Need for Speed Payback Official Gameplay Trailer

Pubblicato il 10 giu 2017
How do you get behind the wheel of a car that's being transported through the desert? Watch our EA Play gameplay trailer and find out how the crew gets things done.
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The crew (Tyler, Jess and Mac) have learned that The House are transporting a car equipped with a new piece of technology that may be a key component in bringing them down. This calls for one thing: acquire the car, get hold of the tech and dent The House's plans. The Highway Heist is one of the set piece moments that takes place within *Need for Speed *Payback's single player campaign which follows the story of Tyler, Jess and Mac as they set out to bring down The House.
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Need for Speed™ Payback will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Origin.
Release Date: November 10, 2017
EA Access Play First Trial: November 2, 2017


  • No words... It is awesome

  • Epic and my 3rd fav game in NFS series

  • MY top 5 NFS games 1.Most Wanted 2.Heat 3.Payback 4.Carbon 5.Underground 2

  • Эпичность данного трейлера зашкаливает)

  • Pretty awesome.. keep it up #roxengamechanger

  • I need(need for speed 2)


  • Gta 5

  • Can you make for Android and iOS?

  • Please sunscribe my channel👆👆

  • Reminds me of burnout from the PlayStation 2 days

  • the off road killed the game....

  • That truck is too fast

  • Man i was enyoing this game until the drift races i cannot drift had to restart over and over again yes i am a noob but dont like drift races😥

  • Abu Dhabi fight style

  • Все самые свежие и последние новости о PS5

  • this is like the boat chase from gta 5


  • Heat makes this game look like complete TRASH 😂

    • @Oscar Hernandez I know that, I fell asleep during gameplay

    • @Kore Ops NFS payback isn't that good, man.

    • The drifting sucks in heat

    • But the car combat sucks in Heat

  • Who's here for Need for Speed Heat

  • truck going 130MPH? YEAH OKAY BUDDY

  • GTR-R35 wak...

  • real car

  • check this out

  • Apakah bisa di ps 3

  • Nfs Underground 1-2 Nfs Most Wanted Nfs Hot Pursuit Nfs ProStreet Nfs Carbon Nfs Undercover They are legends Legends never die

  • most wanted is still the best

  • Always i thought nfs is the virtual version of the fast and the furious

  • Release nfs latest for Android phone also


  • So basically, Burnout Revenge but with a story? I'm in!

  • Lit

  • Somebody can tell me what is this mustang model plz im inlove

  • Ford Raptor Off-road Gameplay Watch here :

  • I dont understand what are the people complaining about. This game is so good. I love every second of the gameplay. So much stuff to do. Maybe nfs underground or MW were the best but this game is a must play for me

    • Yes there are indeed good things about this game but there's also A LOT of bad things that you probably haven't noticed. If you enjoy it though, its probably best that I dont tell you what's wrong with it.

  • Please Add lakes, parks, and similar

  • im surprised the video was free

  • Need For Speed renasceu após o reboot! NFS 2015 foi o Underground 3! E NFS Payback é uma mistura de tudo de bom que a série já trouxe até hoje, Underground, Most Wanted, Carbon, Hot Porsuit.. tá tudo ali, simplismente genial! É tão bom ver NFS de volta a ativa, não vejo a hora de jogar NFS Heat! 🖤

  • 2:57 Epic

  • Nice