New/Exclusive 'Modern Warfare' Multiplayer Gameplay

Pubblicato il 9 ago 2019
New & Exclusive Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay including Domination & TDM.
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare is set to release on October 25th 2019 on PS4, Xbox & PC & you can get your hands on the COD MW BETA from September 12th on PS4 with Xbox & PC to follow shortly after.
Thanks to Activision & Infinity Ward for flying me out to Los Angeles where I was extremely lucky enough to get hands on with this brand new Call of Duty Modern Warfare game & in this video I want to share with you some of my exclusive gameplay that I was able to capture along with everything that we now know so far along with my views & first impressions of what I think you can expect from this game.
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  • Thanks for all your support on this video & feel free to check out the rest of the MW videos on the channel!!

    • Silencer and Acog invisible to radar also when sprinting use Usp 45 silenced. I used to play Cod 2 and Cod 4 all together around 3000h. Easier to avoid detection Search and Destroy and Capture the flag whatever. Being stealthy can provide both offensive and defensive boosts. Also i always aimed for the head used single fire rapiditly you can not fail. Oh and modify your configuration script your whole game dude. Graphics aint everything. You will be deadlier when shooting trough walls. I also had a policy never to shoot unless I was certain I would hit my mark. When hit with a flash bang you can see the mark in your site and you can spray him and kill him using the radar. It depends on your skill however nice gameplay anyway.

    • What the single mean under the gun

    • nice gameplay

    • Can you tell the difference between friend and foe in footsteps? Thanks for sharing BTW

    • - UnKilledSniper - its an open beta this year but if you preorder you get early access to it on sept 19.

  • No tanks or jets ? Boring

  • Wow this is so epic

  • Playing more new COD like always playing with own playlist like System Of A Down or Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz

  • cute little maps XD

  • Worse graphics than Battlefield 3 from 2011. LOL.

    • Graphics don't matter, gameplay does.

  • Am I the only one who's gonna recreate the ak from mw3??

    • Nope I wreckon there may be a few!!

  • You can't lean left or right, GRRRRRR!!!!! I pass again on this franchise :(

    • You can mount which adds to a lean effect.

  • For some of those people i'm the only person who been wondering how does Infected would be like in this Cod Modern Warfare.

  • Wow dis video now make me excited to play now. Always playing with own playlist like System Of A Down or Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz

  • Macrotransactions will destroy this title :]

  • Already Pre-Orderd, can't wait

  • Finally, COD is progressing from an Autism Ridden A.D.D spray fest into something that actually requires skill

  • TTV BROJOE_2020

  • APEX whole team knock out at the end have more videos

  • Some of the sound effects reminds me of BO1 .. especially the AK .. not complaining .. just saying it sounds amazing 👍

  • I love the fact that it doesn't take 2 fucking clips to kill somebody like in bo4.

  • Is it just me or does it seem too repetitive?🤔

  • Multiplayer just like MW2... this is what we have wanted for years

  • 2:49 was definitely copied from mw3

  • can't this bastard just release already

  • 2:24 that reload 😍

  • Reminds me of the good ol days so pumped

  • Same shit different package.

  • O God. Foot prints on the ground bullshit

  • This looks amazing!!! I’m pre-ordering the Precision Edition for this!

  • boring wake me up when cyberpunk 2077 comes out

  • When will they add leaning while aiming

    • They have mounting in this game

  • The movment seems the fastest of all cods needs to be showed down just a little make it bo2 speed like... it was good balanced.

  • Oh Its MW 3 remasted ?

  • I rather play mw2 with hackers

  • It's great to see Activision and IW get serious, they're really proving that they haven't forgotten how to make a good game they just haven't been bothered

  • are u playing against AI ??

    • No this was against other human players

  • what i dont understand is how can people already play this game?

    • This was at the Multiplayer reveal event

  • oH mY gOd tHe sMoKe fOlLoWs tHe bArReL

  • Pensé que este juego sería lo mismo de todos los años pero que sorpresa omg hypeeeee

  • Glad they invited sweats out to showcase the game lol

  • I’ve been waiting for this COD since MW2 & MW3.. 😭

  • When the video started I thought it was a real army crew actually coming down the helicopter

  • The all new but old pointless multiplayer with auto aim when you might as well be playing ai bots.

  • I’m saving up some cash for this one first time I did that for a new cod in a while

  • why he occasionally bites his finger?

  • This game would be much better if they slowed the movement speed down some. It looks too fast and frantic to take seriously.

  • 2:01 how did you miss that guy laying down

  • kind a boring

  • All modern warfare are great

  • Гавнище игра

  • meh, I rather play titanfall 2


  • Dude this red tag above the enemies will be the reason I wont buy this

  • Awesome graphic and sound gun. No SC-FI technology, COD back

  • I'm a Battlefield fanboy but I gotta say they better bring something strong and soon.

  • Is this really something new ? Im not hyped at all but maybe im just old and dont understand today's gaming

  • How come they never try to make an actual good story mode for a military shooter? I know call of duty is a good multiplayer fps but they havent made a cod game for singleplayer and actually made it good as of late

    • Hopefully the campaign in this one will make up for that!!

  • Are there more team’s?

  • Throwing the grenade looks very uncomfortable 🥵

  • This Weaponsound ... 😍

  • Nah, looks like same COD to me. Went BF 3 and never looked back.

  • COD is the same every year -.- besides new modes that's all it is

  • More of the same crap