New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel Construction Site Partially Collapses, Killing At Least 1 | Nightly News

Pubblicato il 12 ott 2019
The upper floors of the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans suddenly began to crumble on Saturday, its concrete floors collapsing on top of each other. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards warned that the building is still unstable. At least one person was killed and others remain missing.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel Construction Site Partially Collapses, Killing At Least 1 | NBC Nightly News


  • Putzes. That's the quality construction that you get in the South. Say what you will about Unions and Regulators, but as a New Yorker, I've seen many buildings in all phases of construction. Nothing about that building inspired confidence, and I'm just an IT guy. Whatever, it's the South, they're stupid.

  • What happen was they were being rushed by hard rock company an pulled the supports few days before the concrete was cured

  • I remember the Hyatt sky bridge collapse in Kansas City in 1981. So preventable. One man made one mis-calculation and it was missed. There always seems to be a snowball effect to these things.

  • Isnt this the hotel the latino worker taped and was saying it swing side to side?

  • "Diversity" hires.

  • That day, my father and I went up onto the roof deck of our condo across the street from the Hard Rock. Ten seconds later, we witnessed the event. It was truly heart-shaking.

  • Sad that the star witness got deported and a slew of victims who should have been compensated and treated medically got deported as well.

  • This hotel will never be built anymore. Who would trust staying there after this collapse. HR bosses may be fired or worse.


  • i live in new iberia

  • :48 This ngga not even wearning no safety jacket or hard hat. He wasn't on any floor. Stupid btch;

  • That's America under Trump.

  • NBC is still fake news.

  • Gee, did someone pull the concrete floor bracing too early before the concrete fully cured or did someone not use enough braces? The lawyers will be getting very rich very soon. RIP guys.

  • That would be scary as all heck , you’d think the whole building was coming down and all you can do is stand there or try to jump out. Yikes

  • Can you spell Grenfell

  • Some top dogs responsible for the construction were probably on hairawn

  • Making Bulding from trash and asking $1000 and $1000 for rent!

  • Guess you should be choosing union...

  • Keep deregulating , looks like it’s all working out just fkn great !!!!

  • my father is the engineer

  • Did Figg Bridge Engineers have anything to do with the design of this building?

  • A Trump constructed building. Pure crap.

  • "Officials say it's too early to tell the cause of this collapse." I'm going to go out on a limb, lady.... and say it was probably gravity.

  • Horrible reporting as usual. This collapse has nothing to do with the cranes looming above it.

  • "A massive crane with a metal slat suspended from it". Wtf is a metal slat?? You mean a beam??

  • There’s so much politics in construction. This wasn’t just about who was the cheapest,. This job was likely awarded to a friend or family member of the developer or local politicians. This happens all the time, they likely hired all their buddies. I’m a PM in construction and can tell you, it’s a buddy system to the core. You can bet they cut corners at every possible place. Labor is cheap because it’s cheap labor.

  • Just waiting for the conspiracy idiots to blame our govt, "THEY BLEW IT UP!!!"

  • Construction company owner tried to make more money? Cheaper products, not enough rebar where required? Nobody will notice it's less rebar there? 😋. North East they make more money a $50k plywood, 2x4s glued together house sells for like $300k. 🤣😂.

  • made in china is much better

  • Make America Great raising standards above cheap Chinese materials.

  • That's non union construction for you! Ibew local 716 union strong ! And bless all other union trades where safety comes first best wages ! And good retirement plan

  • Why does the driver of a car have a hand-held camera pointed at a building under construction?

  • Everything sounds like a train except a train

  • Oh my god...

  • 0:57 She said K-9 like Christopher Walkin lol

  • Lawsuit be paying bills

  • Was it build by Trump Organization?

  • Wow - lucky more were not killed. Nasty.

  • Let's start talking about the company that was the contractor Citadel construction Loc another non-union company you get what you pay for

  • I'm surprised nobody's talked about Citadel Construction Company LLC they were the contractors hold them accountable

  • Hiring Mexicans isn’t the best for construction. The older construction workers like me took pride in their work. Now it’s all about the money and not the quality. This can be proven by looking at all the construction companies that are run off of jobs due to lack of production and not being able to meet contract deadlines or pass inspections. This country sold out the experienced, skilled construction workers to save money. How’s that working out for ya ?

  • GOOD BAD GOOD; PEACE We have had a bad drought in Jamaica for the first half of 2019. Then the rains started in September and with it came: floods, mosquitoes, overgrown vegetation, crop failure (saturated soil), and a disease (fungus/pests). When there was no rain crops died, fires broke out, there were water rations and some people had no water at all. It’s a fact of life that even blessings come with curses; new house - more cleaning, wife - expenses, children - time & energy, etc. However when JESUS blesses, it comes with no lack. Yes, we are still in the world and still have woe but there is a peace inside that others will not understand.

  • This represents the official end of rock music

  • I feel so sorry for the victims

  • After all the lawsuits, insurance claims, cost of damage to equipment ect etc, this will easily be a 1/2 a billion dollar loss.

  • poor quality of materials and workers. sad, and people end up dead now.

  • everyone is on the taken in that city including the building inspectors.

  • Imagine your dad or mom or whoever never comes back after a work day...😞

  • RTW states hiring greedy developers and non union labor

  • Looks like the US slowly becoming like China, shoddy good enough hack work.

  • What do you expect from a non union right to work state?. You get what you pay for.

    • Did they show someone die at 1:04 ???? Wtf

  • Design changes (usually by the owners)causing workers to make decisions on how to accommodate these last minute changes. Not to mention workers cutting corners themselves to get their job done. Dont be so quick to blame the engineers.

  • At least they are doing more investigation in this hotel as opposed to why world trade center "fell"

  • This is happening in america more than ever. The construction industry seems to be in a all time low in america: cheap labor, outdated technologies and materials, underpaid engineers (civil engineers are low paid in comparisson with, for instance, computer scientists so the best talent is not in the construction industry anymore). Nowdays China and muslim countries are leading in the construction industries, with america still debating about the very existence of their infrastructure problems. Time to make a call.

  • How does this get on trending when the Amazon rain Forest is still burning😑

  • How MANY are missing?

  • Looks like an airstrike. God is good

  • Yall cappin

  • I went to this hotel but in Atlanta rip to the 1