Nintendo Switch - Fan-Favorites & Newest Releases - Summer

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
With over 1,000 games and more added each week, Nintendo Switch has games for every type of gamer - whether at home or on-the-go. Check out fan-favorites like Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or catch the newest releases like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (available 7/19) and Fire Emblem: Three Houses (available 7/26).
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  • Masahiro sakurai can u pleas pleas put naruto in smash im beging you pleas

  • Now all they need is slime rancher on the switch

  • Nintendo: MUA3! Fans: *Happiness Noises* Nintendo: HERO THIS JULY! Fans: AHAHHAHSUSHSSHWUN Nintendo: Fortnite...! Fans: Yaay...?

  • Nintendo pls add the koopalings to smm2

  • 2 days nintendo has before it becomes the new version of Area 51 raid

  • Guys the release date is next Monday because it says update the next 7 days omg can't wait


  • Put octolings in super smash bro.ultimate as just a playable character

  • At the beggining we see a Nintendo Switch and i saw FORTNITE

  • My prediction, next trailer of The Hero and release next week. Remember this comment

    • Wow, you predicted :0

  • I am a Sega and Nintendo biggest fan as your biggest fan can you add Rouge The Bat and Tails The Fox as dlc fighters Tails from Sonic Boom😄.

    • I wanted Tails too, but... Spirit...

  • summer goes August hits and Nintentendo is like. Well you got hero right?

  • Conker bar fur day

  • I'm waiting any time now Nintendo to hear more about The Hero. Don't stress it Sakurai. I'm just so excited and eager to hear about the real release of the next DLC date and of course about The Hero himself. Keep up the good work! 😁

  • Me: Whoa! The video says July and it shows the Hero in Smash! They confirmed his release date month! Nintendo: *points gun* You saw nothing....

    • Nintendo: here the July releases! Smash fans: yeeeaah! Hero will release in July Nintendo: wait a minute...

  • HERO IS COMING IN JULY??? YES OR NO I need answer guys

  • So this mean that hero is coming to July like this week omg I’m exited

  • Hero is coming in the month of summer guys!

  • It's July 25 Nintendo. The month I ending and I still don't have hero on my game



  • That air horn

  • Am I the only one who heard the air horns

  • July 15: Fan-Favorites & Newest Releases - July Me: oh cool July 24: Fan-Favorites & Newest Releases - Summer Me: L I E S

  • Nintendo: July fan favorites Also Nintendo: oh oops we just confirmed the Hero release date Nintendo: guys it said Summer you saw nothing

  • I guess we might get Hero this month.

  • So the Hero is coming out in a few days according to the "old" title...

  • I thought hero was coming out in July **july passes** Also July: AM I A JOKE TO YOU? summer: Your my friend but.. Nintendo: july is now sued summer:bruh he was my friend add him back or eles... I will.. s u e (Edit) Nintendo: no one created you though me: Are you sure about that

  • Did jokers 3.0 update video coincide with nintendo online play maintenance for the switch? Like did it drop when the maintenance started?

  • Everyone: When is hero coming out? Nintendo: Yes

  • Alright so since we know most of Nintendo’s 2019 Lineup, i will predict the 2020 Lineup 1. Animal Crossing New Horizons 2. Splatoon 3 3. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Remakes 4. Mario Galaxy 3 or Odyssey 2 5. Mario Strikers Remake 6. Smash Fighters Pass 2 7. Switch Pro 8. New Kirby Game 9. Metroid Prime Trilogy 10. Bayonetta 3 I think this is a safe bet on the titles and things Nintendo-related we will get on 2020

  • If Hero Will release on August supposely... Why the thumbnail isn't changed?

  • If Astral Chain comes out before Hero, I swear to God..

  • They made a big oopies

  • When does the hero come out

  • Welp, The Hero is coming out this week fellas.

  • 90% of the comments waiting for hero 10% random All the rumors said it was last night/this morning. I'm getting sleep deprivation because of you people. Release the god dang character already, you've had enough time to make a new world of light mode and several other modes by now. Stop holding him back please. We don't care about Evo we just want out god dang character that we paid for

    • Lol stfu

    • Zetto Kuzuuya god im having a hard time sleeping thinking about him releasing. I JUST NEED SOMETHING NEW AND INTERESTING TO HAPPEN IN SMASH!

  • My god just release him already

  • NIntendo thought they pulled a sneaky by changing that from July to Summer. I'm guessing July 29th, according to the maintenance schedule.

  • We getting 4 sword man on July?! :thinking:

  • Smash fans: hey Nintendo you think now is a good time to give us an exact release date for the hero Nintendo: uhhhh......summer Smash fans: *does the mocking spongebob meme) UhHhH.....sUmmEr

  • Can you make Steve Minecraft super smash bros ultimate

    • Connor Cochran Great idea, I’m glad you want him in too.

  • Nintendo really did it, they honestly think we're stupid. It said July Nintendo JULY!!! JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY

  • Actually now I think about it, it makes sense they postpone hero's release date. With the release of hero, we will probably get another update that might balance characters out. Here comes the but: 2 August is the EVO, one of the biggest smash tournaments, maybe they will wait after the tournament is over to release the character and the update.

    • the deadline for evo has already passed, current patch is going to be used for evo

    • @Manuel HT yeah, but maybe for once they do, even if they don't sponsor it, they can just respect the fact that changes can affect the tournament

    • Nintendo doesn't care about EVO or tournaments in general lmao

  • Who else is waiting for Hero honestly? I’m staying up till 9 now everyday

  • Just tell us if the Hero is coming this month or not! You can't look at the E3 trailer and tell us he isn't almost ready. At least give us a release date or a more specific window of release.

  • Maybe the Hero is to be released in July but Nintendo figured that after the Joker indecent, it will take another month for the servers to actually work.

  • Nintendo:video about July releases Me: yes hero out July Nintendo: changes it to summer releases Me: really Nintendo

  • I think somebody in Nintendo is changing the title as the mistake D:

  • *OH MY GOD* Ultimate Alllance 3 is coming to the switch!!! Nothing is better in this *SUMMER* nintendo video Now one can tell me other wise for what's coming out in *JULY* Nintendo this is everything I wanted from you sickos from the E3 presentation

  • Could you at least tell us what day is hero coming out??🧐

  • Hero is coming in july

  • marvel ultimate alliance 3 - #TONYWELOVEYOU3000

  • So in other words thursday is when we get the Hero

  • Go Nintendo go!

  • For When the hero, we need anime

  • The heros are joining smash, someday in July or at the end of July

  • Wait so if it’s summer Nintendo where astral chain I thought that was coming in August Not like you would change it from July to summer or perhaps so If you couldn’t tell I did know about the July to summer thing just saying so I don’t get spammed (if anyone replies) with “they did do that though”

  • I'm calling it Hero will be released either July 28 or 29 as with the reveal of Dragon Quest XI being on July 28 and released July 29(different years)

  • Bloodstained is AWESOME!!!