Pubblicato il 29 set 2016
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  • Damaien is 27 and biancca is 22

  • Damien got caught up

  • 2020

  • Bianca is a winner

  • what the background music called

  • Team. Boca

  • I have been rejected by a cute boy in my class with green eyes

  • Never have I ever sleep in tje woods

    • @Emma Johnson ( っ'-')╮ =͟͟͞͞🏀 🤤 *throws ball at Emma's head*

    • Never have I never killed some one

  • BiannnnnnnnnnnnnncaccacCC.

  • I’ll slap the brakes outta Damian

  • "i couldn't feel it-chlorine and shit" got me weak

  • I have been in a lot of fights I fight 247

  • Ewww why Biannca say her name like that like a high pitched rat

  • Shaniyah did not hurt

  • I want you to be my sister

  • lmaooo he got catch slipping

  • Team Damien

  • Love ya challenges Biannca and Damien it's very fun of me watching them...

  • " I I fought a nigga just because he looked at me wrong" 🤣🤣

  • we all love you biannca your the best team to be on

  • i am on team biannca

  • biannca is very pretty

  • this challenge is funny

  • 🏺

  • lol Damien trying to lie and biannca is not having it 😂 she’s like be reallll

  • Man Bianca be lieing

  • Who cares

  • 2018?

  • done

  • I like her little jealous side! 😂👍 Good stuff.

  • biannca you look different

  • Bicanna is the type of woman to fight and win let go team bicanna

  • Every laugh one piece of clothing off of biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca

  • How Going to tell me catch fraze Bianca said in here first video

  • Bu seats NBfy northernyf

  • These two are very entertaining

  • Daiem. Stop. Cussing fuck

  • Im young but im beast at boxing come to me to teach you feel me

  • biannca pretty this is a girl Im just using my dad picture

  • the go to far

  • You guys should do a Takis challenge

  • Never have I ever stole a car and I got you rested Jaylen Chambers

  • Grew open irrigation the battle Demanding jgdi

  • this video should be called Damien trying to save himself 😂😂😂

  • Team Bianca

  • Is it just me but he skinner back then.

  • damine is fuuny

  • Niggaz i went to school with used to fight every day n if they get into an argument they would solve it in the park in compton and i was a small sized kid my homies were like 6’3 6’4 i was 5’9 n i only had like 3-4 fights the other homies fought like 100 times but still i would stand up to myself n i would square up real quick doe lol

  • You guys seriously are amazing

  • B is like a scary cat

  • I love you guys so much going through old videos make me so happy !!!!

  • janissa pizza janissa love janissa call jnissa

  • Did you get reap in jail 10

  • damian know he cant fight

  • Put down ur color below black or white

  • Daman you my best youtuber

  • Why do you say it like that now?

  • Pound Cake in the background 🔥

  • now, next week, next month, next spring lmaoo

  • whats the song in the background