New Fox News poll might be good news for Trump

Pubblicato il 15 dic 2019
The Manhattan Institute's Judith Miller breaks down a new Fox News poll and why it might be a positive sign for Trump. #FoxNews
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  • Hes polling at #1 douchebag

  • I work for a local union 3600 members at our last union mtg we asked for a show of hands on who favored impeachment,not one hand went up.

  • I don't trust this woman! She is the one that outed Valerie Plume as a CIA agent because Plume's husband wouldn't lie about Saddam Hussein buying uranium from Africa

  • Polls are only done for liberal propaganda and psychological warfare. .

  • You can't trust a poll unless you do it yourself and you still can't trust it it's just a sample

  • Impeachment is a scam by Dems. They can't beat him otherwise.

  • Good news for Trump. Shame of America.

  • Folks, remember the same sources that are reporting these poll numbers are the same folks reporting that Epstein committed suicide. Polls are designed to influence the way people think, nothing more nothing less. They DO NOT reflect what people think...

    • They definitely don't reflect republican's thinking; BECAUSE the brain dead don't THINK.

  • This SO call Journalist think they are talking to dummies

    • It's Fox so they are talking to dummies ;)

  • 🙏🙏 1:18 💞💘 👇👇👇👇

  • Murdoch’s poll? Really, how typical of the puppeteers to repair their puppets strings. The economy grew during Obama’s office, check the Bureau of Statistics.........GOP stalled Obama’s healthcare and held up progress for the past 11 years, still nothing on the table beyond ‘its coming’.

  • This is very good news for the dear leader. Emperor Trump. We the Peebles thank him for the Orange crush. Thank you so much dear leader Trump. For helping the Peebles get over the orange crush; shortage humph.

  • Trump 2020!


  • Merry Impeachmas!

  • Of course we want impeachment because we want to really stick it to the democrats. We want the Senate to acquit and then we want to re-elect him just to see the democrat's reaction. It's going to be great to defeat them again after all this.

  • She doesn't know what "headwind" means!!!

  • who is going to believe the polls, Fake polls!!!!

    • Hi Juliana, it seems you attended trump university, is that where president buffoon grabbed your kittens, and you let him?

  • I don’t care if Dems lose future campaigns, proudly, my work is done-trump is impeached, B!@&H

  • IMPEACHED, Trump is a stain on America, Trump will be out next election.

  • The perfect Christmas present for the American people would be the resignation of our disgusting president

  • Listen. The only reason Pecklosi is doing this is for her and the Dems. to try to save face. To make them look good just before they die in the elections. Wow now I see where Fox News is sounding just like the fake news media. Those polls are far skewed from the ones that I know are true. Fox you used to be respected now only segments of your news are respectable. And I hear... you want to shut them down too.

  • Same fake polls as before the 2016 election - poll fraud. DemoRats, your judgement is at hand.

  • Fake news

    • Sure what is real is fake and what is fake is real. Sucks living in your world

  • You have to slowed down for Trumpsters, they're Trump University diploma is all they got.

  • Thank you for this guy he gave the world so many funny memes 😂

  • If they think people are dumb enough to believe these polls the next thing you know they will think we are dumb enough to believe in virgin mothers and guys walking on water. How crazy is that?

  • TRUMP 2020

    • This is the buffoon who gave the world covfefe, Prison 2020

  • the orange said in his letter to pelosi 'you do not know, or do you care, the great damage and hurt you have inflicted upon wonderful and loving members of my family' including the three wives i have cheated on with porn stars and models lol

  • I wish I could block all Fox News

  • Gross.

  • Tramp good man ,honest and much better than Bush, Hillary and obama

  • That's just great the Dems can walk and chew gum. I'm so impressed.

  • Polls should not be trusted. People lie because they don't want to admit they are for Trump.

    • LOL who is this orange buffoon you speak of? That was so yesteryears U boomer

  • Hey Donnie boy....happy impeachment day on Wednesday 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Trump The Landslide in 2020👍

    • Go back to were you came from you foreigner Lee. Hope you get deported 2020

  • December 16, 2019 polls: USA Today: 41% support impeachment, 56% oppose; Independents oppose by 11 points. Quinnipiac: 45% support impeachment, 51% oppose; Independents oppose by 22 points (58%-36%).

  • I didnt take any poll, and I dont want Trump impeached.

  • Dems should hold up sending to Senate until they get results from lawsuits.

  • Also, for our nation to continue, we must make compromises between the two parties. Aren't we both apart of this great nation? We need to communicate in a more civilized manner, not bickering or yelling at each other. We all want to create a better world for us and our children. Working together and excepting other peoples opinions and culture/religion is the way this nation will survive into the future.

  • A fair amount of the population probably never took the poll. Due in part to fox news catering to one side of the political playground. This then create an unreliable source of data for statistics to be based on. It's not accurate, and it not fact, it's just biased jargon for one side to argue about.

  • ooooh trumpty dumpty and his trumptards are so mad. I can't hahahahahhahahahhah

  • "Within the margin of statistical error" yes, (so intelligent ... what an expert analysis) and of course there is the game changing, "some say this will help the president" yes, (in the back of their minds they are thinking ... 'we are very intelligent in our analysis of this very pressing issue confronting our society'). A bunch of fluff. Read between the lines sonic citizens. Even though we have a president who has come out of the blue to be hired to run these "professional" politicians (by at least 63,000,000 American citizens, mind you ... and that number is growing), we still have these practically idiotic interview segments where all of these so called "professional" analysts give their "two cents" worth on a topic that they don't know a whole lot about. They may know a little something about it, but they just blow smoke up each others' chimney. Do these people, along with most democrats, really know who the "American People" are that voted for and are supporting this President? I don't think so! do they realize that these numbers are growing rapidly? I don't think so. Do they have contact with the "real" voter? I haven't seen them. What I do know is that many people on the street are siding with president Trump. Many Union dock workers (of which I am one) are supporting this president. People are speaking up about his backbone, his successful agenda, and his willingness to confront most of the issues that part and current politicians have cowered from (border control, economy, patriotism). He is a MAN with a vision ... and American vision that we relate to. What am I saying? I am a little inebriated, but sober enough to know that we have struck gold with Trump. These pundits need to be more forward thinking. Let's stop talking about impeachment and have more segments on the building of the wall. Let's hear from more people about the China trade deal and USMCA. Let's get out of the standard interviewing segments that end up repeating themselves pathetically and make almost any news channel, including Fox, look like a bunch of panderers. You need to get up to speed with the President. He is thinking way beyond what you are reporting. Trump 2020 !!

  • Republican Cowards, who choose to ignore the truth just to kiss Trumps arse. These fools have no dignity or have no interest in the truth and Democracy even though the evidence is overwhelming. Rudy is still carry out Trumps dirty work in the Ukrain even as this goes out. What more do these people need to see what's going on in Trumps Criminal Enterprise. If the truth no longer matters in America then as a country we are finished, god help us we need it with this Administration....I could no longer vote for a party I once had so much respect for.

  • Singing elves say otherwise.

  • Give us Americans a Christmas Present and IMPEACH COMRADE trump!!!!!

  • Republicans are basically telling the people that the president is above the law. That they don't need witnesses in a trial for "obstruction of Congress" That basically mandates that the President has no checks and balances and the WH can basically do whatever they want. They'd be going absolutely nuts if the situation was reversed. It would be "treason" and "civil war" if Democrats did this.

  • Another BIASED media channel?????????

  • Lol trump 2020

  • 50% want impeachment and removal? Wow! Huge. We the people.....

  • I bet the polls are only done in NY where there are a bunch of crazies and mean people. Don't believe ANY polls any station puts out. Go out and vote in 2020 to make sure every vote counts. The media was trying to play mind games with the public back in 2016 saying there is no way President Trump could win, That was all a plot to try and discourage people and keep Republican voters home to say in other words, "your vote doesn't matter, Hillary has won the election hands down". I am SO glad we Republicans didn't listen and DID make our votes heard

  • Does anyone know who the whistleblower was? Did they also go on stand in court. I missed that part. Oh thats right. I dont think they said because Democrats made the whole story of whistleblower up!! Democrats are corrupt and people keep voting them in!!

  • All polls are rigged, no matter who pays for them. Proof of that was seen in Trump's victory in 2016 despite every poll calling for a Hillary landslide. Ditto for the vote in Britain to leave the EU when the polls predicted Brexit would go down in flames.

  • Americans, go to Kim Clements 2014 before Trump even thought about running for President and listen to what he says about Trump !

  • One of the few remaining closeted populations in the country are Democrats who plan on voting for Trump.

  • The Trump Effect (less commonly known as the MAGA effect) is a theory concerning observed discrepancies between voter opinion polls and election outcomes in some United States government elections.

  • You want a real pole?Check the feed backs on this latest Fox BS pole...not 1 thing negitive said about Trumpy,all positive patriots.

  • I can’t stand listening to all these media idiots anymore

  • We dont need no stinking polls

  • She is only a Brainless Tart TRUMP 2020