we're going to hear a live version and ... it's rubbish, pure trash. The grunge reached the greatest success because the studio version is the same as the live version, all the feelings, all the emotion, the voice. This all made grunge what it was between 88-95.

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  • 1bil yay not to much of a fan of this song i like there other ones but good job

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  • No puede quedar impune la muerte de alguien como el y como los demás cantantes que fueron matados por unos hdp que se cree más por tener dinero sucio.

  • i have got this song from gorp stream

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  • Musical geniuses die young or is it they didnt live long enough to shit on their brilliance.

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  • When the song first started, I thought my phone was ringing. Turns out I was asleep and it was my alarm.

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  • Good ppl don’t last in this assimilation.. Kurt you still alive in our hearts...RIP

  • Imagine being in a crowd of 100,000+++and Kurt singing this live!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

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  • People are starting to ruin Nirvana For me Because of their Cringy comments Literally people hear only this song and they act like they Know Everything about Nirvana They don't Know the Album bleach Or incesticide and they are like "Oh Nirvana is the best band in the whole world" or "You are terrible If you don't like Nirvana" Some Stuff like that

  • This is Gen X stuff, but i'm glad millennials enjoy.

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  • This is how many people listening in 2020 👇👇👇 #Demfings

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  • 23 января 2020

  • Обожаю Нирвану

  • Почему самые лучшие умирают так рано? ((((