Nintendo Prototypes & Changed Hardware - Game History Secrets

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
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Today on Game History Secrets we talk about some Nintendo prototypes and hardware changes surrounding the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and GameCube.
Liam Robertson is a video game researcher and archiver. In his spare time, Liam creates videos and articles for various outlets, and will also be contributing to the Did You Know Gaming channel.
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  • 6:18 what the heck is he doing?!?!?🤦‍♂️

  • Anyone notice that the A button is blue on the thumbnail

  • The switch is perfectly suited for VR. The joycons are accurate motion controls and the switch tablet would be perfect inside of a headset

  • Less ads need to be on this video. I've seen 4 ads in a matter of literally 2:55 I have the video paused just to get the time stamp. Ridiculous.

  • The PS2 was even weaker than the Dreamcast which did lighting and transparencies better than even the Gamecube. PS2 was hot garbage but I bought one for $299.

  • Thank God the GameCube controller didn't become the standard

  • FUN FACT: If you at the Nintendo switch's back in the trailer their was no logo!

  • 4:03 my ass

  • Who the fuck is Yawshi???

  • "bring it back to a core gaming machine" and yet it has remotes for a controller with jank motion gimmick and terrible graphics compared to other platforms of the time the wii's library is full of terrible third party ports and shovelware mini games sold as full games some core game experience. the wii was when nintendo started making gimmick consoles and gamecube was the last real console.. the switch is not really a console it is a nintendo branded tablet with half controllers stuck on the sides

  • I legit bought a USB GameCube controller for PC gaming

  • Over the yars

  • God, this guy is talking like he‘s about to fall asleep. 3 minutes in I have to quit.

  • Who came up with the name “Wii” in the first place?

  • Where is my did you know intro? Disliked

  • I still think the Wii should have been a tad bit more powerful. It lost too many games due to it not being able to run them.

  • Great video! Hope to see more!

  • Imagine if the wii is as power as xbox 360 Madness

  • Wait, Rogue Squadron 2 could have looked even more beautiful?!

  • The GameCube controller IS the best controller ever made if you take time into account

  • What happened to the Chrono Trigger video??? Where the fuck is it???? Did you remove based on unproven accusations about a certain person??? YOU GUYS ARE A JOKE IF YOU DID.

  • I love gamecube and ds

  • Actually hard4games channel show another gc controller prototype that look like a virtual boy controller. Kinda cool

  • Who the hell is "yaushee?"

  • Lol they rejected the 2 slot ds because it was too big, few years later practicallt every DS and 3Ds got XL models XD

  • Could you possibly resist calling a dual slot DS a "DS DS"?

  • the Gamecube gamepad is the best nintendo has ever made, next to the snes gamepad.

  • Crazy thing is that even with the downgrade the Gamecube was a graphical beast, stronger than a ps2, but the problem was that limited storage mini disc....

    • Actually that wasn't nearly as big a problem as you seem to think. A lot of space on larger discs went completely unused, there weren't that many games in the 6th Gen Console era that actually required more than the GameCube disc could offer. Those that did require more simply had a 2nd Disc like was the case for Enter the Matrix. Sure it meant that Double & Triple feature games weren't possible for GameCube on a single disc, although did that really matter? Sonic Gems Collection shows that Mega Collection Plus would have been possible on a single GameCube Disc if it wasn't rushed out for the Holiday 2002 Season without the Plus Content. You'll be surprised by how much content could be squeezed onto a GameCube disc. I dare say that any 7th Gen Console game could probably have been made with 3 GameCube discs at most if each of them were used to their fullest extent. Now naturally the jump to online gaming resulted in the disc changing to be far less practical than it was in the age where everyone was playing in the same room.

  • Love this little tidbits of extra information.

  • GameCube controller was the shit!

  • Ds totally doesnt stand fir dual screen right?

  • I see a lot of comments praising the gc controller here, and i'd just like to say that I'm glad we have the controllers we have today. Playing something like a snes game on a gc controller is an awful experience

  • Both the Game Cube's controller and system architecture lived on well past the Game Cube itself. I consider the Game Cube a highly successful console, even if it didn't sell 100 million units. Everybody I know has nothing but good things to say about the Game Cube. Too many tough competitors kept it from becoming one of the highest selling systems of all time. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a joy to play.

  • 6:28 - Well, to be honest, they're still selling GC controllers to this day, and a lot of Nintendo fans have been using it forever (mainly, but not only for Smash). So he's not wrong after all.

  • I would love to hold a prototype GameCube controller some day, just so I know what could've been.

  • Lol this shrimp dick narrator blocks everyone on twitter that ever so mildly disagrees with him on anything. It's hilarious what an ego he has.

  • Jesus what is with the ads?? 2 ads before the video plays, and then randomly interspersed ad breaks throughout. Finally, ads autoplay if you don't turn off after the video finishes. You don't need to ruin your videos to monetize them, guys. (the video was still really good, though)

  • The DSi is to date my favourite out of the DS line but the LR buttons always broke after time. Still has better camera features than the 3DS

  • What if in an alternate reality, Sony and Nintendo had never teamed up in the first place back in the early 1990s to make the soundchip and CD add-on for the SNES, and if they never broke up their partnerships afterwards, and if the original Sony PlayStation(1994) had never existed? What would've happened to the future events of the video game industry from 1991 to 2019? Especially for Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft, what would've happened to them if Sony never entered the video game industry? And how would all of you people have liked it and reacted to all that in an alternate reality? Does anybody know?

  • 3:49 "roiters" lol.

  • The Nintendo revolution U

  • PlayStation does what nintendodon't

  • I swear I want to kill everyone who made this video.

    • Aggu Kristian oh I hate ads!

    • @The moon has risen i was trying to find an answer to metro exodus intro glitch, and I couldn't find an answer, but I found a website but a shitty ad keeps pops up (this video) but I am calm down now.

    • Aggu Kristian oh

    • @The moon has risen an ad keeps bringing me here.

    • Aggu Kristian why?

  • The original Gamecube was capable of creating stereoscopic 3D graphics like the 3DS and Luigi's Mansion was suppoesdly coded to use it. It was going to be usable via a seperae screen you could buy and attach to the Gamecube as 3D TV were not readily available back then.

  • 7:49 Ahhh “Star Mores: Rogue Squadron”-what a game.

  • It's a shame they stopped innovating both in hardware and games after the ds and wii.

  • I see you narrator, talking slowly to fill up video time.

  • well nintendo was half right about the GC controller being standard in 10 years

  • that was three ads in a row bye cuck

  • You should have ThomasGameDocs narrate one of these.

  • Honestly the game cube controller is/was the best at the time that i had it. Now that i'm grown idk if it will still feel super comfy in my hands but i feel like it will based on the design

  • "Over the ass"

  • How about analogue stick, vr, camera, cross pad and rumble?

  • For some reason, I always loved the original DS prototype. I remember first seeing it before I finished elementary, and I was just so excited to have a handheld with 3D graphics. I’d check Nintendo’s DS page every day to see if there was any news on it, and I think that’s why the prototype’s designs grew on me

  • Idear. So many idears

  • I thought ds meant double screen

  • Therapist: Long GameCube controller isn't real, it can't hurt you Long GameCube controller:

  • Where did that PS2 HDD picture at 3:38 come from? The only PS2 hard drive support I'm aware of is via the expansion bay/network adapter (old model) or USB ports (new model).

  • My Wii could play DVD's, Music Disks, and even Physical PS1, Saturn, and Dreamcast games and I got it to play XBOX ROMs as well.

  • Why didn't they stick with the "Revolution" name? It would have been that much cooler.

    • @Michael Morales I'm not sure about that name

    • @Edwin Gonzalez Revolution U?

    • If the Wii was called "Revolution" the Wii u would have a different name