NFL Best "All For Nothing" Moments || HD

Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
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All NFL Content i use is owned by the NFL, i take their clips and make compilations with rare plays and popular plays.


  • just if yall were curious, the reason i have been trying to make my videos under 10 minutes is because since i dont make the money anymore, i dont want you guys to sit through alot of mid role ads when the money isnt even going to me.

    • Respect

    • Lol he made the video 9 minutes 59 seconds

    • Get a patreon mate people will give some money

    • Is the reason that you don’t make money because the NFL owns the videos? Or something else

    • damn bro youtube doing you wrong..

  • lit intro and outro dude

  • Best “don’t celebrate too early”

  • Don’t know if it’s a thing but when refs put out a flag for no reason

  • 49ers Vs Seahawks hit me hard

  • hey ding can you do a video that is the worst fav

  • At 3:31 i swear that man said yeet

  • It was the same ref

  • RIP Ding

  • I think it’s dumb for the pass interference on the offense bc that means the defense was doing pass interference

  • Res

  • NFL best nothing for all moments

  • I swear I just heard that guy say yeet

  • Hey, you should do a "best hurdle by each team"

  • who else found this very unsatisfying

  • Ding, can you do a “redeeming moments”?

  • Player: Makes a great play Refs: Are u sure bout that?

  • 7:22 funniest voice crack ever

  • You should make a alternate channel

  • That Russel Wilson interception from dre greenlwe was so good then we missed the kick stadium erruptes and that deshaun Jackson play was insane

  • Who watched Seahawks and the 49ers go against each other in 2K19?

    • @MindedTadpole 65 yes I do I'm saying when they went against each other

    • The Wolf Pack you realize this video was made a week ago


  • 3:48 this is how football should be played

  • Why not the Dallas Gottrred play vs dallas last year that got called back after he gave it his allllll

  • you should do bad teams crushing good teams

  • Poor saints

  • Should do worse plays by Tony Romo

  • Is it just me or does the intro bring memories back from the past


  • Best fumbles of ball time

  • Okay @3:54 that should have been a safety

  • Maybe I'm weird but I always put on some good ol' FOOTBALL turn up the music something like *System, Metallica, Delta Parole, Sumersed or A7X* and do all my work.

  • Not sure if it’s been made, but “Hail Mary fails”

  • That last kick by jason myers was amazing! I'm a Seattle native and that game was crazy!

  • 3:29

  • BUT! It was ALL ... AGAIN JUTSU!!

  • It was the worst for the Seahawks cuz they were in the super bowl

  • You should do “stars worst plays “

  • do “best ref interference moments”

  • Yo ding can you do " don't stop till the whistle is blown"