*NEW* GUN GAME Mode in Chapter 2! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Pubblicato il 10 dic 2019
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  • code of the mape plese

  • Stop getting vidd out of nothing also fortnites shit

  • Sypher that was not fair πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • This feels like a reverse gun game, where the crap weapons are at the beginning and vice versa.

  • do a no scope

  • Isnt this the call of duty map in the first one they played

  • My favourite gun is infanty took omg

  • The ID map?

  • Looks way better than modern warfare!!!

  • as I have to get some more money-

  • Wait is this shipment

  • This map is copy of shipment

  • Much love for you and your grind sypher!!

  • Let’s have the game volume all the way up πŸ˜‚ glad I can’t hear anything

  • If I was sypher Me as sypher:Ahhhhhhhhh(Raging)WHY IS EVERYONE STEALING MY KILLS

  • Map Code is 4804-9489-3873 (from the top of the game) for anyone who is looking to copy and paste it lol instead of writing it out. All map credit goes to benz4ducks

  • What’s the creative code

  • whats ur discord lols so i can go sweaty

  • No one: My Eardrums: It hurts

  • Anyone got the code?

  • its not battle royale its creative

  • i would much rather take the dual pidtols than the shotgun

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-6AIawfgKUPY.html

  • Kinda boring when you can't play your game on a SATURDAY

  • It’s sad that the majority don’t know what game and what this map was called.

  • Super cool and sad I couldn't get in a match due to the verification bot being lame to me. Was cool to watch either way.

  • Dont upload a video where you suck horse ass


  • Is this basically Arms Race in CSGO?

  • wtffff this is shipment/...

  • That's a cod map remake. Was this an official LTM or something i didnt see it up?

    • It is an island in creative the code is at the top

  • Fortnite has shipment before modern warfare

  • Shipment Call of Duty WW2

  • Sounds like WWII

  • If u on the sniper just pickaxe them

  • I like reverse gun game better than normal gun game my reasoning is that to win gun game, you just have to practice with the wors guns, then after about 5 kills, you pretty much win. reverse gun game, on the other hand, makes it harder to win the better you play, kind of self regulating the score.

  • Whyd he get put in box at the end lol

  • who else just cranked down the volume

  • I wish everyone in the game was as respectful as his squad. I play with people that curse and stuff 😭

  • *Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?* πŸ‘‡πŸ½ *I’m* *gonna* *Ε›uß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹

  • This is Call Of Duty map btw.

  • It's a copy of call of duty

  • MY EARS!!!

  • Mp_shipment

  • 4804-9489-3873 is the code

  • This game ded πŸ˜‚

  • I forgot which game I use to play on the computer but it’s this exact map!!!

  • u kinda clickbaiting lol and mercs

  • Thanks for sharing this map with us.. I had a lot of fun last night playing it with the team!!!

  • That's just total chaos... I can't take more than a few mins of it.

    • @THE RAREST FORTNITE PET Why?.. Is it that bad? I mean bruh, this is just obnoxious!? I don't see the fun in this type of gameplay at all..? Like, I meant what I was saying above; after about 3-5mins, I'm over it. There's nothing left to do, so to speak. You frag, you get new gun, you get fragged, rinse/repeat/rinse/repeat/rinse/etc... etc... etc...

    • You'd never survive free for all on cod 4 Lmao.

  • Sypher PK can u please give us the code for that creative map

  • Also this game mode seems really fun they need to put this in the ltms Epic

  • Now this is a great video I love how you gave back and shows your fan some little love and on top of that your friends kept it PG surprise surprise also I like how you didn't take it easy on them either you are sypherpk you got to show why you're the greatest at what you do content content yeah that's u p kπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Im sorry sypher but you can't play gun game

  • Mental note - limit this map to 8, 10 max

  • What's the code for this map? Kps awesome n they were having a ton of fun

  • Im kinda pissed that it is a clickbait

  • what skin is pk using

  • rip ears

  • Honestly this video was kinda shitty. Very strong click bait, super loud audio, idk lame