Need for Speed: Underground 2 100% Completion by Reiji

Pubblicato il 15 feb 2016
Name of the game:
This run is focused on making my ride looking sweet as the game progresses. Normally I can win races without the use of nitrous. However, this game judges on how far ahead you are against your opponents rather than just simply winning. It's a necessity to use it constantly in order to unlock more races. Note that this not a speedrun but rather beating the entire game. I had to cut the video to less than 12 hours to fit IT-tvs's time limit as of January 2016.
*The only time you'll see free roam in this video is when there's outruns against the racers on the map or when we're about to enter a hidden race.
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Introduction: 0:00
Stage 1: 18:38
Stage 2: 42:33
Stage 3: 2:11:18
Stage 4: 5:02:37
Stage 5: 8:21:58
???????: 10:31:26
Final Race: 10:42:06
List of cars used:
Nissan 240sx (Build)
Cadillac Escalade (SUV Races)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII (End-game)
This video is dedicated to my buddy Denis AKA TokyoXtremeDrifter who happens to have a 240sx of his own. I'm waiting for the day he finally gets his ride up and running!
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  • Sick driving dud

  • 240sx tiger 😈😈😈🍀🍁🌱

  • Answer me something man, i do the hidden races before the normal races or the normal races before the hidden races? I'm getting trouble with the 100% percentage

  • I have a lot of memories with this game. I need to play it again. I should also try the first one too.

  • LoL wtf shit man...

  • 17:44 - Rachel has a 350Z but interior is RX-8

  • Is the outrun races important in the story line? I'm just trying to figure out since I still have the game for the ps2.

    • @rasuu17 In the beginning of the story line when your driving Rachel's, if you get a scratch on Rachel's car, would it effect you in the story line

    • Not really, but you can get special parts by completing it at each stage.

  • It's my 30th birthday tomorrow, but i GOT TO HAVE this game again! xD It brings back sooo much childhood memories

  • thank you for choosing the 240sx lol

  • 2 best cars in this game are: Toyota Corolla GT for racing. Nissan 240sx for drag. No matter what others says.

  • 10:55:57

  • Not 100% because you didn't make your car look nice lol That always was one of my fav parts of the game :)

  • Manual transmission, please!!! Nice video, epic game!

  • 0:22 🤤

  • i watch this entire vid every day

  • The noise of Rachel's car 😍

  • gamers rise up

  • Thank you, Reiji.

  • 13:36 yes, yes I do lmao

  • Omg❤❤😍😍😍

  • In order to hit 100% is to not lose a single race?

  • My mom said I can watch one more video before I can go to sleep

  • How to get to the 4th stage?I've passed all of the races highlighted on the map

  • Where is "Riders on the storm"?

  • When I play this game, in my childhood, loading screens takes some time

  • What console was this?

  • What's name music 2:36 please ? Thank you.

  • Melhor Jogo...

  • I wanna llay this ao bad

  • I’m in tears

  • The days where game developers gave you the completed fully game at launch.

  • Soon the driver would come to realized if he "Wanted" to be the top dog of the streets, he would have to step his game up; and buy a BMW M3 GTR.

  • Man becomes underground king within 1 night

  • Oh the Nostalga. Me and brothers used to love this game.💯

  • I had a fun time watching you play this game and keep up the good work man! ;)

  • Need For Speed Underground 2 is a Masterpiece of a Game who else agrees with me?

  • Please subscribe to my channel. It takes me long time to upload a new video.. But I promise this will become the most beautiful channel you ever saw.

  • I don't know why this guy used an Evo against Caleb's GTO, the Corolla, 240SX or RX7 would annihilate the GTO in that 5 lap race.

    • @Reiji That's true but when I used the RX-7 or the Corolla I lapped Caleb's GTO twice. When I played these games I generally favored rear wheel drive cars. *shrug*

    • @James N It's all about the driver in the end. I don't care who you are or what you drive. You can have a 6000hp rx7 and still drive terrible.

    • @Reiji in real life the RX-7 would annihilate the Evo anyway.

    • Because IRL car.

  • This game took me 1 week to complete.

  • I played this over and over for 5 years . I would get my phone and take pictures of all my cars . Rx 7 was the bizzness

  • you *buys evo when 240sx is a monster* me *is confusion*

  • Like if you watched this in 2019! Subscribe if you watched it in May 2019!!!

  • . You're using mods? I only have play underground 1, but now... im in love with underground 2, there's so much thing to do in the game!! and beautiful gameplay

  • 10:10:30 epic!!

  • 2019?!

  • Rides on the storm

  • 2019😂

  • Underground League SUCKS!

  • Wifine anjing tenan cok

  • 1:21:55 That is Brian O Conor

  • Omg i love it

  • Yuli que lindo culo tenés.

  • This game looks fun . And I never played this game before but soon I’m going to try this game!

  • I genuinely LOVE that white Evo 8! It looks perfect. No ricey parts, awesome sound, 4G63 POWER!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hey man.. I need to know what to do after finishing ur game at 44%. There are no races in the map.. And nothing is there to do

    • @Vincent Rodriguez yeah. That was the thing I did later on.. Thanks for the reply

    • Maybe you need to customize your car more, so that you get invited to make another shoot for the cover of a magazine.

  • This is going to be fun watching you play Need For Speed Underground 2! :D

  • WTF