*NEW* 16 Player MINI BATTLE ROYALE Map In Fortnite Creative!

Pubblicato il 7 dic 2019
One of the CRAZIEST Custom maps I've ever seen! Insane!
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  • Go lannen

  • Code?

  • Strategic tongue swipe 12:39

  • 9:45 he didn't even open the can😂💀

  • I think he is sick

  • Fortnite chapter 3 map

  • Elliot I'm coming... fresh you creep

  • 9+12=20?

  • Who thinks Elliot looks like Elon musk

  • I just realized we are the same level

  • What’s the creative code

  • MAP CODE ?

  • Fresh sounds like dead squirrel

  • Code?

  • What’s the code for the map

  • I absolutely love LUFU and Cray ... They are the best ever 👍👍

  • whats the island code?

  • 👍👍👍

  • Headphone warning

  • Tells people to stop being bots Muselk if they do:AHHH STOP ALREADY


    • how is it possible to get that much health he was probably hacking

  • What is the code ???????.?

  • What’s the code for the map

  • map code?

  • whats the code?

  • Water : is blue Skin : is green

  • the call of duty hit markers made it so much better lmao

  • Muselk: ‘A battle Royale like you’ve never seen before,,,’ Also muselk:’YoU mAy HaVe SeEn ThIs BeFoRe’🤣🤣

  • What is the map code?

  • Is it a LTM

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  • When you say let’s energize and take a baby sip lol

  • I played solid gold today and dropped pleasant tree and got like 7 elims

  • Please tell me the code for this map someone x

    • @Lucas Van Hamme Can't see it at all the full code

    • Marcus Churchill its literally at the top of the screen

  • Island code 1730-6698-2927

  • wait whats the code????

  • Don’t know what to comment

  • love vids like and subscribed

  • code?

  • Where’s the code bro

  • What is the island code to this?

  • Muselk: That sniper thogh

  • whats the map code bruh

  • "a battle royale like you have never seen before, you guys may remember a long time ago we played this..."

  • 1:15

  • What was the code for this

  • I have Alzheimer’s... But good thing I don’t have Alzheimer’s

  • What the code

  • What's the map code?

  • 1730-6698-2927 This is the Island's Creative code.....

  • Wehre is the code

  • Whats the map Code?

  • His tounge sticking out everytime he goes for a kill*LOL*

  • What is the code?

  • What is the island code for this map

  • He hates losing not Fresh

  • 3:50 Nice

  • Είσαι μαλακά

  • Muselk... 9 plus 12 is not 20

  • hey wats the code for this