New Land Rover Defender 2020 in-depth walk round - EVERYTHING you need to know.

Pubblicato il 10 set 2019
We’ve had our hands on the new Land Rover Defender! It’s one of the most recognisable off-roaders in history, but does the all-new Defender have what it takes to maintain its famous reputation? Join Mat for his first in-depth walk-round of this SUV legend and find out everything you need to know!
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  • looks like shit.

  • The most issue with Land Rover Product’s high price expensive parts and services

  • That is not a defender . They try to tell us that electric fridge is something ...... The end of Land Rover

  • What. The. Fuck...

  • Torx not "exposed rivets"

  • I am sure that all the gay hairdressers will buy this to drive to the salon and back!

  • defender was made for working with. that thing just look like a discovery..... the long wheel base is cool but its not defender...

  • its an FJ....

  • for cheap defender u can go

  • it looks horrible.

  • What a shame

  • Me: Can we have Land Rover defender Mum: We have Land Rover defender at home Land Rover defender at home:

  • I like the looks but the price is way too high. This should have been a cheaper car, 100% designed for work and off-roading

  • I love the g wagon

  • In the right colors...kinda ok. Bit steeply priced however

  • This could result in a similar disaster to the attempt by VW to create a new Beatle. Would have been better to shelve the name “Defender” and call it something else.

  • The damn thing look like an Honda Element. UGLY!

  • Its great car not Suv 👎🏼

  • Everyone here saying i hate it but who care they are not going to buy ...because buyers dont watch guys hate and boil your own brain ....👎👎👎👎

  • 80k . Well what is it for then Jimmy is cheap . Its a defender not a g ride They turned the g wagon into a luxury car .. What are the electric companies and water companies gonna use and farmers now gonna have to use a Japanese pick.up or a ssangyong.. .that's the whole point It's a defender SVR can make special luxury version which will be cool special It was never gonna be cheap but come on JLR you struggling again. God knows how..I could run jaguar land rover better than they could and I'm not even joking I love it of course i love it .. But they take so long developing cars ...and bring back rover too .. Nowhere near as shit as the internet believes they are Never let me down..other than k series .ljr are always behind the game when have loyal fans beautiful products.. Give me a shout before you go under again JLR. Its jaguar who is the donkey ..cant get the image right after all these years..take your head out your ass and become a major player jlr

  • Freelander has electric boot switch in 97

  • you re so dum

  • its so small but how is it so expensive

  • This host is not masculine enough to review a defender, that's why he loves this abomination.

  • Wow this looks like a chinese made SUV. Can anyone see any service using this? What a joke.

  • less plastic trim please this aignt no honda element.

  • i like it, except that adventure package thats sucks so much, its hard to stay a luxury brand when all other companies are also luxurious now, work on reliability instead of offering stupid "adventure package" kind of crap.

  • From the best looking car, ever, to the ugliest.

  • Well no that's not a defender. That's a pile of bullshit... Why didn't they keep the look... The way Mercedes does it with the G Class.

  • That is funking fugley. It's a suburban Mum's shopping trolley.

  • Due to In......??

  • Eww! it look very ugly! I want 2016 one back!

  • Matt, I think it looks fantastic ...

  • I like the dude who is in this video

  • What a joke.

  • It looks like a Toyota Land Cruiser mk1

  • I grew up in the age of the Ford Bronco, but then, they stopped making them. This reminds me so much of that but in a modern, fresh, updated way. Love it.

  • introducing the new nissan cube suv

  • This is not the point of defender. I would rather buy a used lr4 disco than this. If ıt doesn't have a reliable frame and tuff suspension just like g class, wrangler and even suzuki jimny has, what is the point of boxy truck? Just looks I guess

  • 👎👎👎

  • What the fuck.

  • When the first pictures and price of the new 'Discoender' were released, everyone was saddened at what JLR had produced. Somehow you wonder how the car that for nearly half a century was synonymous with the British Military could continue. It was in Iraq when there seemed to be no willingness by JLR's owner to create a better armoured and less IED vulnerable vehicle despite composite bolt on armour being available. At that price tag I can't see the 90s being replaced by the Discoender by the Military, how competitive it is against the price of other brands of Chelsea tractors remains to be seen, plus is it what the School run mum wants or is it just too basic? I just hope for JLR's sake it is not perceived as a vehicle with an identity crisis.

  • i wish some they licenced old Defender to someone to build it forever like the Bug in Mexico

  • The Tesla Cybertruck is more attractive than this thing

  • What is it? New Honda Element.?

  • amazing suv

  • “now it’s got an electric switch” yeaahhhh, JLR electrics and reliability are not friends

  • Its like Skoda Yeti big brother, only more luxurios

  • mat got eaten

  • Looks fucking shit.

  • 0:27 is that rust I see on the exhaust?

  • Rather have a Jeep.

  • RIP Defender

  • Nobody thinking of the bad guy from cars 2? Hahaha 😂😂

  • What if the Pontiac Aztek lived on and was reshaped?

  • looks fucking horrible, reminds me of a honda element

  • I thought this was a Honda Element.

  • Why does he like this new look? People need to tell Landrover the truth

  • It looks like a toy😂🤣

  • Bu adam da yaşlandı