Never Offroad Supercars ft. my Widebody Supra and Aventador

Pubblicato il 12 nov 2019
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  • What song is that he plays in the montage

  • Tessa AKA Sradgirl @ 1:15

  • 1:26 - Best expression ever! Too bad the Durango is kicking up dust in front of them. Why is the F-450 being towed? Omg you guys tore up that parking lot. LOL... Cadillac wagon.

  • Any one remember when the Supra was black then red and the man riped off the wrap

  • This guy loves his cars so much that he makes them sound like humans cause he has ft. Car

  • Put a widebody kit on your Lamborghini

  • i really like the videos ending song :)

  • Happy birthday nick

  • Sc

  • Ccc

  • His washing car music changed boo hoo

  • Do you the 6 x 6 on the glider

  • hey james who is that girl who is right beside you when you and your friends were there

  • Hey James, when is your new 2020 Corvette arriving. Can't wait to see it.

  • JAMES: the daily driver is ford focus rs but he he never drives it

    • That is just on videos so don't get stupid

  • u should probrably react to iggy fresh's vid when he uses ur car lambo in gta 5 and gets u a wanted level rip james car lambo

  • TESSA, TESSA boi thats new stradgirl sad face cause i wanted her........................

  • guys, if u check when he offroads audi R8 you see that he promises he doesn't offroad again but what does he do in this video lucky enough to not get in the ditch But anyways keep up the good work james and im coming to salt lake city this christmas so and i have supercar aswell i have.....a v12 ferrari 812 superfast widebody so u seee u



  • hey James go to 3D to costuming any car for free thank you bye

  • That 6x6 is the continental tire 6x6 made by dbl design

  • Twin turbo Aventador? Also who's Tessa?

  • Song

  • My dad has a Durango

  • That dust will FOREVER be in the cars ducting.

  • If the burlachor got a dollar every time the stradman opened the garage door he'd be filthy stinkin rich

  • U should do the conversion

  • Time to off-road my Mercedes S550

  • Don’t off road in dirt sport car drive it in the snow

  • You can't make your wrists much bigger... its mainly genetics, bro.

  • What a sexy girl with you. .is she your GF at last ???

  • Boys what happened to strads IT-tvs banner?


  • Hey are you still alive. New video ?

  • Did he go to jail😢

  • by the way my email is

  • stradman i have a lamborghini centinario for sale u are the second person i have offered it to my price since you are my favorite youtuber is 700,000 my lowest is 500,000 so if u are willing to take this deal i will be sure to show up on time where and when of course that is if u decide to buy it from me. the car has 100,000 miles on it and i just had it checked last week so its running and ready thank u for considering my offer

  • Lmao (Omi in a hellcat) said your Ferrari is junk in his (I purchased a bmw m8 video at 1:45) he loves you tho😂😩❤️❤️

  • I liked music you played