NEW MP7 GAMEPLAY - Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay

Pubblicato il 6 ago 2019
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay - NEW MP7 Gameplay. This video showcases all new Multiplayer gameplay from the new COD 2019 game. This MP7 SMG gameplay shows off a brand new multiplayer experience, including new maps, and new in game features.
▶NEW AK47 Gameplay Moder Warfare
▶NEW AUG Gameplay Moder Warfare:
▶NO MINI MAP in Modern Warfare:
▶NEW TANK GAMEPLAY in Modern Warfare
▶NEW Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay:
▶GUNSMITH in Modern Warfare:
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NEW MP7 GAMEPLAY - Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay
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  • Thanks for always showing love. I think were all gonna be in for a good year :)

    • For you bandit players on siege, you already know what to do with that MP7. BRRRAHHHH BRRRRAAAHHHHH BRAAAHHHH

    • Yes the MP7! Getting some flashbacks from bo2

    • Hollow Domination with 5 flags and all 5 flags are on the same side of the map?? Eurghhh 😂

    • The game looks great and all but I think call of duty should take their time on making games nowadays. Every two year cycle isn’t too bad of the wait

    • Upload more videos like this

  • I used to watch you a lot and I’m returning, but wasn’t ur name Hollowpoint

  • Honestly, I think this might just be the best the best infantry-centric FPS since Medal of Honor: Warfighter. And that's saying a lot about CoD, because since the first Modern Warfare, this game has been one fucking cartoon after another.

  • Favorite gun in this game.

  • I guess im going back to CoD

  • That is one ugly ass fuckin scope...

  • Hey guys this is my first time preordering a call of duty game 😬 and I wanted to know if the progress we make on the beta transfers to the actually game when it comes out ?

  • System requirements?

  • this new mw look so good😍🤤

  • In love with the intro 😍😍

  • We need a m13 gameplay! I'm so ready for that gun and honestly every gun

  • oh shit I just hope mp7 wont be mw3 level cancer again...

  • Bout to bring me back to cod

  • Game looks so much like Battlefield now, it's not even funny. The graphics are one thing but even the zooming camera effect when you spawn is right out of battlefield.

  • Bandit anybody?

  • What all teams are in this gam

  • 1 question.....ACOG,?

  • 8:27 😍

  • Hell effffffnn yeah! MP7 is OG! One of my favorite guns is going to be sick! Until a nerf into the ground lol prob

  • Sigue teniendo sonidos de niños rata

  • Do you need a ps4 pro for playing modern warfare?? Did work the game with a normal ps4??

  • Game looks classy somehow but the Maps seems boring

  • I gotta say for all the Call of duty games being the same they do sure make a lot of money 👀😅

  • Halt life 3 confirmed

  • You play on pc or console?

  • The audio was kinda bad.

  • You can revive team mates in S&D?? Let's go!!!!

    • And both teams are on offense. 🔥

  • I hope they modify the model to resemble an actual MP7, this looks like a Frankengun

  • The animations, graphics, and sounds are all great. But the maps just look so bland...This game with MW2 caliber maps might be a contender for best cod

  • This cod looks a lot like battlefield, not really a bad thing though looks pretty nice.

  • Was hoping for a Vietnam but this will suffice

  • I’m just hoping and praying that they remaster bo2

  • I swear, I am going to make a bandit R6S class if bandits P12 pistol is in this game

  • The game looks amazing and all, but the way these two guys play is giving me anxiety. Maybe because it's on console and I'm not used to watching console gameplay but goddamn.

  • I can see also they add more power to the guns

  • One thing would make this game even better they should add shadow dynamic so u can see players when the sun shine on them on other objects that make the game more challenging for players

  • Just check his MP7 video

  • Is this PC?


    • This game is great.

  • Yea yea the mp7 and the ak are cool BUT CAN WE PLEASE APPRECIATE THE WARTHOG SOUND?! 3:20

  • This Game looks like BFV

  • player is bot⁉︎

  • they must do something against that jumping..

  • Amazing fast animations♥️ The best graphic

  • Finally a Modern Call of duty game with good gun sounds and animations

  • Your cool man!

  • This game is sick af!!

  • Omg it's even better than the mp7 from bf4

  • Die

  • Shut the fuck up and play the mothafuking game

  • can't wait

  • Horrible player

  • Love the content thanks for keep me updated can’t wait to play with you online bro💯💯💯


  • 3:18 a-10

  • The frenesy of COD with larger map and sound of BF.....amazing

  • well i have to confess i didn't expect a cod game like this, i'm very curious to test this game, and i'm a Battlefield's Veteran ....!

  • There is also new pp90m1??or new acr??

  • I'm 31 and I never thought I'd be excited for a cod game again 😊 cant wait!

  • It looks like Battlefield 3. I like it