Ninja Gets NERVOUS After Fortnite's NEW SEASON Keeps Getting PUSHED BACK! New Players Quitting?!

Pubblicato il 24 gen 2020
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In todays video we have Ninja getting NERVOUS after Fortnite's NEW SEASON keeps getting PUSHED BACK which is now making this current season the longest one ever! Ninja explains how it could lead to new players quitting! Let me know what you guys think down below!
Myth and Pokimane!
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  • Do you guys have big expectations for this new season?! Wonder why it keeps getting delayed...

    • 7:00 the audacity on nickmerc to talk shit on unknown thats 1000 times better than him. just bcuz u caught him in a good p90 bot spray lmao

    • Daily Clips Central Can’t we just go back to Season 2 2018

    • Honestly its dope . Im taking advantage and doing my girls challenges

    • @Buddy Guy no it makes sense because each battle pass Grants 1500 vbucks and costs 950vbucks so each season if If i had already saved vbucks from previous seasons i would have 550 extra vbucks each season

    • It keeps getting delayed because they're switching to a new engine, aka they are testing a LOT trying to make it as good as possible in minimal time

  • play fifa

  • I haven’t played fortnite for weeks and I’m not playing again until season 2 of this chapter to only hope this game gets better.

  • Ninja always complained about too many updates! Now he’s complaining that epic is developing slower

  • Just play Apex💪

  • Only guy in this world worried about fortnite change his name to Tsm Chica

  • Rip kobe

  • 7:00 the audacity on nickmerc to talk shit on unknown thats 1000 times better than him. just bcuz u caught him in a good p90 bot spray lmao

  • Why would epic release new content when they are about to drop a whole new game engine ....

  • Change Ending song please

  • Damn i remember when vids like this would bring in 500k views.

  • hopefully this season is more of a shooter and less of a build a box and not move for 30 minutes br game.

  • Apex: S4 is coming out I’m 8 days buddy!

  • Lol he was just happy that the Season would last over 3 months

  • Fortnite should collaborate with assassin's creed

  • Guys it’s not it’s what ninja said he is right epic really does want us to have fun that’s why they are being creative with the new season and the fact some people are Complaing you don’t work at epic.Also when people do complain that peer pressures them to release the season so people don’t leave and if they do that the season will suck since they Dident spend much time on them

  • who else wants an in game currency system??

  • i mean wall running shoes wouldnt be that bad tbh.

  • Apex legends has a completely new season coming out February 4th if ya fn players are bored drop by lol

  • y hyyhhhhhh;hH h uhh

  • epic is on some type of drug

  • Guys don’t worry 😉 If it’s taking epic this long that means they coming up wit something Good So y’all chill. :)

  • i hate dakotaz, his snipes arent even that good

  • adamantium would be cool

  • Theyyyyy running out of idea tooo

  • these streamers got too addicted to crazy updates on first year. I am getting annoyed every time they are whining about lack of content noways.

  • Ninja loves riding fort’s dick cause his career depends on it.

  • Just take a look at Apex, their every season is one hundred days plus. That makes the game company(Respawn) have TIME to prepare new content for the community. Of course, you have to wait but it's worth it.

  • What game is summit1g playing

  • The freak again

  • 3:05 then why don't they take out skill based match making Ninja?!?! They don't want the best for console and only care about pc players

  • New players are quitting because Smurf accounts and tryhards, doing trickshots really? A new low to gaming, nice...

  • He’s hyping for no reason

  • Oh SSSHHHIT. Wht if it’s FIRST PERSON gameplay who else want this ? Like this comment so it might happen

  • I would say that they all been playing cod mobile

  • I'm not mad that it got pushed back trying to finish my strech goals and get to 345 for the fully corrupted scratch skin

  • Imagine still playing this game in 2020

  • Fortnites dying thank god

  • I want 1k vbuck for this delay.

  • Guys I think something is wrong with epic games bc epic wont do that much stupid update that make IT-tvsrs mad and sad

  • This clix kid is so toxic

  • this game is at it’s all time low. this game would be dead if it wasn’t for the streamers. ive hardly played at all of this season but if this next season isn’t good this game is done for...

  • Thankyou,first type of these vids Ive watched recently were it goes from ninja kicking ass then cuts straight to dekotaz getting killed. Nice to see both players doin well

    • The amount of vids Ive seen recently were it's ninja kicking arse then straight to dekotaz being killed is annoying.

  • Imagine dropping into a quads game with your boys, trying to get some dubs, and then you find out Ninja, SypherPK, Reverse2k, and NateHill are squad-ed up lol

  • Like how their kinda complaining about no updates. While I’m over here playing apex without any updates besides 3 events

  • I'm pretty sure they're going to release the new season after the pro am in Australia because everyone that's playing in the pro am has practised and is used to the map we have rn

  • Its only been 2 months an 8 days tho not 100

  • I like it because season change means nothing and i could get free the things from the free battle pass

  • It’s cause epic games isn’t making next season physics is

  • Heaps of people are quitting, No movement ingame for like 6 months? Oceania servers down the other night with unplayable lag. LTM are all boring. Bring back a bouncy lake, Bring back close encounters mode without Jetpacks, Give us a new Tilted town or something. Theres no hype to it anymore and delaying this season further is driving people away.

  • Clix is really good at Fortnite. You can tell this is his first experience with being good at something. yikes

  • I’d rather them take their time and make it right then have some dog shit laggy server the first month of the season...

  • I quit playing when they took Siphon out of all modes and implemented SBMM. I think that’s when the game went down hill. I love the games mechanics and had the most fun during those times. That’s all I want back

  • 72hrs: this game was a mistake!!! 72hrs next clip: this game is awesome!!!

  • epic seem pretty lazy...

  • Ninja is a bot skin

  • Calling it rn. Fortnite is going to copy apex and do a first person mode.

  • Nice video Daily Clips Central 8:13 is the best clip because BUGHA is a good player and i just think him raging is funny :D

  • “That’s what you call a controller” homie it’s called lucky bloom

  • sypher got the worst ideas ever