New Land Rover Defender 2020 in-depth walk round - EVERYTHING you need to know.

Pubblicato il 10 set 2019
We’ve had our hands on the new Land Rover Defender! It’s one of the most recognisable off-roaders in history, but does the all-new Defender have what it takes to maintain its famous reputation? Join Mat for his first in-depth walk-round of this SUV legend and find out everything you need to know!
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  • looking at it, i cant help but feel this is what the freelander would have become if it hadnt been dropped (or turned into the evoque and disco sport)

  • Tiens !!! Un land renegade!!!

  • But will it "defend" its repair bills?

  • Terrible!!!!

  • That looks like where richard Hammond recorded the two on drive tribe

  • It looks like a nothing

  • It's uglyer than the bmw 1 series

  • The car design was a big mistake !!! G class become the only choice of luxury off road car. What's wrong with land rover designers? Even a jimmy is much more better!

  • suzuki 4 life

  • ugly car

  • At first i hated the design Now its growing on me

  • It's an ok looking car, not a defender though. Funny that an apparent British make, has a LHD setup.

  • The Wizard already started diggin a hole

  • Not a real offroader

  • I like the round Desing, but i prefer the boxy one

  • GUYS!!! This is how a REAL DEFENDER SHOULD LOOK . amazing interior and exterior LAND ROVER PLEASE DO NOT RELEASE THIS S.....T AND REDESIGN!!!

  • It's what the discovery should have been. The people who would have gotten the defender previously, will now turn to pickups.

  • If i were a Kardashian or a Beckham I definitely would ask for a Defender loaded for whatever holiday allows me expensive things, or wait , I would buy one for me self, and rem gift whatever I did not want from holiday gifts, geez, what a hard life that be.

  • The official car of Bruce Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner wants something manly.

  • Disappointed

  • It looks ok I guess

  • New defender frik yes

  • *Did you all forget that contemporary Land Rovers fall apart almost immediately then lose over half their value in 4 years?* The only Land Rover/Range Rover ever worth purchasing is an old model defender

  • I want it. If I had the money though, I don't know if I would rather get the pimped out defender, or the model s Tesla.

  • your reviews are so good

  • Won’t see this doing the Camel Trophy

  • Looks like a plastic garbage!

  • I Guarantee you this is what the Bronco may look like ...

  • It looks like DOG ASS. Why do companies do this? Just take the old one and update the drivetrain and interior. That’s all you had to do. The old one was classic. Iconic. You wanted it. It didn’t look like some limp wristed leftover from a bad 80s sci-fi movie. Horrendous. Awful. Disgusting. Congratulations old defender owners you just added tons of value to yours.

  • Love it! And I want it just he way the 90 looks in the video.... but maybe in black.

  • I want to see it after its been driven around with 2 Pigs in the back and dog poo on the seats. Another market they have given to Toyota

  • Rigid axles and springs, this is how the tough guys are made......"tough guys don't dance".... :)

  • What is going on with the color grading of the video?

  • This should of been the Disco's replacement.

  • I can't believe it's a high end car comes with a wrap instead of paint they've really planned for you to get that car rewrapped within 7 years. also why would the mirrors come with plastic on the outside and metal on the inside it should be the other way around plastic scratches a lot easier than stainless steel definitely a tata

  • If they ever make new Jurassic Park sequel, I am expecting to see this destroyed by 🦖

  • Looks like a car that would be added into GTA Online

  • Not good as wrangler....! I can get 2 , 2L engine wrangler for that price , then why should i buy this thing! Doesn’t make any sense!

  • Looks nice but unless your rich dont buy them...they are made in china and are garbage.

  • plastic fantastic!

  • Color grade is stylistic but when trying to get a feel for the vehicle, a little saturation would help to get some what. If a true color while watching the review. Also 60fps is pretty nice.


  • Сразу лайк даже не смотря.

  • Carfection and Richard Hammond filmed the same cars on the same spot on the same day. Check out his video if you dont believe me.

  • So ugly...

  • I fucken love this car

  • I actually quite like how it looks. No idea about performance but imagine it's as good as previous models.

  • They should have kept the old shell but changed other parts to be more efficient , stronger and add more safety features

  • AMG G63 is the coolest oldschool looking SUV 🔥🔥

  • They are steel rims so they don't crack when four wheel driving like an alloy. Nothing to do with scratching the outside of it

  • My friend forget about the beauty but we need defender on its original coz is strong dat one is shit

  • My god it is ugly, like a giant MK1 fiat panda 4x4

  • how to totally kill an icon

  • Old one looks better

  • Disappointing, its far too 'pretty'. It looks like a dressed up Disco'. The design feels more appropriate for the school run than the jungle.

  • nope nope nope....

  • It looks like a concept car from 2008

  • Wtf did they do to this amazing car 😭😭😭😭 looks like a fucking muffin.

  • land rover is beter than mercedess and oll of suv models

  • C'mon, who is going to take that off road? 3 cases of Dom on the roof and half a tonne of beluga in the back.