New Smoke Dragon & Jade Racer Skins! (Fortnite Item Shop Update)

Pubblicato il 26 gen 2020
New Fortnite item shop update Lunar New Year skins gameplay live stream!
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  • wasup

  • Old

  • “House keeping” 😂😂😂

  • Hi

  • Game suggestions. Dying light 2, ark, rust, and gta 6 when it comes out

  • rock it,out!!!!!!

  • bro you are my fravit youtuber ever

  • He got 800,000xp for dealing damage to appoints

  • He was singing the box 😂😂😂

  • i think this camera angle better for sure

  • 2:22:11 level up king ghost from level 362 to level 368 in about 15 seconds

  • 2:27:11 the swears for the first time in a while on stream😂

  • There will be a Harley Quran event

  • Remember when this was a gta channel

  • Hi

  • I wish I could play with tg on Fortnite one day but I play on Na east

  • I wish I could play with tg on Fortnite one day but I play on In a East

  • Tg should do a video on how he does 90s

  • Start playing a new game

  • Tg what happen to "3,2,1 LIKE SPIKE BOOM BABY"

  • TG I got a solo win today with zero kill zero farm zero guns. Only walked 600 meters

  • Play some more nba 2k20.

  • Can u play gta

    • I play gta check me out if u get bored .. leave some love and subscribe if ur interested 💛

  • koby bryant is dead😥😥

  • Run in like a zig zag to lose your Enemies 👍🏽

  • Play some call of duty modern warfare there is a crossbow added

  • I think Andrei should switch to wolf mode if he wants to win

  • Did one of you witness in the minute 1:09:50 he almost died

  • I Love Your Video Im a new Fan 🌟

  • I watched the video we're u played apex with mrbeast

  • More call of duty

  • Cop

  • Always support your game bro,😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Curse broken

  • New

  • 40:10 🔥🔥 7 kill win😎 2:01:05 🔥🔥 6 kill win 🤩

  • what up

  • Did you stop playing gta

  • Ice

  • if you see this comment do random games or gta 5

  • You should play duos tournaments with avery since now you have good ping on east

  • TG please don’t sware I like ur channel and ur vids and I wanna watch u so please

    • No it wouldent

    • It would be cool if he would swear

  • Play who’s your daddy with samara again

  • I’ve been watching you for awhile 😆 and today is my moms birthday she turned 29 she died in a car wreck in 2016 nov 7 I have had the shittiest day so far can you please get me the jade racer I’ve wanted that skin so badly and I’ve been crying all day,I miss her so much and I know your probably busy but if u are able can u please get it for me my name is Unde3dDanielle

  • Y’all drink more orange juice and stay healthy

  • Does anyone ever comment on the CONTENTs of the video these days?

  • Jade RACER? So does that mean more "vehicles" are coming to Fortnite? -p.s. I don't know why I said "coming" because I don't play this game anymore....but I'll watch Dre!

  • More Escape From Tarkov!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cop

  • TG plays better when he's just having fun with it

  • Play Tarkov

  • How the hell do u make it to these late night streams GODDAMMIT

  • Sum else then fortnite play ancesstors again

  • Andrey Play ARMA 3

  • you make great videos I've been watching you when I was 4

  • I donated &3:40

  • I miss your GTA 5 livestream. Will u make some more in the future??

  • How does typical's item shop worth

  • I subscribed to you can you gift mine the ninja skin my fortnite username is anymouse250

  • Weak skins