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We're looking at how to take photos at night - tips to help improve your night time photography game. Edited these photos with my Lightroom PRESET PACK: // The Music I use: - AMAZING for IT-tvsrs
Cheap Tripod That Works :
Expensive Tripod :
Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack :
My Super Awesome Tactical Camera Bag :
My MAIN Camera -
The Vlog Cam :
My Second Backup Camera -
My FAVOURITE Lens Ever -
The Lens I am currently using right for EVERYTHING -
The Magic Canon Lens of Life -
Best gimbal ever :
The Mic I use -
The Boom Mic I use for Crispy Audio :
My Drone -
My Bigger Drone -
My Tiny Drone -
The stabilizer I use with iPhone :
My Slider -
The BEST monopod -
GoPro HERO 5 -


  • Ya'll have been asking about night photography for a while! Hope some of these tips help! That water bottle tip though- Wooooo!!! Pumped on that!

    • you should travel to Hong Kong when it's safe sometime after the protests. night pictures are beautiful.. with so many different colored leds and shapes and sizes. it's mesmerizing if you're comfortable with your camera.

    • Mind to share the settings..newbie only 😊 thank you

    • Have you ever seen photographs by O Winston Link? They are decades old, from the 40s and 50s I think. The vast majority of his photos were taken at night.

    • Great videos man. I'm so glad I discovered your channel. My son is just getting into making his own channel (10yrs) and I want to do what ever I can to help. As a pro media designer, this is a huge hole in my tool box (great photography) and you really are clearing some things up. Keep up the great work!

  • Angels and airwaves fan detected! I noticed your LP behind!

  • Heey Pete, i'm getting back in to photograpy and looking for a mirrorless camera. Can i get way with a A7iii and a 24-70 F4 or a 24-105 F4? its for my holiday and back home i want to get back in to night photograpy.

  • 4:05 I rarely go downtown for my job but I've walked through that intersection at least 4 dozen times, never seen it look that incredible.

  • you make it sound like there's this infamous thief that'll snatch your camera when you go out to shoot photos at night

  • instead of remote shutter most of cameras have self timer

  • My friends and i walked around DC to take late night flicks and we used our phone lights to help the camera focus on our faces 😂

  • I don't have a remote I use a 2-second timer to avoid camera shake

  • hi peet what the name of you intro music i really like that

  • no arabic traduction ??

  • Accha nai (no spiking practical working Karo ji)

  • Non photographer: that crazy guy watering the road, record it bro Photographer: Genius, get them angles bro!!!

  • 2019 Love from BRAZIL 🇧🇷♥️

  • Nice video, but I just wonder what's the bgm?😂😂😂

  • anyone know what type of backpack he has in the beginning of the video?

  • tbh I love the nighttime photography and thats probably just cause im an owl, up at night sleep during the day.

  • Wasting water is a pet peeve of mine so I guess i won't be doing that lmao

  • Thanks Pete! I am a beginner @ photography and would like to take it more serious. I appreciate all your videos, really helps a lot!!! KEEP IT UP!

  • 7:10 Why do you need a remote, couldn't you just use a 2 sec timer to avoid pressing the trigger during the exposure?

    • @Kylee W. But a 2 sec timer also avoids shake, as you don't need to touch the cam at all, while the shutter is open

    • Alicia Sykes using a remote avoids camera shake.

  • i love night street photography

  • damn i wish i cud do b roll like you do man, ive been watching ya videos for a week now

  • It's so cool,

  • what lens did you use for this specific photoshoot?

  • This may be your BEST video that I've seen you do. Well done, bro! Well done!

  • My car club has a midnight run this weekend, can't wait to try some of these tips out...

  • You use Mac and iPads. Which Mac and why not a PC? Just getting back to my old passion trying to decide about things. Thanks. Don. My name not yours . Yes I know your Peter.

  • instead of using a remote you cas use the counter of your camera like 2 sec and then u do not have any blur


  • WHATS name song please

  • Wooow increíble video, gracias a la traducción pude entenderlo saludos desde México!

  • *I understood everything*

  • Look in the description as his “cheap” tripod lol. That’s not cheap to me

  • Thank you so much Pete for the advice ! I did my first night photography sesh last night and I was soo much fun! The results were amazing Wild___Adventure if any one would like to check it out !

  • Does anyone a nice lens for portraits at night for emount

  • Do night time video shooting!!

  • "Pop your camera on you tripod", more like *spend 10 min trying to match the screw to the hole in the camera and then keep missing it*😅

  • One thing that should have been mentioned: Make sure to turn IS off on the lens before taking an LE to prevent looping which would make your shot blurry. Great channel though, working on watching all your videos to hear your take on things!

  • chapar chapar wat a boaring video shit

  • You talk too muuuuuchhh

  • Did he use Brandon Woelfel's style in the thumbnail ?

  • It’s hard to watch and learn from you’re content when we have nothing in common your price range is beyond my league like all the b roll you did had to be with an L lens

  • 💗

  • More subtitles in Portuguese in others videos please! Great job men! I LIKED!

  • That long exposure. Toronto is so beautiful!

  • The real questions is what camera did you use to make that video at night?

  • Digital cameras have achieved such level in quality that nowadays it's truly hard to find any significant difference in quality between cheep and expensive gear. Here in IT-tvs have a lot of comparison videos "CHEEP GEAR VS EXPENSIVE GEAR", and when they are comparing a shots taken with a few hundred$ camera to the shots taken with a few thousand$ camera, it's hard to believe that the difference in quality is so little in nowadays cameras. But there is still one shooting situation where expensive gear beats out cheeper gear, and that's low light shooting. So, night shooting with a cheep gear gives you always more or less grainy pictures, so getting a great night photos, the first step is to invest for the proper gear.

  • i'll do like you my hero. Night Photography.💚💋

  • ...I know this is a needle in a haystack. but wanted to say that while I know you are modest as all get out in your videos, this little bit of info was enough for me to get a sample image on long exposure nailed down first try ever. Having never done it before. So thank you! Keep motivating.

  • I really appreciate Peter's style and content

  • Dude you made me wanna get out there right now although it's 9 am 🤣😻

    • One Man Team I’m just starting out .. I hope to excel in this craft and capture some beautiful shots

  • Awesome.....helpful video Bro

  • thank you so so much for teaching me how to take photos at night becaus ei never got the hang of it and my photos were always not clean and sometimes there were flares, than kyou very much!

  • You are my inspiration. I always watch your videos without getting bored.i subscribed your channel and also one of your Instagram follower.keep going love from bangladesh

  • But do it matters what camera do I use because I use a Sony 30x

  • I want to !👍

  • I’m just always scared to bump up the ISO for low light shots because of noise

    • Matthew Greeley you’re not correct with your understanding, I said ISO 1000 for normal shots or lower ISO for long exposure

    • @Random RimRock // TripleR you need to research how to shoot in low light again. You're not correct with your thinking. ISO 1000....for long exposure? No way

    • @Matthew Greeley Obviously you must crank up your ISO in low light or the camera will be so insensitive that you'll end up will a dark image. But ISO needed to be a lot higher which is what I'm afraid to do, I'll rather bring shutter speed longer.

    • @Random RimRock // TripleR but you want it at 100 to not allow light in. ISO higher than that allows more light in and will start to show noise

    • I want it to be at most ISO 1000, most of the time below that.

  • what iso you ues?

  • why to use a remote when u can use the 3 sec time.....

  • 5 ppl were killed in a pileup caused by a car skidding on ice, which was apparently made by some random jerk photographer looking to get a reflective 'wet' look in his pictures. Ha jk, u got great vids kid

  • Woo hoo fun