Nintendo's Hardware Quality Is Starting to Drift...

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
So this whole joycon drift thing... S'pretty messed up.
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  • Just a slight correction. New joycons bought separately from the system only have a 3 month warranty. The shortest time I’ve ever had a joycon drift is conveniently about 4.5 months. I’ve went through 3 sets in a about 2 years. (I’m currently on my fourth pair.) meaning joycons on average only last me 6 months.

    • Do you like using the joycons when docked? You can buy a pro controller for dock play and your joycons may last a tad longer.

    • With the console it lasted me a year and a half and now its six months

    • @V3rciS thanks man

    • buy a pro controller. Best thing ever! Joy cons are useless

    • guys is there a way too .... eem play without joycon but a normal joystik? in game that dont need motion control or.... i dont want to be fucked when i buy it .....

  • Mine drifted LONG ago

  • I remember that Xplay episode

  • Morgan Webb was such a bad bitch

  • I remember when I was a kid, my DS Lite would spazz out everytime I pressed the start button.

  • technically the WiiU is the original switch. So no wonder why the switch is having problems

  • At this point the switch is like a game version of Netflix but instead of buying a membership each month you buy a membership every once and a while but you pay a whole years price worth of Netflix membership.

  • dude, the r button on my original 3ds xl came off, and i couldn’t do sick mkds snaking

  • Thank you so much I have a entire set of controllers that are completely unusable

  • Was thinking of finally picking up a switch, guess I wont

  • Japan where did the most technologically advanced country Also Japan are consoles break down easily

  • It isn't just their joy cons btw their Pro Controllers start to drift too, but isn't as wide spread i guess.

  • I got yelled at for breaking my swich when my joycon starte drifting so its atleast good to know it's not my fault

  • My joy-cons started drifting after 2 months. I don’t know if I’m lucky or un-lucky.

  • I luckily do live in the U.S so I am thankfully able to get my joycons fixed for free, but I did not know about this till I watched this video. Also I feel bad for switch fans outside the Americas since they would still have to pay. Hopefully Nintendo will change in the next few months so that this will be just a bad memory of the past.

  • I thought i had just broken them

  • 16:57 i love that smiley picture frame

  • According to this source: , on each pair of Joy-Con they sell, Nintendo actually looses money. So, although this definitely does not explain Nintendo's reaction to Joy-Con drift, it does suggest to me that they had a good reason to go about things as they did because, for every pair of Joy-Con replacements that Nintendo sold, they lost money. As awful as it may seem to consumers, there was some reasoning other than greed behind the issue.

  • My family only recently got a switch and the only games that we have are smash bros and odyssey. With only two people playing in the span of about a month or two, I was already experiencing HARD drifting.

  • When I was a kid I got so mad at dying in Super Mario Bros on the DS Lite that I smashed it against the couch armrest multiple times. Mind you this wasnt a plush armrest. It was some antique wood whatever whatever my grandparents had. The entire fucking top half came off. It only hung on by the cables. That mother trucker still worked until my friend wanted to see something on my DS and just ripped the screen clean off.

  • I’ve had my switch since they came out in 2017, and I haven’t had any problems with my joycons. Wonder what’s up with that.

  • You have no idea how many times I was forced to look up in Mario

  • This should just use GameCube controller joy sticks in it

  • 7:38 this exact thing also happened to me

  • I got my nintendo switch a week ago when I'm I gonna start gonna have #joycon drift 🎮

  • Nintendo preffers the profit gap of making either extremely cheap shit or not making enough of what's really in demand

  • I’m still scared as hell about buying the switch lite

  • i guess its just me, but ive used my 2 gray joycons and pro controller every day for 2 years. its been pretty good.

  • Nothing WD-40 can’t fix

  • Finally some one gets my pain about the drifting... At first I legitimately thought I was only having that problem(My drifting did start around June 2018).But later I asked a couple of friends and they said they were having the same issue. I go in customer support and they said I just need to buy new joycons since the warranty was over a year oof. I have still yet to replace them since I found a small technique that helps for a couple of hours. Turn the switch in the sleep mode and just turn and shake the joysticks not too hard of course but just your regular play feel (This might now work for others but for me and I’ve tested it it works for at least a play session)

  • You've litterally just informed me of my issue! I thought I was mistaken... but i was wondering why my JoyStick just keeps shifting leftwards! I keep not being able to aim, or even have Link(botw) just move off cliffs or ledges and die. This did remind me of the N64 controller issues.

  • I made 200 dollars off fixing joycons with drift. It's now hard, and the joystick is quite cheap

  • Wait what, I'm fine with the joystick

  • My left joy cons went out after 3 months! I didn’t even get a year!

  • About my issues with the Switch hardware. First, I dropped my Swich one on the carpet in my house and for some reason, one of my Joycons sticks broke. (Didn’t fall off of the console. And I would push the stick up and I didn’t do anything. And I’m now on my second set of Joycons) And one of the craziest times with the Switch was the time my Switch literally broke COMPLETELY! So, after playing a bit of Smash Ultimate, I took a little break. And after a hour or so, I tried to turn my Switch back on, and it literally refuse to turn on. I talked to my dad about it and he figured out how to fix in and gave it back to me. And one more story. One time, I dropped my Switch on the kitchen floor and the plastic case cracked and decided to tape it back together with regular tape. I think it’s insane that Nintendo can slip these problems under the rug and act like they never happen. Glad they did come out and admit the problems with the Switch. But, to be fair, I got my Switch at launch, so that may explain so of my personal problems with my Switch.

  • A bit less than 2 weeks ago I sent in one of my joycons to have the drift problem fixed. And they went beyond my expectations: they replaced my joycon entirely!! A brand new controller! I’m so excited. And it was all free of charge! Oh, and somehow they shipped it from Washington (the state) to Mississippi in less than 2 DAYS. Thank you Nintendo!!

    • Well I wouldn't say thank you. I would rather say finally.

  • My switch stopped charging. When I try charging it on the dock, the dock just blinked. Help.

  • I think they should design an althernative, a cheaper one if they can’t fix the controller Just my opinion though

  • Are you cookie monster's cousin???

  • I’m on my 3rd pair of joycons...

  • Had to send my switch to China, cause the screen got so scratched by the dock that you couldn't see anything. 5 months ago I bought a pro controller because my joy cons where drifting. I got the console two months after launch Btw... I love the switch but come on, THAT'S A SHAME!!

    • What do you mean 'drifting'? Like, your character just starts moving without you doing anything? Why can't you just recalibrate them in the Switch settings?

  • My family has a set of red and blue joy-cons and 3 sets of gray. The red and blue ones have this problem, but the gray ones are fine.

  • Right Joy-Con has been in Syracuse, NY for a month. I called Nintendo and they said there's a huge backlog.

  • That part when you said that a law firm can't have a short name, look at Zane's Law, one of my local law firms.

  • ive been playing smash at lunch break almost every day since launch with 4 other coworkers and ive been the lucky one not yet have a drift. 👍🏽

  • Got a brand ne swit 2 days ago and th first 10mins the right stick drifted while I was playing Splatoon

  • My OG joycon are styll good

  • My right joycon has gotten so bad with drifting and not even responding correctly to inputs that I don't even play my Switch anymore like I use too. Nintendo needs to seriously redesign the insides of these joycons or something because the Switch is a cool system but those faulty controllers really hinder the experience. I remember Nintendo stated in some article that they could give Switch a update that allow the WII U's pro controller to work with it. I don't have a Switch pro controller, I eventually plan to get one but it would be nice if we was able to atleast play Switch games with a WII U pro controller when the system is docked instead having to use the faulty drift joycon controllers. As one of the few people who actually brought a WII U system, my pro controller still works perfectly after years of use and is one of my favorite controllers. Seeing how the Switch pro controller looks, the WII U pro controller still looks like it would be more comfortable in the hands to hold.

  • 1:57 Nice coin count

  • yes. this is true. They are now replacing joycons for free no questions asked. I even sent in a joycon i attempted to fix myself and ended up making worse... Nintendo fixed or replaced all of the joycons i sent and that was that.

  • we need third party joy cons that just dont drift Nintendo this aint fast and furious

    • When my joy cons started to get faulty, third party controllers was the first thing I looked for. It's too bad their are no third party Switch controllers because the makers of those controllers would be racking in some serious cash right now with how many people are having joy con issues and want reliable replacement controllers. It would probably be the first time third parties would have a more reliable controller than Nintendo XD

  • Thanks to this video, I was able to get my JoyCons fixed for free. Thanks guy.

  • I’ve had my switch since Christmas and in less than 6 months both joy-con sticks drift and so do the a and b buttons on my right joycon. I can’t really afford more so I don’t know what to do

  • I LOVE nintendo i realy do but even my swich id beicking but i have a theory to why saving money the switch is already 300$ the switch is expensive and using more durabe matiriel may be more expensive one may be 350$ or even 400$ wich i would neaver pay for so i may be able to understand it but it is still sad

  • Do you think the switch 2.0 will address this issue?

  • Can we just mention the drift on ALL Xbox One controllers? What a fucking joke. I've had three normal controllers, one Lab controller which was a complete waste of money, and both the Phantom Black and Phantom White. The Black went right ahead and began drifting slightly from the right-stick about two days after taking it out of the box. I'm still using it till it gets too unbearable before cracking out the White. I don't really want to talk about the Xbox Lab controller, it was dreadful. I didn't read reviews about them first and went all out with my money, I got the comfy rubber grips, unique buttons/sticks. Both sticks had light drift within the first month and the grips began peeling off and being annoyingly uncomfortable without being fixable a few weeks after that. It seems like the standard Xbox One controller is the biggest bang for your buck. They have a lifetime of around 4-6 months which is still a joke...

  • When pushing into new tech while still being competitive in an extremely unpredictable market... they are doing fantastic. The tech they developed today will be the foundation for further development. Dont dis it early. This is only half life of xbox consoles and baby steps onto playstation consoles. They typically rush projects. This one seems to be the new direction for their market and due to the change of so many opinions of the company even mine... they are doing considerably well. Dont rag the tech that they have because the dev team has already improved designs you have no idea about. That's just how the technology jumps. 7 years ago you had no idea you would have a handheld console with a decent battery life and constant ui and game support from Nintendo... just let it bake... eat the cake when its done

  • >When you buy wonky looking chinese joycons because they have a more durable joystick than the legitimate ones.

  • I’ve taken such good care of my joycons, and they drift. It’s so frustrating. I guess they’re just drifting away...

  • I’ve had Joycon issues with the set my Switch came with (got them replaced), started having dock problems with my dock not showing a picture on my TV screen (still doesn’t work), new joycons are starting to drift, right Joycon isn’t connecting to the Switch in handheld mode. I rarely take my Switch anywhere outside the house. It has no Dings or scratches the than the ones given to the screen protector from the dock. I finally got fed up with all of it and my Switch is currently being sent to Nintendo for repairs. It’s only costing me 30 bucks right now for all of the repairs which isn’t bad at all. I hope it all comes back in better condition. I’ll update this when I get it all back.